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  1. It was the sensors. I replaced the sensors and the garage door opener still blinked. I ran cables from the sensors across the garage floor and directly into the device and it still didn't like it. I tweaked the aim of the sensor on the left side of the garage and it fixed the problem. I connected it back to the old wires and everything is working again.
  2. The lights stay solid, until I break the light beam. I could easily put a wire toner on there to prove that both conductors are sending signal, while a short would kill that toner signal. I think that it's pretty much the Garage Door Opener being finicky with the old sensors. I plan on removing the old sensors, splicing them into the existing cable feed, to see if they react the same. It they do, I'll just do a home run to the Garage Door Opener.
  3. It's not the wiring; I do that kind of stuff for a living. The sensors are pretty much like a switch, with the beams making contact being a closed circuit, while when you break the beam it becomes an open circuit. I'm going to swap out the sensors anyways, because maybe there is something else about the old ones that the new garage door opener doesn't like.
  4. Our garage door opener has been acting pretty wacko for the past month or so. It would just randomly not want to open, so I'd open the release, slide the garage door open, close the release and slam it shut. The jarring motion would get it back to running for a week or so, before I had to use the same trick. Well, yesterday that didn't work, so I bought a new Craftsman garage door opener from Lowes. The other one was a craftsman and it was about 16 years old. Still, I could use the old chain and brackets, without having to install new ones. I also kept the old sensors in, because I though
  5. I hope it's the Browns. Their fans have been abused enough.
  6. Green Bay Kansas City (I hope Mahomes can play!)
  7. Gamevet

    NFL season

    I always say that about Washington.
  8. And she’s eating a hotdog and fries. She’s awesome!
  9. I see no mention of them giving the ship a name.
  10. Gamevet

    NFL season

    The Bucs offense hasn't exactly looked all that great either, if not for the 3 (2 by Brees) turnovers by the Saints. We've all known how good the Bucs defense has played though.
  11. Gamevet

    NFL season

    Drew Brees can't go out like this. He just hasn't been the same since the rib injury, and neither has the offense.
  12. Gamevet

    NFL season

    There are people in the upper levels. The crowd density on the lower decks is at about 60-70% capacity. I hope Mahomes isn’t diagnosed with a concussion. I can’t imagine the Browns and Bills in the AFC Championship game.
  13. Gamevet

    NFL season

    There’s a lot of people on the lower level of Arrowhead.
  14. Gamevet

    NFL season

    It's the playoffs. They don't need a small crowd to pump them up, or they are playing for all the wrong reasons. Cowboys have had over 20,000 in their stadium for most of the season. It didn't help their sorry asses win games.
  15. Gamevet

    NFL season

    Buffalo did as well. It’s not like there is a ton of fan noise, with the 7,000 or so fans attending. The mighty Rams defense is getting pushed around by Green Bay.
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