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  1. I lived in Phoenix for 3 years, while attending a tech school. It hit 118 degrees and I had to wait for a bus to take me across town, to get a part for my car. I had a 72 oz Big Gulp, that I tried to nurse while waiting at the bus stops. My mouth was dry and my belly was full of soda. I honestly can't believe that anyone would want to live here, during the time before AC. Sure, the Navaho's got sent to this living hell to live, which in itself was an asshole move by those in charge of the US government. I'm surprised that they didn't surpass the Trail of Tears, with their march into that furnace of a state. The one thing about Arizona though, is that you barely sweat, because it just evaporates right off of you.
  2. A true legend of the music industry. I've been wondering what's been going on with her, for the past several months.
  3. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    NFL Legend Jim Brown has passed away.
  4. NFL Legend Jim Brown has passed away.
  5. That cartoon was around when I was 10 years old or so. It was okay at the time. There was a character named Eric (thanks a lot) who was kind of an ass.
  6. Jerry Springer was a surprise. Gordon Lightfoot passed away today. I don’t know the names of any of his songs, but I definitely know when I hear one. He had a very melodic voice.
  7. The part about not knowing where to go is what made me lose interest in the 1st game. Everything else was great, but the countless wandering around just made the game feel monotonous. Just give me action and screw the puzzle crap. Under the game options they should give you this: Easy - The force isn't strong with this one! I wanna rock - screw the puzzle crap Normal - I got this! Hard - I got the force baby!
  8. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    This is a feel good moment, when the Dallas Cowboys drafted Deuce Vaughn. His father is a member of the Dallas Cowboys front office.
  9. You're in for a rude awakening Dom. This game is a total mess on PC.
  10. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Emmitt Smith had one of the worst draft outfits I'd ever seen.
  11. I witnessed (I really need a dash cam) a tumbling crash about 250' ahead of me on the highway. Some dumbass, in a full-size pickup, decided that he was going to make the exit, while he was 3 lanes away. He nearly made a 90 degree turn and almost made it there, when a silver BMW Sedan smacked into his rear quarter panel. The back of the truck spun around, slid up the guard rail, launching him into a pirouette, then landing nose first and tumbling horizontally for two rounds. He somehow landed on his wheels and just sat there motionless in his seat. I wonder if he knocked himself out. I've seen at least one crazy wreck a year, for the past 5 years, including a postal truck slamming into a concrete barricade and bursting into flames. The driver walked away, unscathed.
  12. I get a Temple of Doom feel about this. That's a good thing for me.
  13. All of our company trucks are Tacomas. I’ve probably put near 1 million miles between the 6 or 7 trucks I’ve drove for the company. They recently assigned me a 2022 Tacoma, with the SR5 package, for my long time of service. It’s nice!
  14. I had no idea that he had played a role in War Games.
  15. I'm surprised the car didn't stall out.
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