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  1. This thread is kinda funny to me now because one of my neighbors just traded in her Chevy Traverse for a Jeep Gladiator. Her husband drives a Tahoe so i guess that's still enough for them and their two young boys.
  2. I have to watch it on DVR. I saw the story last night. I think HHH thinks he can rehab these guys and make them at the very least tv ready. Not sure if it's even care about Lexus King of he weren't Pillman Jr.
  3. Looks like Tye Dillinger is back. The "Chairman" of NXT?
  4. Had to book a flight to Cleveland for today. Even American Airlines charges you for every little thing now. The first half to Charlotte was very quite. It wasn't full. Looks like the connector is full though. Hopefully there are no unreal MFers on the plane.
  5. Roman finally found his character. And it's a good character. The problem is the reduced schedule. From whatever rumors you want to believe, even with the remission of his Leukemia, he can't wrestle a full time schedule. Last year when he was showing up more often, Roman actually did WWE Live shows. This year has been a lot less.
  6. Looks like the East All Stars are going to score 200 points. This is why i don't do all star games.
  7. Except they tried to kill Tom Jones as well!
  8. Took me a second to get that lol.
  9. The couple of times i flew in the 80s the flights were never packed. There was also more leg room. The dressing nice part I think is relative. Wearing jeans, T-shirt, a slip ons make getting through security a lot easier. People forget how easy it was pre TSA. What makes flying so bad these days is that people have no problem being ***holes while flying. Someone being a dick on a flight could be the difference in you missing a connector.
  10. I wonder if Rock had to go to a thrift store for that vest, or was it in the back of his closet in his house in Atlanta lol.
  11. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    I knew he had ALS, but i haven't seen him in a while. That is heartbreaking.
  12. That that house has an indoor pool and is that price tells me there is a ton of work that needs to be done to the place.
  13. Is anybody else's broadcast breaking up? Had to switch to the Nickelodeon broadcast.
  14. Do you think it's going to be Seth versus The Rock?
  15. That would be too far out of left field lol
  16. If The Rock actually wrestles at WrestleMania it's going to be against HHH lol. H was just firing shots left and right a bit ago.
  17. I don't think Seth will see the ring before WrestleMania.
  18. I've seen all the talk about distracting from Vince. I'm not buying it. Vince hasn't been a regular on television for a while now. If you throw out the WM stuff with Theory and Rollins he's had no real presence for the last couple of years. WWE fans don't care because they know who Vince is. Hell most of this stuff is jist the Attitude Era come to life. I believe when the Rock said he'd do Mania TKO said let's do it and sell tickets. That's why the setup didn't make sense. When the fans said we don't want the Rock, TKO said "oh crap". Last night was the right move and makes for potentially a long term story with Rock/Roman. You have the Rock talking about sitting at the head of the table and him and Roman are hugging it out kast night? That has to be resolved in some way at some point. Summerslam? Next WrestleMania? Cole and McAfee were in on this. Big E and Punk obviously weren't until it happened. Then i think the producers told them where to go. And that made for some gold comments from Punk. Big E reminding everyone that Rock was niw Cody's boss and Punk saying "So that makes it workplace violence" had me dying. Heel Rock was always the better Rock IMO.
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