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  1. I liked the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. They definitely should have just made that one only. I don't even think I saw the other two movies. It is always difficult to capture the magic of the books in movies in my opinion. I don't think I've ever seen a movie where it surpassed the book.
  2. According to IMDB, Woody plays Beckett Clint Howard is in this film too
  3. Rumor has it that the Broken gimmick is going to be happening soon.
  4. I was asking because I watch agents of shield regularly. So wasn't sure if there's anything in the movie that will be referenced in the last two episodes of the series that I'll be lost on if I haven't seen the movie first.
  5. Should I watch the 5/5 episode and 5/12 2 part finale before seeing the movie or see the movie first. Or does it not matter?
  6. Not sure if Prim, Wicket, and all the other SJ regulars still drop in here at Nightly at all. I was watching Jeopardy with Alex tonight, and there was a commercial for a new Sports Jeopardy program to be hosted by Dan Patrick. First of all, I think there are copy right infringements that we can look into, BUT, I think we have several folks here who could qualify as writers or even be on the SJ clue crew!!! www.sportsjeopardy.com to try and be a contestant on the show.
  7. When's the next one, so I can start studying
  8. You don't have to answer them, you have to question them. Seriously, though, you can choose to answer only the type of questions you want. Baseball clues are the BESTEST!!
  9. Or, we can just wait a whole year!
  10. Yes...before this, the longest period between games was from SJ 045 to SJ 046 (a total of 77 days). SJ 051 finally got started 304 days after the conclusion of SJ 050. It is noticeable in the most recent clue.
  11. I'll be around Is the longest period in between games?
  12. What does 47 have to do with Roswell? Wouldn't it be 51?
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