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  1. So looks like the presser had a spoiler for Elimination Chamber
  2. Cargill v Nia Jax at Wrestlemania?
  3. The Mandalorian & Grogu go into production later this year to go to the big screen. Not sure if it is scheduled for 2026 release. https://www.starwars.com/news/the-mandalorian-and-grogu
  4. Anybody going to check out this movie about the legendary Von Erich wrestling family? I saw the trailer and it looks awesome. I grew up in MA in the 80s watching WCCW Saturday mornings on a local TV station. This was before we had cable. I think it was on after WWF Superstars, or whatever their Saturday morning show was way back then. To me, it blew WWF out of the water at the time, as the matches you'd get on WWF TV were maybe Hulk Hogan vs Steve Lombardi or Randy Savage vs Iron Mike Sharpe where you knew who was going to win. But with WCCW you had the Von Erichs and the Freebirds and a bunch of other named talent that would go up against each other each week, and the matches looked more real to me at the time. At any rate, I am excited to check out this movie. Zac Efron stars as Kevin Von Erich, and I don't know the actors who play Kerry and David. Hope it's as good as the trailer I saw.
  5. I'm enjoying season 2 so far, I had to catch up on Peacock because my DVR recordings didn't transfer to my new cable box when my old one shit the bed
  6. Cody announced at the end of Raw (without actually saying the name) that will be the 5th man for his team at Wargames on Saturday
  7. Thursday, September 14th Minnesota at Philadelphia Sunday, September 17th Green Bay at Atlanta Las Vegas at Buffalo Baltimore at Cincinnati Seattle at Detroit LA Chargers at Tennessee Chicago at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Houston San Francisco at LA Rams NY Giants at Arizona NY Jets at Dallas Washington at Denver Miami at New England Monday, September 18th New Orleans at Carolina Cleveland at Pittsburgh
  8. Atlanta Cincy Jacksonville Min NO Pit Was Bal Chi Den NE LA Chargers Rams Giants Buffalo
  9. I'm in a few survivor pools and had initially picked KC to win. Luckily, last minute, I switched the game I picked. Didn't have the balls to actually pick Det in those pools though, lol
  10. Thursday Night Detroit at Kansas City
  11. I think maybe a lot of people feel like me about Bianca...I just find her boring. Her promo's are usually choppy. I don't know, I just don't find her entertaining most of the time. I did not catch Backlash, I forgot about it. But reading about the show it seems this match stole the show. Maybe they'll start a Bianca heel turn? Moving to smackdown they are gonna start building a Bianca - Charlotte program at some point.
  12. I thought it was a good event. I thought the Men's fatal 4-way tag team match stole the show. But like was said Rhea - Charlotte was incredible match, so was of course KO/Sami vs Uso and Cody vs Roman. It will be interesting to see how Rhea winning affects the Judgement Day, as 1) she was getting a lot of pops and 2) Judgement Day is mostly Raw, now she's the Smackdown women's champ. The rest of the show was entertaining. Brock/Omos match was much better than I thought it would end up being. It would be nice if Omos could develop into a legitimate monster, but has a limited move set. I find Bianca quite boring. I'd rather see Becky or Bayley carry that belt and maybe see Bianca get re-packaged. It was the match I was probably least interested in. Not sure what the whole point of having Shane come back was gonna be or the point of having Miz get punked out to both McAfee and Shane (well Snoop Dog, since Shane blew out his knee on that leap frog). I'd give the show 3.5 out of 5
  13. Quantum Leap is being rebooted and is on NBC Monday's at 10 after the Voice this fall. I loved the original series and will definitely give this a try.
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