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  1. Today, I... Did a new-to-me work report all by myself for the first time, completed a Shein return, appealed my SSI disability denial, signed a photography contract, and walked about 3k steps...
  2. Yeah, they briefed me on a dural puncture, but my headache got worse when I was laying down, and got better once I finally got about 14 hours of sleep... but of course I then go to work and have to lift heavy boxes and the headache comes back again.
  3. This was actually last week, but I liked it so much that I made it two days in a row - http://coupleeatsfood.com/spicy-gochujang-stir-fried-chicken/
  4. I've always gotten "I'm making X for dinner, you okay with that?" And I usually don't have a better idea, so I go along with it.
  5. Epidural was yesterday! As far as procedures go it was non-traumatic, but starting about 12 hours in I feel like I have an iron helmet squeezing my head and pushing down on my neck and shoulders. I got about three hours of sleep last night because of it. It's still going strong. I think people on Facebook think my updates on this are about my second Covid vaccine, so yeah, I get to go through this all again next week. Thankfully the day after my MRI, not before. It would suck laying in an MRI for an hour and a half with Covid symptoms.
  6. I dressed myself for work today in a neon green shirt, matching green shimmer eye makeup, and a green mask.
  7. Better news today from spine doctor #1! Since I respond well to steroids, he's going to try epidural steroid injections. And I get to have the first one on Monday. If this works, I'll be able to be a lot more active. If it doesn't work, at least I tried!
  8. That was my last appointment, thankfully. God, all I want to do today is cry, but I had to go straight to work after the appointment so I have another 2 1/2 hours to wait before I can even do that.
  9. I just had the absolute worst PT appointment. I've hated this place from the very start. I insisted I go, against my doctor's recommendations, hoping they could get me exercising again. Oh no, I was instructed to walk five minutes a day during the first appointment - which I've been doing - and he doesn't even bother following up on that until today when he was mad at me for not increasing my distance. No other exercise. This guy is all about making small movements to affect the body, which has done, wait for it... nothing. I'm sure you could figure that out. And then he tells me th
  10. Look at that photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh.
  11. Damn. I can't say Whitmer handled the unemployment crisis at all well, but she may be redeeming herself with the vaccine rollout.
  12. Pretty much. Okay, my mom keeps saying that it’s still better wait times than Canada. Canadians, is that true? I feel like that is not true.
  13. I used this gif earlier today when talking about my Shein orders with the whole Suez Canal debacle happening, but it occurs to me it’s the best gif for my medical situation, too.
  14. ... you don’t have pharmacies giving them out? Meijer was our state’s first vaccine partner.
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