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  1. Does anyone else see an article about the Washington Football Team and on a glance thinks that it says WTF? I wonder how many articles were written at the beginning of the season that had an actual headline that said WTF WFT.
  2. One more win and we get that home playoff game!
  3. I wonder what their capacity was. I'm stuck at work. In an hour I'll be very unproductive the rest of the evening.
  4. The upper deck is probably closed off. Even if you have six feet between ticketed seats it can still look like a lot. Especially since we've gotten used to seeing completely empty stadiums.
  5. WrestleMania will be two nights again, but at Raymond James Stadium this year. No word yet on if fans will be allowed.
  6. Tyler Huntley went to my high school. Gotta root for the kid.
  7. The Bucs players talked about the night and day difference when they allowed fans for the Chargers game. The noise they pump into the stadium is a steady crowd did which I've seen some players refer to as white noise. It's not 60-70 thousand, but the players do play to the fans
  8. Convenient the Packers allow fans back for the playoffs.
  9. I don't really know what to think of it. Obviously there is a "reason" they are in the state they are in. That learn is interesting. The classic television side is lacking imo. My wife thought they were "ripping off Bewitched, but not doing it well". Maybe that'll part of it gets better.
  10. The Jaguars hired Urban Meyer. Interesting.
  11. Daniel brings up the exact sentiment to Kumiko.
  12. No. Daniel was fighting for a woman and future Tomi Village KFC's.
  13. It would be hyperbole to call KK2 the ESB of the series. Especially since KK3 isn't in ROTJ's level. Though it does hold up over time.
  14. The scenario we'll never have answered. Could Johnny have beaten Mike Barnes? Probably not. Barnes was in the cover of national magazines. The actor that played Barnes before the beginning of last season said he'd love to do Cobra Kai, but he didn't see where he would fit into the story. The thing that I was relieved about with the Okinawa scenes was that they didn't play up a Daniel-Kumiko relationship. His marriage was really strained near the end of season 2. They thankfully never went there. Amanda was a standing by her man this season.
  15. I think it was the cloning process that made them unstable.
  16. It's been forever since i read the Dark Empire comic. I don't remember Palpatine having a clone name.
  17. There goes that Orton match tonight. Hopefully he's asymptomatic.
  18. So the Saints it is. The story writes itself.
  19. With the Seahawks losing we can actually host the game next week if the Bears win tomorrow. The kids are still pretty low, i got my seats if they do pull it off. DAAA Bears!
  20. Been a long time. 2007! Let's Fire The Cannons!!!
  21. Indy Seattle Tampa Tennessee Chicago Pittsburgh I think of the ratings do well this weekend you might see them stick with the 7th team.
  22. We could open our own sports book site. We performed at a percentage on par with some of the "pros".
  23. For the record i only brought up the Mandalorian because it was the most recent streaming show I've watched. I want to put it into the sort of light that Tank was talking about. For fun. The last scene b with Daniel and Kumiko, i tried getting who the other woman was. My guess was one of the girls that she taught the Obon dance to that was giggling. I forgot about the girl he saved during the storm. But only that she is a high up in Doyona and is able to return the favor to Daniel. I liked that. In Star Wars land that would be grounds for a flame war. "That's too convenient!"
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