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  1. Wow. Great. Lots of the great news. It's like WWE is personally escorting fans over to AEW. With Lumis it just always felt to me that no one was really ever interested in doing anything with the character. Since I started watching a few years ago I think his only storyline has been marrying Indie Hartwell... or at least that's all I can recall. Dakota Kai seems like she got caught in 'popular but not a sure-fire bet for main roster so let's just cut her' limbo. Ugh. And yeah, Malcolm Bivens is great. Another stupid one. But I think WWE has been slowly phasing out ring managers or just no
  2. I'm still a couple weeks behind (and I kinda skimmed through his in-ring monologue) but I got the impression Ciampa was probably retiring. I hope he gets some main roster time. Bron, dude is just great, but I agree with Metropolis that he's a still a little green. Knight, I reallllly hope gets called up. I think he has the potential to catch fire. He's just got that classic, effortless, swaggy ego. It's been nice to see the audiences at NXT finally on his side after those first few months of crickets.
  3. Brett

    The Batman

    Good... really f'n good. It has a lot of problems, yes, but it's: visually gorgeous and tonally consistent from beginning to (almost) end, doesn't have any shitty attempts at comic relief, doesn't show his parents getting shot again, and it's the first superhero movie in a really long time that actually made me feel something other than the ennui of spectacle or the occasional chuckle. This rides the line perfectly between street level crime "realism" and straight-from-the-comics. It's "dark", violent and brutal but still more or less feels like the Arkham games smooshed together with Noir and
  4. I just saw that William Regal is officially out. We all knew it was coming, but it still sucks. The dude was so good. It would have been nice if he had had a proper sendoff from the show. I know he essentially gave a live resignation speech where it was clear he was done, but they still kinda carried on with that botched storyline of Samoa Joe being his enforcer until all that petered out. I don't think NXT will ever get to those heights again: where it, for a time, was rivaling the main shows quality and talent-wise. Quite the feat.
  5. They should have done the whole "getting to know you" portion of the show with the Sarlaac pit instead of the Tuskens. He lives there for a few years, starts a family, leaves for cigarettes and never comes back. And then an aggrieved Sarlaac comes looking for revenge in the final episode. Watched episode 3: I didn't know Star Wars had any wtf moments left in it... or at least not any it could elicit from me... but that biker gang... and that chase. It's all so sloppy I almost kind of feel bad for Favreau and Rodriguez. Also, what's the deal with the lack of blasters in this? Why was ev
  6. I guess it's in line with Jango in the prequels, but OT Fett (I think it's safe to assume) was a cut-throat, hard-nails, opportunist... and mostly a lackey. I know a lot of people wanted him to be The Man With No Name, but I never really got that. I never pictured Fett as having any sentimentality, code of honor, or having a heart under a gruff exterior. He would have Anakin'ed the sand people and split... especially when Star Wars '77 set them up as disposable set-dressing. I think they're leaning just a liiiiittle too hard into the Westerns influence with this. Whatever. Also, it's
  7. WWE is really grinding my interest into a fine paste. It's theoretically possible they could have some sort of interesting scenario lined up for Big E to get back on top, but for me this just feels like the continued ripple effect of booking around the same handful of wrestlers, specifically Reigns. They had to give Lesnar something since he was sticking around, so, sorry Big E... hand it over. I need to get TNT.
  8. Brett

    Matrix 4

    Wellll, uh, this exists. Neil Patrick Harris was good. I think it's better than 3. That's about it. Mostly it felt like a bait and switch where the first thirty minutes is playing with expectations and asking interesting questions, but then just turns into a soft reboot. Neo even says the line "it feels like nothing we did mattered" and then does nothing with that obvious question. As if simply drawing attention to the mechanics of irrelevant remakes is somehow clever or gives it a free pass to continue down that same road. I guess as far as soft reboots go, it was competent, but overall
  9. Sheeeit, that Bianca/Charlotte match was good! Especially considering you knew it wasn't going to end clean.
  10. Brett

    Matrix 4

    Eh, I know a few Matrix sequels apologists. I'll concede 2 had some cool ideas/visuals... I don't hate it.
  11. I do think it looks particularly bland, but I haven't been excited for a Marvel movie since maybe Ragnorak or GOTG 2, so I dunno.
  12. Brett

    Matrix 4

    My only thought after watching the trailer was "huh, this is weirdly colorful". I hope it's just total nonsense, because I don't care in the slightest for Revolutions.
  13. I'm not really a fan, and I haven't watched everything she's done, but I think part of her problem is that she hasn't had a good feud... at least not in quite some time. I think she paired alright with Rhea, but I really don't know who would else would be a good fit. Speaking of: isn't it kind of weird that Dakota Kai disappeared and then didn't get drafted. Is there any news on what's up with her? What the hell is WWE doing with Toni Storm? She's just kind of there. They should have waited to bring her up if they didn't plan on doing anything with her. Another one that has me
  14. Anyone else listened to this yet? I'm really really impressed. The writing is super tight. I love how the "radio broadcast" style of it gives a sense of Gotham as a frenetic, living space. HBO Max pitches it as inspired by 60's comic book Batman, but to me it feels like the lovechild of Batman Forever and The Animated Series (with a pinch of grittier Batman influences). It's Noir-y without feeling like a stale throwback, and has enough weight to the writing where it doesn't feel like it's wallowing in camp either. It's just a nice amalgamation of Batman mythos over the years that feels really
  15. I was wondering why WWE leapfrogged over them to give Nikki and Rhea the tag belts... I guess we have our answer.
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