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  1. Removing the old one and putting the new one in was super easy. The hard part came when we broke the return valve and had to repair that. Didn't a long time waking up and down the pipe aisle. Luckily there was a worker there who was able to tell me the difference between pvc and cpvc.
  2. So that's what it looks like so far. I'm still deciding whether to go. My wife didn't really want to go, and my son in law is in the hospital having a lecture l procedure done today. If the wife doesn't care of i go alone, the prices are dropping quickly on StubHub and I could get a decent non obstructed view seat. As much as i like Drew McIntyre, i think the Almighty Era needs to go till SummerSlam.
  3. DMX probably should have been on a watch list. The man has sooooo many crazy episodes in his life it was onlt a matter of time before he tried killinging himself.
  4. Raquel Gonzalez is my WWE crush, but it is sad to see Io lose the belt. Great match.
  5. That is a solid 4k player. I have the Sony x800m2. Mainly because i still have a collection of dvd audio and s super audio cds that i still want to listen to every once in a blue moon lol. Another thing is you tend to forget about picture detail after a while and just want to watch a movie. How fast is your internet? We updated to 400mbs on a one year deal from the cable company. I see better streaming quality from that over 100. My son is in his computer ask the time so he really eats up dinner of that speed.
  6. It depends on a couple of things. One the player. Simply put a lot expensive poster has better processing. I have a $500 oppo blu ray player that makes my boy rates look damned near perfect. My Sony 4K player brothers just was good as image on blu ray and 4K discs, but that leads to the second thing. The model and dude if your TV. Despite dropping prices, cheaper tvs still have lesser processers in them and don't deliver as fine an image of your relatively close to the set. That's why those 65" 4Ks at Walmart don't wow you. And security size is a factor. I can tell the difference but not by mu
  7. They've got to end Jax and Baszler's title reign. I can't keep watching Shayna constantly taking the pin.
  8. I was going to put it off for a bit. Now our hot water pressure has gone down. It could just need to be drained, but something tells me i should just get it before I HAVE to get a new one.
  9. So i noticed water leaking from our hot water heater. Cleaned it up to see how much it was leaking. Not a lot. Cashed the plumber to come look at it. Button of the tank is rusting. Only fix is to get a new water heater. They would have charged $2500 for the heater she install. Told him I'd think about it. Hell no. Had to convince my wife that my son and me could replace it without boring up the house. It's a gas heater. I'll get a new one tomorrow after work and we'll put it in Tuesday morning. $800 after tax and extended warranty. Did you get the tankless put in?
  10. Just like Otis. I don't get it. I stand by what i said in the other thread. Io had been a much better champion that Rhea Ripley. I think she probably loses at Take Over against Gonzalez, but man she has been entertaining. She probably makes it to the main roster in the next few weeks.
  11. The WWE kills me with breaking up factions/teams way before they need to. Retribution needed to be broken up. That wasn't working. The Hurt Business was going strong and now they're done. Them, the Iconics, Heavy Machinery, i just don't get it.
  12. Oh yeah!?! Well the life support machine called and........
  13. Archie Bunker George Jefferson George Costanza Urkle
  14. I know this is just starting, but the WWE on Peacock sucks.
  15. Clothes. Shoes more specifically. Some kids might not be fashion hogs, but most do care about what's on their feet. OR you could get something for the both of you that you could do together.
  16. Not really looking Edge right now. I'm thinking Daniel Bryan is going to be added to make it a triple threat match.
  17. Wow. Big E speared Apollo Crews through the tires onto the floor!
  18. Shazam is probably the most MCU of the DCEU. First off it's fairly short and sweet. Secondly it manages to to give a cliff notes explanation of the character without taking up the first half of the movie. Third the movie doesn't take itself too seriously.
  19. The crop is because i believe he shot it in 1.43 for IMAX. That's pretty close to the old standard for television.
  20. Personal preference. Nothing wrong with that. I liked the Snyder Cut. Part of that is because it did a lot of things that I want to see. Sadly i don't ever think we'll see most of them. It is a movie because of its length I'm not sure I'll watch again outside of a 4K blu ray release with commentary. While i like the MCU a lot, a lot of the movies don't resonate with me on repeat viewings. Black Panther, both Ant-Man movies to name a few. The DCEU should have never tried to play catch-up. Jumping straight to the Justice League when you only had one movie to set up the c
  21. Depends. The extended cut of BvS and the Snyder cut do two completely different things. If you thought JL was okay then you'll probably like the Snyder Cut.
  22. In the presale looking at tickets. Ringside seats $5000-6000.
  23. I'd start before 8. Is it better than the theatrical cut? Hell yeah! Will it change your mind if you didn't like Batman vs Superman? Probably not. It will sway a lot of people that were on the fence. I'm having a hard time believing the rumors about WB execs wanting to walk away after the Snyder cut. First they put so much money into this that that seems crazy to begin with. Second what Justice League potentially sets up is pretty exciting. You already have a Flash movie in the works. You've signed multiple Batmans to work in a multiverse that JL references. If you ha
  24. Okay the Martian Manhunter cameo...... I need a Snyder commentary track.
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