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  1. I had bariatric sleeve surgery done August 10th, and I’m down almost 90lbs since surgery. I’ve also completely changed my diet. My #1 priority is protein. I focus on getting at least 80 grams a day. I usually get a head start by drinking a premier protein shake which is 30 grams of protein. I’ve never done well with breakfast in the mornings, so a simple protein shake in the morning is best for me. I have a lot of prepped snacks/food ready to go as well. Hard boiled eggs, sliced cheeses, sliced deli meats, Greek yogurt, starkist tuna packets, chicken breasts, etc. I stay away from heavy carbs such as pasta and bread. Getting full before surgery and getting full after surgery is very different. Before, I would still eat after I was full. Now, when I start to get full, that’s my sign that I need to put down the food. Otherwise I get incredibly uncomfortable and if I’m not careful, will throw up whatever I over ate.
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