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  1. That name goes way back. i’ve been working on laying down a concrete pad, for our above ground pool. I was thinking that the old pool was 14’ wide. It turns out that it was 12’ and a lot more manageable. I pretty much clean out Home Depot on Saturday and returned on Sunday to buy 10 more concrete slabs. These things are heavy!
  2. NBA Legend Bill Walton. He was 71.
  3. I have Daytona USA on the PS3. It would be cool if I could, but it never happened with the PS4.
  4. Dabney Coleman. He was 92.
  5. I have that movie on Blu-Ray and watched it to the end. I got the 4K version for $14 and stopped watching it, when Rey visited the destroyed Death Star. It was just so horribly done.
  6. The one thing that I think stands out for the Series-X, is that your digital purchases on the original Xbox 360, will transfer over to your Series-X. I haven't seen any hint that my PS3 digital titles will do the same.
  7. I'm not going to go through a ranking list. I'll just say that The Wrath of Khan is at the top. It's right up there with my favorite television episode "The Balance of Power". That episode, along with "The Wrath of Khan", showed why James T. Kirk was a legendary captain in Star Fleet. His decisions, along with the excellence of his crew, were put on full display within both of that episode and film. They both showed a Starfleet Captain in complete control of the situation.
  8. I think I've had my PS5 for a little over 2 years. It's great that I can pop in any (that I know of) PS4 game in the PS5 and it will run. Some games will get the PS4 Pro version of 4K, while games like Days Gone will get a visual boost and 60FPS gameplay. It's also cool that you can buy any VNME drive that meets Sony's required specs and just pop it in. I dropped a 1TB NVME drive in it last year, for just a little over $120. Adding 1 TB of fast storage requires the purchase of Microsoft's official 1TB or 2TB cards, which once exceeded $179 and $249 to purchase. Astro's World is a really fun game, btw. Some call it just a demo, but feels like a full blown Mario or Sonic game. I got the Series-X about 2 months ago, because of all of the rumors about an updated console, without a optical drive. I wanted the BC with older games from the OG Xbox and 360, plus it would be cool to play some of the Xbox One games I'd missed out on. I skipped the Xbox One, because I've had substantially better PC hardware that played all of the games available on that console. I've been able to pick up some $5 games on clearance at Walmart, but I do feel that Game Pass is pretty much killing physical media for the console. It's killing game sales and kind of hurts the market and devs. MS just shut down the developers of the highly praised Hi-Fi Rush and they've been buying up studios, only to turn around and cut staff. The console is $50 less expensive than the PS5, but Sony throws in a free game, plus Astro's World. Personally, I feel that Sony's 1st party offerings are some of the best in the industry. It's not really a thing, if you only plan on playing a sport title, here or there. Speaking of Sports, I really love playing Forza Horizon 4 and 5. There's so much to do in those games, besides racing.
  9. Hyperspace shouldn't make a ship rip through another ship. It's warping space and time, pretty much making a worm hole for itself. Those tiny ships in Star Trek, would have been ate up by the deflector shields of the Enterprise. Oh JJ!
  10. I washed my company 2022 Tacoma SR5 today. It got hit by a hail storm while I was installing network equipment inside of Texas Instruments’ new fab plant. I was fortunate to only get about 8 or 9 dents in the vehicle. Some people had their windows smashed by it.
  11. Darth Spoon "There'll be no escape for the princess this time", then later "A person of some importance, I believe", why is Threepio such a damn dirty liar? What is he hiding?" He also said something about surviving an asteroid field was like a million to one. He obviously had taken some damage to his logic board.
  12. This is ironically funny. You’re holding BBQ tongs and the only thing that flipped was you. Sorry! I just had to say it.
  13. Maximus has the Idiot Savant perk!
  14. I watched a video about black and white photos having the negatives drawn on with pencils, to conceal wrinkles and dark spots. Now we have the magic of software to change everything.
  15. Worf almost looks like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz.
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