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  1. And congrats to Carr (Derek) for screwing the pooch tonight
  2. I'm just now getting caught up on Arrow, and for a TV show I like how they handled his origin. Quick little flashbacks to give back story though as I'm not getting into season 3 it is getting tiresome. But I also don't want to see another villain in marvel get an origin story. We get it they are all crazy but brilliant men let us move on.
  3. Sunday Detroit at Kansas City Tampa Bay at Atlanta Arizona at Cleveland San Francisco at St Louis New York Giants at New Orleans Minnesota at Chicago San Diego at Baltimore Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Tennessee at Houston New York Jets at Oakland Seattle at Dallas Green Bay at Denver Monday Indianapolis at Carolina
  4. Jacksonville Washington Atlanta Indianapolis Detroit Pittsburgh Cleveland Houston New England San Diego New York Giants Philadelphia Monday Arizona
  5. Washington Arizona Kansas City Cincinnati Chicago Cleveland Jacksonville Tennessee Seattle Green Bay San Francisco New England Monday NY Giants This is honor system based on my bets on over/under
  6. Ugh no respect for my dirty birds yet! Atlanta
  7. Nobody picked the Browns on this board. I was more shocked with your pick for Dallas beating New England. Nobody but me picked the Browns you mean . Hard to pick against my team
  8. Chicago at Kansas City Seattle at CincinnatiWashington at AtlantaJacksonville at Tampa BayNew Orleans at PhiladelphiaCleveland at BaltimoreSt. Louis at Green BayBuffalo at TennesseeArizona at DetroitNew England at DallasDenver at OaklandSan Francisco at New York Giants MondayPittsburgh at San Diego+
  9. Damn, I meant to post I wanted the Texans to win. Decline pick if you like I know I am late in posting
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