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  1. Assuming you can cover your butt with the impending economic downturn... maybe this car can be a part of your retirement plan. Just know it will cost money to keep it in really nice condition and you won't ever really recoup your "investment."
  2. Are you driving German cars? For some reason I've had the worst luck with electronics and German cars. It's like they figured out everything except electricity.
  3. Paid off cars are the best, but it's always something with the suspension/steering. Or brakes. Or an oxygen sensor. ... I wonder if I should have the timing belt looked at.
  4. I know what a huge relief that must be. Congrats on herding all of the cats to make it happen.
  5. NYS is banning vehicles with emissions by 2035. These are all insane regulations. I understand the want for them, but it is just externalizing the pollution of vehicles to other countries where the mining happens.
  6. Am I the only person that makes them at home? I don't can them in a water bath, I just make fridge pickles. Anybody?
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