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  1. Activating Jarvis Landry. Have tried a few times now to update the PS roster. It lets me edit, but then I get an error message every time I try to post. Will try again tomorrow.
  2. I understand that most people prefer H2H, but I'm asking if people would be OK with going Roto this year if necessary. If, after this season, we find that most folks still prefer H2H and we can get back to ten teams, we can always switch back next year. The reality of the situation is that we were scheduled to start drafting in two days, which was already cutting it close, and here we are not even being able to finalize keepers, because we only have eight confirmed teams. Texascat is on board, but I still haven't heard either way from Lucas. As for the 10th team, I've had a couple of people
  3. So, I just had a thought and would like to hear some feedback... We need to start ASAP. I have messages out to Texascat and Gar to confirm that they are, indeed, playing. At this point, I say Dragon should officially be out. His participation has not been very good for multiple seasons, now. As I showed, last year did not bring an improvement and he was even warned publicly on FB. And here we are in October and have not heard from him here or on FB. We need to move on. I have feelers out for a replacement. Especially with the limited time to get things rolling, however, I can't say I'm ove
  4. WANTED: WILLING & RELIABLE FANTASY SPORTS OWNER WE HAVE AN IMMEDIATE OPENING IN THE NIGHTLY BASKETBALL FEDERATION The NBF is Nightly's long running (8th season) fantasy basketball league. It is a ten team keeper league: you select four players to keep from last year's roster, everyone else goes into the draft pool. This is a Head-to-Head, nine category league. We need to draft very soon, but have a owner vacancy for an existing franchise that we need to fill immediately. As the new owner of this franchise, you would, of course, be able to change the team name, as you see fit. You will
  5. Activating Willie Snead Jarvis Landry to the PS
  6. Well, if Texascat's "What's up?" was actually a commitment...and if my above post and his general love for the league convinces Lucas to officially commit...we're still missing Super Dragon. Now, the stats show that he was really the only owner to not give a decent amount of effort last year. In fact, he was officially warned about that at one point in the season. The problem now is that our backs are pretty tight up against the wall. If we need to add a new owner, we have just days to do so and still have a reasonable amount of time to draft in. Last year, I managed to get JZA back here and
  7. Trade ya for Markieff Morris!
  8. No argument from me, Dex. And Ex, please keep kicking my ass, so that the whole damn TE thing is like a cow talking. Better to just plain get outplayed than losing because youre a dumbass.
  9. Not that any of it ****ing matters because word now on Jamaal Charles is that he tore his ****ing ACL. Again. fuck me.
  10. So pissed at myself. I was so happy to get Barnidge and hopefully fill the gaping hole I had at TE. I immediately put him in ny lineup. I ignored all of the "experts" that said he had a horrible match up. I ignored the ESPN projections that said he wouldn't do anything. Then, this morning I get a "warning" on my phone that my backup TE (R. Rodgers) is projected to out score my starter. So, what do I do? The cardinal sin of fantasy sports - I start thinking. "Well, if either guy is a crap shoot", I figure, "I may as well go with the guy that has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball." Dam
  11. I hope we can - we're still missing a lot of owners. I'm probably going to push back the keeper deadline. Not sure what else to do, at this point.
  12. A couple of weeks ago I picked up both the new Maiden album and the new one from David Gilmour (who I suppose is on the polar opposite end, in terms of this thread, given that he's said Floyd is no more). I was rather pleased with both albums. With Maiden, it was the most I've enjoyed a new release from them in a long time. Songs were not only fairly strong, overall, but there were a few things in there that were fresh/unique/different for the band in terms of sound or approach. Plus, a marked decrease in repetitive choruses. It's almost like they were really trying with this album or so
  13. Indy Houston No Luck and an ill Hasselbeck? My money (if I had any) would be on JJ Watt.
  14. I'm on bored for the rest of the year. And no, that's neither a typo nor a spelling error. *sigh* I love Kirkman...and that's pretty much the only thing keeping me going at this point. I'm with Pong in that I had hopes things would improve after the show established itself. That has, sadly, not happened. If 90% of the cast were eaten next week, it wouldn't bother me one bit. That's also sad. By now, I keep thinking I ought to care about at least one or two people. There are barely that many characters I even have an opinion of, let alone have become invested in in any way. I sort of like t
  15. Honestly, I believe the overall daily participation was much improved. Personally, what sort of bummed me out a bit more was the huge nosedive that social participation took last year. Even when you add the ability to communicate on FB (which everyone except JZA is on), it was still eerily silent most of the year. In fact, when I won the Finals last year, it felt more like winning a small private wager, rather than the culmination of a season-long battle. Hell, Jeff was the only one who even acknowledged that it happened. When it came to setting lineups, however, we were in pretty good shap
  16. NBF 2015 ROLL CALL Once again, thanks to football, basketball has snuck up on us. The NBA regular season kicks off Tuesday, October 27 - less than three weeks from now! Last year, we started on the 12th and finished on 21st - so we should be okay, as long as we don't screw around. You've had many months now to consider things, so hopefully you have a clue who your keepers are going to be. I hope so, because, in order to give us a little pre-draft prep time, the keeper deadline will be on Monday, October 12th. The 2015 Draft will start on Saturday, October 17th. Now, I would really,
  17. The Nightmares have released Eric Ebron and signed Willie Snead, WR, NO.
  18. The obvious conclusion here is that Indy is better without Luck and they should bench him. #mindlessmondayoverreaction
  19. Barring an overnight stat correction, Dex will be 1-1-2. Fairly certain that's a first. Gar, have we even had a team with more than one tie in the regular season before?
  20. Well, it helps me! Seriously, though, I don't have the greatest match ups this week. I fully expect this to be my lowest scoring week, so far, so you probably have the advantage. Feel free not to take advantage of it, though.
  21. Thursday Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Sunday New York Jets @ Miami Jacksonville @ Indianapolis New York Giants @ Buffalo Carolina @ Tampa Bay Philadelphia @ Washington Oakland @ Chicago Houston @ Atlanta Kansas City @ Cincinnati Cleveland @ San Diego Green Bay @ San Francisco St. Louis @ Arizona Minnesota @ Denver Dallas @ New Orleans Monday Detroit @ Seattle SUNDAY EDIT: No Luck = No Indy
  22. Activating Jarvis Landry Sending Kevin White to PS
  23. Thursday Washington @ NY Giants Sunday Atlanta @ Dallas Indianapolis @ Tennessee Oakland @ Cleveland Cincinnati @ Baltimore Jacksonville @ New England New Orleans @ Carolina Philadelphia @ NY Jets Tampa Bay @ Houston San Diego @ Minnesota Pittsburgh @ St. Louis San Francisco @ Arizona Buffalo @ Miami Chicago @ Seahawks Denver @ Detroit Monday Kansas City @ Green Bay
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