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  1. Yeah, there definitely needs to be a rebalance on what it takes to finish an opponent. I personally think Gargano needs to be moved onto Raw or Smackdown. Trade him out and bring Balor or Nakamura back to NXT for bit of extra starpower on Wednesday nights
  2. According to Dave, the show will run 2 hours, and they may even start a week or two before AEW's TNT debut on October 2nd. Personally, I think this is a great idea from WWE. I'm curious if they'll feel the need to move anyone back to NXT in order to establish it on USA. Perhaps Balor, and Samoa Joe? Might as well move Bobby Roode back too.
  3. I'm activating Terrence Williams to my roster. Please drop Kenbrell completely from my team. I am moving Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman to the practice squad.
  4. DENIED!!! Dang it, I checked the front page. Sorry. The MaChamps select, RB, Matt Jones and K, Matt Bryant
  5. The MaChamps select WR, Devin Funchess and WR, Phillip Dorsett
  6. The MaChamps select, WR, Rueben Randle
  7. The MaChamps select D/ST, Eagles
  8. The MaChamps select TE, Delanie Walker
  9. The MaChamps select RB, Jonas Gray
  10. The MaChamps select WR, Malcom Floyd
  11. MaChamps select TE, Coby Fleener
  12. The MaChamps select WR, Torrey Smith
  13. The MaChamps select RB, Chris Ivory
  14. The MaChamps select WR, Steve Smith Sr.
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