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  1. Didn’t really want to make a new topic so I thought I would post this here. After nearly 4 years of hard work, literal blood, sweat and tears, failure and self doubt, finally came the culmination of a black belt for my son a couple weeks ago. I’m soooo fucking proud of him. I can’t even describe how great it felt seeing his Instructor finally tie that black belt around him after years of taking him to karate 4 days a week and endless tournaments and wiping away all of the blood, tears and snot off him from sparring matches, wins, losses and failed tests.
  2. Just got my second shot today. Excited for this news. This now gives businesses and employers the opportunity to adjust their mask guidelines without fear of harassment.
  3. Buy Walmart+. It’s $98 a year, you shop in their app, select a delivery date and your groceries will be delivered to you on that day at that time. Been doing it for the last 6 months. Best thing ever. My parents and family live in a rural area. The Walmart there, you have a lot of no maskers. But it’s the same thing where I live, which is urban. The Walmart’s around me have Security on each end of the entrances, security in the parking lot, and about half the folks not wearing masks as well. As a matter of fact, just last week a cop was shot in the parking lot of the Walmart that i
  4. Me and the kiddo love this film series, and this one was no different. Just fun and beautiful to watch. 1. Skull Island 2. Godzilla vs Kong 3. KotM 4. Godzilla
  5. It’s always something different for birthdays. BUT. When me and the kiddo go down to my parents for a weekend (about once every 2 months) there has to be one night to have cube steak, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, homemade Mac n cheese and homemade dinner rolls. It’s my absolute favorite. It’s pure comfort food.
  6. As someone who has no affinity for DC or Marvel, such as I never read comics, was never really big into the marvel and Dc cartoons as a kid such as Batman, Spider-Man, x-men, when it comes to the movie universe, I LOVE Marvel and what they’ve done overall with the exception of a few stinkers. With DC, the only Dc movie I’ve been able to enjoy besides the Nolan Batmans is Aquaman. Everything else is trash. Boring. SFX always look like shit. Even Aquaman had some questionable special effects. I remember watching justice league in theaters with the kiddo and it was not memorable. Keilan, who
  7. ‘It’s a joke, that’s a play on words. We like to have fun here. Hey here’s my headshot.’
  8. I could see from the very beginning when he started posting his dating nonsense in here years ago that he was a complete fucking idiot with women and had zero respect towards women and they were objects to him.
  9. ZM is finally gone? Good fucking riddance. Been a long time coming.
  10. I got my son an Xbox Series X. I’m pretty proud of that. He was pumped.
  11. I’m a Spotify convert. Jumped ship from Apple Music to Spotify back in September, so my stats are probably a little light compared to others. TOOL is all me. Twenty One Pilots is my son’s doing.
  12. Yeah. I felt bad putting it down, but...here’s hoping nothing happens.
  13. Wow so you don’t care if people get indigenous.
  14. You live in Columbus? Was that you on the other line talking to Randy?
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