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  1. You can download a VPN and connect to a server in another country. Then you would have access to it. But hopefully Biden will clean-up this shitshow in January.
  2. It's a mess, Jacob. I was doing my rehab and fell right on the shoulder and it broke. Job fired me two days ago. Two months behind on rent. No food money. It's one big clusterfck.
  3. For my shoulder to miraculously heal over night. Fell and broke it shortly after my open heart quintuple bypass surgery and now my life is ruined. Fix that, Santa.
  4. One person paypal me $75 through paypal, which is private. cmledoux65@gmail.com
  5. Speaking of charity, I'm currently facing eviction and have no mood for basic necessities so I broke done and setup a gofund me. If anyone as any change or could shareit it I would be eternally grateful: https://www.gofundme.com/f/open-heart-quintuple-bypass-surgery 5 weeks ago I had open heart quintuple by pass surgery and was a very traumatic procedure. I was already out of work for 5 moths out of work so I had no money to begin with. Luckily UF shad s treated me kindly but the bills have some in in the amount of $500,00. There;s no way I can ever repay this and I am in serious
  6. https://www.facebook.com/donate/627804894418107/ Shameless plug but I started s fund raiser to help with bills and basic necessities.I normally don't ask for help, but it's where I am. I'm behind in my rent all of my bills so Im pretty screwed.
  7. You're a great dude, tank. I have no doubt you'll find a woman that appreciates you, your talent and you drive for life.
  8. I saw this meme and it 100% totally applied lol
  9. So I was a year off. I ended up running the Monumental half last November and did pretty well considering I trained for about 6 weeks (1:45:15ish). I took my May half marathon training relatively seriously this year and wanted to break 1:40. Despite running in a monsoon I ended up finishing in 1:38:38 which was like a 6 minute PR for me so I was really pleased with that. I found myself with nothing better to do this summer so I kept running and eventually signed up for the Monumental Full Marathon, which is, uh, Saturday! During my training I ran another half and ended up running it in
  10. Had my first day of work today since my surgery. It's 2 weeks ahead of schedule so I didn't know what to expect but I actually felt great. finished the entire 8 hour shift with no problem at all. I actually felt physically better than I have in a long time. I suppose it has something to do with the increased blood flow to my heart but it's also got to be my attitude. It's cliche but I really do feel like I have a new lease on life. I'm doing everything the doctors told me to do: I'm eating healthy, walking daily, following up with all my doctors... I have a whole team of them now lol
  11. I kinda derailed the topic. Brando: You should definitely accept the help. You would, and apparently have, be the first in line to help others in your state. You're a good dude and good people look out for one another.
  12. I applied for Unemployment when I was wrongfully fired from my last job. I've been paying taxes since I was 18, paying into the system. I have zero problem getting federal help when I need it.
  13. I'm still eating chicken and turkey but I gave up beef and pork. I would like to eventually cut out the poultry but one step at a time
  14. That sounds like amazing soup! My dad loved lentil soup more than anything. Hell, he loved the crap out of lentils period. He used to cook them a hundred different ways.
  15. I've since replaced the white american with provolone cheese. Everything else I kept and have made it like 15+ times over the years
  16. Equipment: Wax paper Baking pan Mixing bowl Ingredients: 2 lbs ground beef onions garlic italian breadcrumbs 1 egg 6 slices of white american cheese crushed tomatoes jar of tomato sauce (Ragu) olive oil Preparations: Chop onions and garlic Directions: Mix first 6 items together. Lay concoction on wax paper. Place cheese in center. Roll bottom to top. Place in deep baking pan. Mix crushed tomatoes & sauce and cover. Bake °350 for 45 minutes.
  17. Before my Grandmother died, she dictated a bunch of recipes to me including her Meatloaf recipe, which is flawless and easy to make. I have it typed up if you're interested in making it.
  18. My Dad once made me Cream of Mushroom & Brie soup. It was pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever had. It probably clogged one of my arteries lol. My mom also made me turkey chili and it's really good considering it's turkey instead of ground beef. She didn't use any salt for my condition so I use Mrs. Dash Table Blend seasoning and that does the trick. She has one of those Instapot things and used it for the chili so she was able to crank it out pretty quickly. And LOL @ Seth
  19. I'm taking that as all positive, Brando! We're all pulling for her to make a 100% speedy recovery
  20. I turned 43 today and my mother made me her famous homemade chicken-veggie soup. Of course after my open heart surgery, there's no salt, made with unsalted stock, etc so it was bland at first but I had a salt substitute so it was still yummy. She made a huge batch of it and froze them into ziploc bags so I'm all set for a while. I don't know what it is but I always feel better after this soup. Any of you feel this way about homemade soup?
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