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  1. Oh hell yeah!!! Never give up!
  2. Something I noticed in the opening. Lola is one of the droids depicted in the montage of characters. As a character Lola didn't land with me like a Chopper, K2-SO, or even IG-11. Though the nature of the Lola makes for a cheap drone like toy.
  3. Ugh. Bolts had nothing left in the tank. I don't know if we can't pull this out.
  4. For s moment there i thought we would all be wrong about the Qui Gon cameo.
  5. Obi Wan had to beat Vader. There were certain things they couldn't get away with "grey areas".
  6. "He's more machine now than man". That we got. "Obi Wan once thought as you did". That we didn't get. Oh well. That Vader/Obi Wan moment perfectly mirrored the Vader/Ashoka moment from Rebels. I've resigned myself to the fact that to add to the mythos you sometimes have to step on the toes of what's already been done. Obi Wan's relationship with Leia undermines how Leia perceives Ben in ANH. She should be we upset if not more when he dies in ANH. But thems the breaks folks.
  7. Wow. Gronk is calling it a career......again.
  8. Way to come back! I was supposed to see the game at thunder alley, but my back has acted up. Fun vacation already!!!
  9. I remember the years ago we took the series least against the Capitols and then proceeded to forget how to score the rest of the series. That was the worst I've seen in years. Even the sell against Columbus. This is just atrocious. It's like they have no idea how to even remotely play D.
  10. So i was off by one game lol. I melted a long day yesterday and was out like a light before the finals started. More i can stop hating.
  11. You know this stuff should be shocking and surprising. But seeing as how those skits played out on television during the attitude era, I'm just like "yeah. I believe it. That's not surprising. Vince was a little too comfortable making out with the divas back then.
  12. Are WWE actually going to release Sasha Banks?
  13. This crop of NXT wrestlers are starting to grow on me i still think the Creed Brothers need repackaging, but they're good. Let's be real though, Julius will probably bea singles wrestler at some point. I'm glad they finally saw Malik Blade as something other than a jobber. He's green, but there might be something there. I don't hate Andre Chase anymore. Melo is money. Don't call up Bronn until it's time!!!
  14. Remember when people thought WWE was making up excuses when Jeff Hardy walked out? That they weren't really trying to help him? Jeff Hardy needs help. I guess I'm lucky I've never had someone close to me have that kind of addiction.
  15. One more to get!!! Go Bolts!!!
  16. The criticism the belt is getting is that it does have the Japanese and Chinese flags on it. Like you said, neither are on the Atlantic Ocean.
  17. The NWA used to have a six man tag team title. They weren't bellies though. It was a large trophy. The last people i remember holding it were Paul Elering and The Road Warriors.
  18. Back in the day the NWA had a TON of titles. The World Heavyweight, the National, the Television, the United States( after Arn Anderson unified the national and tv titles), the Tag Team, and United States Tag Team championships. However all of the bells were defended over the numerous territories. Done would say that WWE has too many titles right now. So AEW is going to add an "All Atlantic Heavyweight' Championship? The belt looks great, but man this is a bag idea.
  19. With Roman and honestly without Roman the SmackDown roster had become woefully thin. I wonder if there are going to be some call ups soon?
  20. The Edge/Balor thing was cool if not very odd.
  21. I started watching WWE regularly again with WrestleMania 33. Before that it had been years since I watched on a regular basis. So i missed a good part of the Cena era. Which means i also missed most of Cody's original run. I do remember the Stardust thing. Watching parts of his Bullet Club run, and AEW days I wasn't completely impressed. Pretty good on the mic, overly scripted narratives, and only decent in the ring. Since his WWE return he's really impressed me. Cody and Rollins really made their feud worthy of two months. And Cody wrestling with that torn pec last night was ballsy.
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