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  1. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Tickets at Jerry World (The Death Star) are expensive.
  2. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Oh great! This is the kind of matchup that should happen on a Thursday, like maybe Thanksgiving, not on week one when everyone is trying to figure out how to work their new talent into the playbooks.
  3. The clinic is on! Dallas is up by 30, with Phoenix only scoring 27 the 1st half.
  4. Celtics look crazy good. My Mavs look like they’re ready to seal the deal, with a 12 point lead early in the 2nd. And why is Lil Wayne there?
  5. Bullshit! She wants to be my wingman!
  6. 4 NHL series heading to a game 7. It's crazy!
  7. My wife want to see it. I'm quite surprised that she's interested in it.
  8. There’s gonna be a lot of questions about Doc Rivers future in Philly. They were down by 9 with a minute left and just ran out the clock. A total give up way to end the series.
  9. My Mavs looked horrible tonight. They had too many turnovers and the outside shots weren't hitting. Even Luka appeared to be struggling tonight. They might win the next game at home, but there's no way they are beating Phoenix on their home turf.
  10. I knew a girl like that back in my partying days. She lived in my apartment complex and somehow we ended up over at her apartment smoking a joint. Occasionally she'd call to burn one and such. She was a call girl and was into all kinds of drugs like Xanax. One day she crashed her car into the supporting column for the tollway bridge and broke her leg. She had been drinking wine and was on Xanax at the time. She got evicted about 2 months later, when she couldn't pay the rent, because she wasn't able to work. Her daughter was going to be just like her. It was funny, because I was sitting a
  11. Former WWE Diva Tammy Sytch (Sunny) arrested for DUI and Manslaughter https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/tammy-sytch-arrested-for-dui-manslaughter-eight-other-charges/ar-AAX1xtD?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=a0f5e12102734ff98e5c6dd34c8f057f Oh, what a trainwreck of a life the girl has had!
  12. I saw that. The slap heard around the world!
  13. Two company trucks had their CC ripped off last week, while the guys were working downtown. I was pretty leary about parking my truck in an open lot, while I was working downtown on Thursday. I'd heard that one of our office managers had his CC stolen from his Toyota Tundra as well. It turns out that Toyota's CCs have the most valuable metals in them.
  14. Dallas does it again. They pick up troubled talent in DE Sam Williams. I hope this doesn't turn out to be another Randy Gregory.
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