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  1. I got my son an Xbox Series X. I’m pretty proud of that. He was pumped.
  2. I’m a Spotify convert. Jumped ship from Apple Music to Spotify back in September, so my stats are probably a little light compared to others. TOOL is all me. Twenty One Pilots is my son’s doing.
  3. Yeah. I felt bad putting it down, but...here’s hoping nothing happens.
  4. Wow so you don’t care if people get indigenous.
  5. You live in Columbus? Was that you on the other line talking to Randy?
  6. 1. Joe Biden 2. Angela Lansbury 3. Betty White 4. Jack Nicholson 5. Pete Davidson 6. Michael J. Fox 7. Willie Nelson 8. Bob Barker 9. Ric Flair 10. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar I’ll grab birthdates in a bit.
  7. I felt the same way regarding myself and the Green Mile. My last name is Coffey. In 7th grade I heard that fucking line every single day of my life. Had no idea what anyone was talking about. Purposely avoided ever watching that movie for probably 15-20 years. Which sucks, because when I did finally watch it, it’s certainly a classic.
  8. 37/m/St . Peters, MO. Suburb of St. Louis. Been living here in the STL area for over 11 years now. The first few years, I lived in STL County, and in those few years, had one house break in, 4 car break ins and was help up at a 7-11 and robbed 100ft from my home. Me and the ex wife had enough of that shit, and moved us and the kiddo to the suburbs. Been living in the St Charles County area ever since. St Louis County leans heavily liberal and St Charles County leans heavily conservative. The divide in the Greater STL area is pretty fascinating to say the least. Never had
  9. I remember wanting and willing to vote for anyone else on the republican ticket but Trump. And then Trump became our only option.
  10. Oddly I never could get into the books, either. But for whatever reason, I really enjoy HBO’s adaptation of it. It takes an episode or two to really get going. I only started to watch it because my son saw the preview of it on a YouTube ad and fell in love with the talking polar bear. So it was something we watched together and very much enjoyed.
  11. I really enjoy the Jack Ryan Amazon show. John K is so good. I just rewatched all of Dexter. Hadn’t watched it since the shittiest series finale ever aired back in 2013. Seasons 1-4 are still the best you’ll ever find any show, while seasons 5-8 are very up and down. Really looking forward to the limited series in 2021. Right now I’m watching His Dark Materials Season 2 on HBO Max. This is probably my favorite show going on atm. When I just wanna watch something familiar, like when I go to bed, it’s always The Office or South Park. Also enjoy revisiting Frasier once in a
  12. Got the Xbox Series X. Another year of being the top parent with the best Christmas gifts.
  13. That’s not crazy. I would do that. So I went out at 6pm (I guess you can say yesterday now, it’s 2am here), and the GameStop a mile from my house already had about 20 people in line. Went to another GameStop about 5 miles away, and it was the same thing. So I noped it and went home.
  14. I think I might camp out at one of my local GameStop’s to try and grab an Xbox Series X. The GameStop closest to me is supposed to have 8 of them. Ive never done anything like this. It’s stupid, and I shake my head anytime I see this kind of crap. But here we are.
  15. No it's fine, it's a good conversation to have. I would love to see an affordable or free healthcare system. My insurance i get through work gets worse every year. Obamacare sucked before Trump even got ahold of it. And it didn't affect the rich. it affected me. The middle class. it turned my deductibles from $800 family to $2500 a year. It doubled my insurance costs. All the insurance companies did was pass their expenses down to the middle class. Since Obamacare started in what...2012?... it's cost me $10's of thousands of dollars over the last 8 years. In general, i just don't think taxing
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