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  1. That was odd and anticlimactic. So, Alexa Bliss is MORE evil now... neat. that and the fact that Jax and Baesler wrestle basically every week and WWE isn't going to let them lose to a duo who doesn't.
  2. Yeah, the ship looks like Noah's ark. I'm legitimately surprised they let Rhea win, I like her but it just seems counterproductive character development-wise. Like, what's the point? WWE really seems to love the unstoppable hulk characters right now. Do they think that fans don't notice (maybe they don't?) the weird discrepancy between Rhea getting pile-driven through the stage by Gonazalez on her last night in NXT and then immediately popping up a few months later as RAW champion? Um, just throw Gonzalez at her on the next RAW and give her the belt??? I also hate when I'm proven right
  3. I'm kind of baffled at what people (the ones who like this) are actually feeling when they watch it. Like, what emotions is this film invoking in you? It's a McGuffin hunt. The stakes are obtuse. There's one actually-sort-of-sympathetic character in the Flash. Everyone else just sleepwalks through the movie as they stack and check boxes on their way to fisticuffs with the final boss. It's thematically hamfisted: all our characters have parental issues and now they must rise above them and work as a team... yay. Except there isn't any kind of clever emotional payoff to this "theme", or really a
  4. Edit: or just have her win the women's RAW championship immediately, I guess (even though her last televised match was her getting destroyed by Raquel Gonzalez)
  5. When I heard this the first thing I thought of was Jessica Chobot's weird, painted-on, vinyl skirt.
  6. Huh, I really thought Andromeda would end up killing the series for a long while. Interesting. The wheels just kinda fell off the series for me; 3 felt like a chore and Andromeda is... Andromeda. I hope they can pull me back into interest in the ME universe, but almost every "cinematic" AAA game title is just a wait and see sorta thing for me now.
  7. Brett

    The Batman

    I understand people getting burnt out. Maybe it's just my inner Batman fanboy but even though I haven't liked a live action Batman since Dark Knight (at least the first few viewings), I still keep hoping for a great, well rounded Batman film. As it is, it seems most directors get certain elements right while dropping the ball on others. Maybe that's unavoidable, I don't know... but Batman Begins was pretty close, I think. You mentioned too many villains... I've never had a problem with it and have always wanted a more "inhabited" Gotham. Returns juggled three main antagonists fine (a stretch
  8. Brett

    The Batman

    It's weird... the trailer looks like what I thought the third Dark Knight trilogy film was going be before it came out. Meaning I thought Rises was going to go back to a more "stylistic" vision, something closer to a mix between the first two, instead of just a stock standard Nolan aesthetic. Looks like a new villain (maybe?) with several established Batman antagonists running around already, which is cool. Riddler, I assume... and that one dude looks like he could be Penguin... and Catwoman obviously. Yeah, I'm getting a pseudo Nolan sequel with elements of the Arkham games vibe. I hope it's
  9. Just watched this recently. Maybe I shouldn't even bother putting in my two cents since it's clear that Star Wars is not for me anymore... but ye gods, what exactly were people enjoying about this? I guess it's a masterpiece compared to Rise of Skywalker, but then most things are. It feels like watching somebody play Skyrim, mixed with a less humorous and charismatic Hercules the Legendary Journeys. The episode with the sentient (or remote controlled?) AT-ST is astoundingly bad, and some of the worst costume design I've ever seen in a high budget piece of entertainment. I think, what, half the
  10. I'm a big fan of both, but: Beatles. They were more versatile. I love Mick, he has a lot of flair and showmanship, but his actual singing voice is shit. Meaning, the Stones' few attempts at ballads were usually pretty tongue in cheek, bordering on cringey. And item 2: Their Satanic Majesties Request. Again, I love the album, but it's a giant fan love letter to Sgt. Peppers.
  11. Beating a dead horse at this point, but I finally watched it last week. I think it invented a new subgenre of bad. Everything about it is instantly forgettable. It's like watching tofu go by on a conveyor belt for two hours. List of things I liked: ewok cameo, the Luke/Leia training flashback, the scene where Rey kind of couldn't do something totally well, some of the background imagery was pleasant. The whole thing is embarrassingly risk-free. I'm honestly dumbfounded by how they learned nothing at all from the prequels. People don't act like normal people... almost every frame is clutte
  12. Brett


    Not bad... I don't know how well it'll hold up over time, but I at least had a smile on my face by the end. The plot beats of the first thirty or so minutes felt a bit too obvious, and it's overall thin on plot, but it goes on a fairly entertaining streak after that. It doesn't really seem to have anything particularly deep to say and doesn't tie in to the Batman mythos in any sensical way, but it's worth seeing. It's strange, I think there are two ways to view the movie: one is taking most everything that's happening as a reliable series of events (barring the one that's telegraphed) in whic
  13. Brett


    I'm a little surprised, a Joker movie that most posters are "meh" about. I agree, though. This looks like it'll be an okay Taxi Driver homage. But as a Joker film... the trailer makes him look like a hapless dope, which is fine, we've seen that in Killing Joke, but those were quick flashbacks. I'm not super enthused on watching "guy gets kicked around by society until he learns to throw it back in society's face" sorta thing. And I know people bitch about it all time but, as with Gotham (TV show), but I just don't give **** about periphery, origin-driven, Batman-sans-Batman stories. It always
  14. Yeah, me too... back when movie news was fun. And now it's "here's a thing that's getting made and it'll be out in five minutes", or so it feels. There was still so much possibility for Star Wars in 2002, ha. From there I got directed here, can't remember if that rumor site transformed into this, or if it was just linked to Nightly. Anyway, I've mostly lurked over the years, but this is the one remaining message board I post on, just to blurb my thoughts on tentpole sorta movies now and again.
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