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  1. I didn't know he lost to Blanchard. That said I'm really enjoying AEW.
  2. I'm glad kofi was pulled, he was going to lose at fast lane, better Owens loses, then kofi gets the shot at wm and wins.
  3. Honestly woth the direction they are taking the story, part of me would be ok with that.
  4. Kamala was huge with the prision industrial complex, and refused to indict steve mnuchin because his bank was her donor.
  5. I don't like how she keeps praising pelosi who keeps killing her platform.
  6. As far as a full reboot, part of me would be ok with it, because I could treat ir as a seperate version than the ot.
  7. I was going to mention the animated version. With its changes I wonder if that's how they plan to handle it. I've started to lose interest after the rebels ending and having maul appear in solo makes it to multimedia for me. I like to imagine the shows are their own thing.
  8. Rhonda reminds me 9f a female hogan, without the charisma.
  9. Kofu was basicly the Ali replacement, but since he did such a good job with the planned finish, I hope he wins at wm.
  10. Stallion

    Snoke prequel

    That would have been interesting.
  11. Stallion

    Snoke prequel

    For me it would have helped. It's one of my biggest issues with the film.
  12. Yea, he used to have to get approval by lucas, now as long as he doesn't contridict in the story groups eyes he does what he wants.
  13. Stallion

    Snoke prequel

    I guess if you used the certain point of view argument it could work. Only other glitch is they announced palpatine knew of snoke. So he'd have to change before jedi. I've said this alot, a line or two was all they missed for him.
  14. Stallion

    Snoke prequel

    I thought that myself, but he mentions he saw the empire rise, ezra wasn't born then.
  15. I hated the time travel saving of ashoka.
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