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  1. Supposedly over contact issues. Also I read somewhere that Naomi was scheduled to win it and face Bianca. Although this is the official statement from WWE: https://www.wwe.com/article/official-wwe-statement-sasha-banks-naomi///
  2. I wasn't impressed with the match between her and the Bunny. She did get a good pop on her entrance though. The Thunder Rosa promo was a train wreck. It's truly amazing how much Britt had elevated herself above the rest of the women in that division. They should have given Thunder Rosa way more mic time in the past to get her more comfortable if they new they were gonna put the belt on her. I remember when AEW first debut and first saw Britt and she wasn't great at all. However, when she got hurt and was being carted around in the wheelchair but stayed on TV each week and get interview
  3. I'm looking forward to it. I've haven't watched any of the cartoons though, aside from a few episodes of the 1st season of the Clone Wars. I just couldn't get it into. So, these Inquisitors are new to me. Supposedly Obi-Wan is 1 season and done, just 6 episodes. So should be interesting.
  4. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/33470321/sources-mlb-union-reach-tentative-agreement-new-cba-salvage-162-game-season Although, I think the fans show boycott the season and see how much of a scare it would give the owners
  5. Jericho finished his heel (re)turn. Wonder if he will change his entrance music.
  6. https://ew.com/tv/obi-wan-kenobi-star-wars-ewan-mcgregor-entertainment-weekly-april-2022-cover/
  7. What are the odds of a Boba cameo in the Obi Wan series? I mean we know Obi is gonna be on Tantooine a lot and Boba's done a lot of work in the past for Jabba who resides there as well.... But I guess it will depend on what part of the 18 yrs between RotS and ANH the series will be set in as Boba is 8-12 at the end of RotS? Doubt it will have any crossover storylines like Mando/Book of Boba Fett though
  8. I've never seen him talk. Which I guess is a good thing? Where do you find these interviews. I like that he isn't really in storylines (like Vince) on TV.
  9. Wasn't Luke with Yoda when he died in RoTJ? Then?
  10. Wonder if there will be any Boba sightings in the Obi-Wan series
  11. According to IMDB: Favreau just voiced him again. Tait Fletcher is the actor in the suit.
  12. I thought the women's rumble was better than the men's. But definitely disappointing overall. Too predictable. I knew once Brock lost that he was winning the rumble and same with Rhonda being the surprise. No real surprises on the men's. I guess Drew because most thought he'd be out a couple more months. But Shane does nothing for me.
  13. In the tag title match with Jurassic Express? I only kind of speed watched on my phone via you tube as I forgot to record it and already knew the results. I wonder if that's the reason they put the titles on Jurassic Express. I kind of felt it was too soon for Lucha Bros to drop them.
  14. Another NXT cast-off made a debut at last night final Dynamite on TNT
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