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  1. Sheeeit, that Bianca/Charlotte match was good! Especially considering you knew it wasn't going to end clean.
  2. Brett

    Matrix 4

    Eh, I know a few Matrix sequels apologists. I'll concede 2 had some cool ideas/visuals... I don't hate it.
  3. I do think it looks particularly bland, but I haven't been excited for a Marvel movie since maybe Ragnorak or GOTG 2, so I dunno.
  4. Brett

    Matrix 4

    My only thought after watching the trailer was "huh, this is weirdly colorful". I hope it's just total nonsense, because I don't care in the slightest for Revolutions.
  5. I'm not really a fan, and I haven't watched everything she's done, but I think part of her problem is that she hasn't had a good feud... at least not in quite some time. I think she paired alright with Rhea, but I really don't know who would else would be a good fit. Speaking of: isn't it kind of weird that Dakota Kai disappeared and then didn't get drafted. Is there any news on what's up with her? What the hell is WWE doing with Toni Storm? She's just kind of there. They should have waited to bring her up if they didn't plan on doing anything with her. Another one that has me
  6. Anyone else listened to this yet? I'm really really impressed. The writing is super tight. I love how the "radio broadcast" style of it gives a sense of Gotham as a frenetic, living space. HBO Max pitches it as inspired by 60's comic book Batman, but to me it feels like the lovechild of Batman Forever and The Animated Series (with a pinch of grittier Batman influences). It's Noir-y without feeling like a stale throwback, and has enough weight to the writing where it doesn't feel like it's wallowing in camp either. It's just a nice amalgamation of Batman mythos over the years that feels really
  7. I was wondering why WWE leapfrogged over them to give Nikki and Rhea the tag belts... I guess we have our answer.
  8. Still no Io Shirai. Wtf? I really don't understand what Io is still doing in NXT. Maybe she just doesn't want to travel, or doesn't plan on being there much longer. It's weird. I think my biggest head scratcher from this draft is Ridge Holland. Granted, I've only been watching NXT for about a year but I've only ever seen him come out at the end of matches, brandishing his club and kind of menacing over whoever won. As far as I can tell, fans don't seem super keen on LA Knight but I freakin love him. The dude absolutely rules on mic, he's just got that old school wrestler pizzazz. I d
  9. Hit Row seemed out of left field to me. Maybe I just wasn't really paying attention. But I do enjoy Swerve whenever he's on. He's got that "it" factor. Edit: jumped the gun there. I assumed she and Seth would stay on Smackdown. I still think they're gonna treat her as an OP heel like Roman though.
  10. I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to get even remotely invested in any match Roman participates in at this point. It's clear WWE is just lining up cannon fodder to fill time until some designated point in 6-8 months.
  11. Cop-out finishes in both title matches... kewl.
  12. Charlotte's comeback about unoriginal gimmicks was pretty funny. But, yeah, it was kinda long and awkward. Didn't notice anyone leaving though. The recent crossovers have been nice. Both shows feel like they're finding some new life. Hey Toni Storm is back from the dead... and got a whole 3 minutes of wrestling time. I think the women's tag championship is kind of broken beyond repair at this point. Natty and Tamina got beaten by Tegan and Shotzi like, what, three times in a row? And then they wander over to RAW to hand off the belts to Rhea and Nikki? Wtf. And sweet jeebus
  13. Glad to see Big E finally champ. But yeah, I agree the MITB needs to be shelved for a while. Big E made it fun this time, but the end results of these are either kinda anti-climactic (not built up) or just a glorified 24/7 title change. I'm glad that NXT can fit a bigger crowd now, but I'm going to miss the cage/plexiglass, It doesn't look like they can really do anything outside the ring now. And I'm really hoping they're setting up a tiff between Io and Zoey Stark that leads to them losing the tag belts soon... maybe it just might signal Io being available for the "draft". Although I
  14. Wow, two good RAW episodes in a row. I'm not sure if it's actually good, but after several months of absolute flatline writing and booking it's like a different show.
  15. I don't remember the Jedi seeming unusual when Phantom Menace came out. But I think by that point most Star Wars lore had become fairly uniform. I think it went a little off the rails by the next one though. I mostly thought of Jedi as being (like you said) more independent, remote? Fewer in number. Some being monks/zen masters, others being generally tethered to a certain location in service of a person or group (a la knights, of course). Like, they were mysterious wizard archetypes who farmed out some of their talent... again, like we saw in Phantom Menace. But by II and III they just felt
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