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  1. I watched Crown Jewel through Peacock. Okay show. But that Paul guy put on another good performance, especially for his 3rd match. He would be interesting as a full-time wrestler. Not sure what the plan is, or if he wants to be a full-time wrestler. Guess for know he is mostly publicity for WWE to bring in some of his followers to their audience?
  2. I don't find his character entertaining at all. He got a great reaction though
  3. Thursday, September 22Pittsburgh at Cleveland
  4. Thursday, Sept 15th LA Chargers at Kansas City (late) Sunday, Sept. 18th NY Jets at Cleveland Washington at Detroit Tampa at New Orleans Carolina at NY Giants New England at Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Jacksonville Miami at Baltimore Atlanta at LA Rams Seattle at San Francisco Cincinnati at Dallas Houston at Denver Arizona at Las Vegas Chicago at Green Bay Monday, Sept. 19 Tennessee at Buffalo Minnesota at Philadelphia
  5. The newest TV guide list it as a "RETURNING SHOW" as well. So I guess it is officially season 6 then
  6. Yup, came back during Fatal 4 Way Tag Match for #1 contenders and destroyed all 4 teams and buried the tag division in the process.
  7. Will Osprey is an impressive performer. He and Aussie open are going up against the Elite (Omega/Young Bucks) which quite honestly should be the finals of their SIx Man Tag Team tourney at the PPV
  8. The Edge, Angle, and Rey biographies were the best so far this season. Undertaker had already been done.
  9. For real. I had to watch it twice to really pick up on it, it was so low key I thought it was just a fan trying to hop the rail
  10. Cobra Kai Season 5 Official Trailer Season drops September 9th. Past couple season been late December.
  11. Does anybody watch this? Season 2 starts tonight with the Undertaker. Last season they did, Stone Cold, HBK, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior, and I think Macho Man.
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