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  1. OMG. I just spent an hour trying to print a document. Every time something went wrong. And it wouldn't save any of my printer settings, so every attempt was starting from scratch. Thankfully, that particular project has a flexible deadline, because I either had to step back, or take a sledgehammer to the printer. How's your work day going?
  2. And she wants a place to talk about it. I don't have a blog, so you all get a thread. For the record, not just any horror will cut it for this purpose for me. I'm looking for some real good vs. evil shit. And by evil I mean demonic entities. The Conjuring movies were where I realized these movies actually had a utility for me. The evil has to be supernatural, it has to be evil, and it has to eventually be defeated. First up (not really, I've been doing this a while now, I'm just in a place right now, you know?) Curon on Netflix. What a weird show! For one, I binged it. I never binge anything. Even when I'm laid up. I can manage maybe three episodes at a time, if they're short. For two, it scratched my demon fighting itch. The show is about evil doppelgangers, which I will always hear in this guy's voice. It looks like it'll be a YA show because the protags are teens, but it's YA the way Grisham's The Client is YA because the protag is 13. There are various ways you can tell they don't expect actual teenagers to watch this show, such as the parents all having more sex on camera than the teens. Anyway, it's about a family of three - a single mother and her fraternal twin 17yos - who moves from Milan to mom's hometown of Curon, which is on the Italy/Austria border. It's remote enough to be fairy-tale creepy anyway, but the town also has a doppelganger curse problem. Mom goes missing, the plucky kids discover why. This show also happened to find Italian doppelgangers of a bunch of English-speaking actors. Daria, the daughter, is a young Hailee Steinfeld. MIcki, the local girl who pairs up with the twins, is Emma Watson's double. MIcki's brother Giulio looks like King Joffrey on steroids, which is unfortunate, because Giulio is a sweet kid and it makes you not like him at first. Lukas is a baby Ian Sommerhalder. Anna, the mom, is a pale Michelle Wolf. Albert, MIcki and Giulio's dad, is an Italian Skeet Ulrich. And I'm pretty sure Micki and Giulio's mom is the blonde from Abba. There's some serious suspension of disbelief, as the whole curse thing was not clearly explained in detail, so, for instance, But if you want to kill a few hours looking at pretty scenery and being entertained by a capably creepy show, it's there.
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