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  1. I have this reoccurring dream where I’m either in HS or college and it’s finals week and I discover I have a class that I haven’t been to all semester and it’s the only thing holding me back from graduating. It’s weird as fuck. And when I wake up from it I have all this fucking anxiety built up and it feels so real.
  2. Some other good ones: In the air tonight by Genesis covered by Non-Point. I fought the law by the Crickets covered by The Clash. This song is covered by many, but the Clash cover will always be the best. Let’s go crazy by Prince covered by Incubus. Turn the page by Bob Seger covered by Metallica
  3. I didn’t see it mentioned above, so I’ll mention it. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac covered by The Smashing Pumpkins. So good.
  4. I recently discovered the greatness that is The Office about 4-5 months ago. Been watching that on repeat. Another show I watch on repeat and have for years is South Park.
  5. Neat that picture took all of 5 seconds to post
  6. Ha! That sounds delicious. I'm not a big fan of our kettle chips or our rold gold pretzels. If you open my pantry you will see Krunchers Kettle Chips (usually Maui Onion) and Snyder's Pretzels (usually Hot Wing Buffalo Sourdough Bites)
  7. No shit. Who do I have to blow to get cherry coke zero or diet cherry dr. pepper cans back? I have had to buy diet cherry pepsi 2 liters like some animal! I know that one, too! I think. At least around here. When the shutdown started, the larger breweries stepped up canning and the smaller ones immediately made a canning line purchase so that they could keep serving curbside. Even the kombucha brewers started canning. Add in supply chain disruption, and I can see Big Soda pivoting to plastic as a result. I get it, but I can't find these flavors at all. I work for Pepsico, Frito-Lay d
  8. Turn off your parental controls, Jacob! GHAWL!
  9. Shit. fuck. Noice. When did we get rid of the censor?
  10. Heres my sons School Districts return to school plan: http://track.spe.schoolmessenger.com/f/a/B7fVwgLPnakXVJDBqR0Qdw~~/AAAAAQA~/RgRhBCb6P0R1aHR0cHM6Ly9tc2cuc2Nob29sbWVzc2VuZ2VyLmNvbS9tLz9zPUZ5MjFpN0pfYjNBJm1hbD0zNTM1MjRmNjBhYmNmMWU4ZTEwYzhiNmFkMmQwZTQ3ZmI1MGM3NWIzMjI5MGIyMTY4MjcwZjAwOTFiMmViOGVjVwdzY2hvb2xtQgoAR3rzIl8kTxTaUhNkdGtjb2ZmZXlAZ21haWwuY29tWAQAAAAB None of this is an ideal situation. Me and the ex-wife have agreed to let the kiddo go back to in school sessions. Our school district did a survey with parents and teachers. 90% of the parents wanted their kids to return to an in-schoo
  11. David

    Last of Us 2

    Not yet, but i have it purchased. Just started playing Last of Us Remastered last week, hoping to finish it tonight once the kiddo goes to bed. Kicking myself for waiting all these years to play this game.
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