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  1. Welcome to Nightvale is good. No such thing as a fish is excellent!
  2. No it's pretty much a standalone story. Same universe but different part of the country. I only started with New Vegas, never played Fallout 3.
  3. Fast and Furious films require less acting....
  4. I preferred it. It made it stand out from any other action film. The old Bond swagger and tongue-in-cheek humour was back. My main complaint is the villain reveal (as he was tied down) was a bit of a let down. I expected more momentum behind the name. Instead it was kind of blurted out mid-sentence. Everything else paid fan service pretty well so I thought they would hype that moment up.
  5. The waiting just gets worse the closer the event gets! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
  6. Whoooooops. I swear I checked twice! Oh well I will switch out for somebody else. Thanks!
  7. My copy was dispatched on Friday so hopefully it should arrive at some point soon!! Arrrrrrrr! And yeah Pong is right, it's not too grindy like The Witcher or similar games. It just a world you immerse yourself in
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