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  1. Metropolis was 5 games behind 1st place, and then last week happened, where he finished last. Jacen123 and Ms. Spam are tugging it out at 3rd place, with a 3 way tie for last weeks picks edging them closer to Metropolis. There's still a lot of games left to win or lose, so pick wisely. Week 12 Results Gamevet = 10-5 Ms. Spam = 10-5 Jacen123 = 10-5 Krawlie = 9-6 Metropolis = 8-7 Overall Standings Gamevet = 117-62 Metropolis = 110-69 Ms. Spam = 109-70 Jacen123 = 109-70 Krawlie = 105-74 Thursday, December 2 Dallas at New Orleans Sunday
  2. I tested negative, for both the flu and Covid. I lost all sense of smell for 3 weeks, shortly after my doctor’s visit and by day 10 I was still too tired to do anything. I pretty much coughed everything I had in my lungs to the point where my ribs hurt, but was never in danger. It was somewhere around September when that happened. My doctor said that even though I did not test positive, it did not that I didn’t have it. I’m pretty sure I sid, based on not being able to smell anything and being bed ridden for 11 days.
  3. One of my coworkers died from Covid this weekend. He had only been working for the company about 6 months, and I’ve worked with him a few times since he was hired. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, caught onto things quickly and was a fairly hard worker. It’s such a shame he had to go out at such a young age and leave behind 2 children. I got my second shot on Saturday. I felt fine all the way until bedtime, when I started running fever @1 am and it continued on into Sunday evening. I was pretty much comatose all day Sunday until around 7 that evening. I had to miss work on Monday
  4. I’ve never thought about getting a slice of Pizza from a Quick Trip.
  5. That’s what I get for watching NFL Gameday. I changed my pick from Green Bay to LA. That was a bad decision
  6. Thursday, November 25 Chicago at Detroit Las Vegas at Dallas Buffalo at New Orleans Sunday, November 28 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at Indianapolis Carolina at Miami Tennessee at New England Philadelphia at New York Giants Atlanta at Jacksonville New York Jets at Houston Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Minnesota at San Francisco Cleveland at Baltimore Monday, November 29 Seattle at Washington
  7. Here's last week's results and the overall results. NFL Pick'em week 11 results Metropolis = 10-5 Krawlie = 9-6 Jacen123 = 9-6 Gamevet = 8-7 Ms. Spam = 8-7 Overall Standings Gamevet = 107-57 Metropolis = 102-62 Ms. Spam = 99-65 Jacen123 = 99 - 65 Krawlie = 96 - 68
  8. Neither team deserved to win this game. Detroit couldn’t even manage their time outs in the final 2 minutes, while Chicago just managed to end the game with a field goal. Zzzzzz
  9. Sorry guys, I was just about to post this. I had to drive to Paris Texas on Monday, so I got home pretty late and I had to work 12 hours yesterday. I'll get the totals soon. Thursday, November 25 Chicago at Detroit Las Vegas at Dallas Buffalo at New Orleans
  10. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    Jason Garrett takes the fall for the Giants. He was fired from his Offensive Coordinator job.
  11. Well, I talked shit about Houston and they decided to show up this weekend.
  12. Another crazy week, with the Saints, Packers, Titans and Bills all losing.
  13. Thursday, November 18 New England at Atlanta Sunday, November 21 Indy at Buffalo Baltimore at Chicago Detroit at Cleveland Houston at Tennessee Green Bay at Minnesota Miami at NY Jets New Orleans at Philly Washington at Carolina San Francisco at Jacksonville Cincy at Las Vegas Dallas at Kansas City Arizona at Seattle Pittsburgh at LA Chargers Monday, November 22 NY Giants at Tampa Bay
  14. I hear ya. I’m guilty of getting the Big Mac meal at McDonalds and I just grabbed a McDouble to hold me over until dinner today. I haven’t ate at Cattlerack for a couple of years now, because the line out front is just absurd. Where do these people with all of the time in the world come from? I got a chopped brisket sandwich and a small potato salad for $10, the last time I’d went. $10 is a lot for such a plate, but the sandwich is stuffed pretty steep. I’ve only ate at Bills a couple of times and thought that their potato salad was mediocre at best. It kind of pissed
  15. I was a bit conservative with the crowds at Cattlerack. They had at least 150 people waiting in line at 10:45 this morning. It’s gotta be closer to around 350 people running that place within a 3 hour period.
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