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  1. OMG Kate is a lying lieface liar. Something tells me they're holding Annabelle for season 2. It looks like next week is the season finale.
  2. Happy Death Day 2U, which got out of the realm of slasher horror and into the realm of action comedy. It's a good movie, but not a good scare.
  3. Tomorrow starts medical leave. I get 3 weeks off. I'm going to get sliced open and have a bunch of bones removed, but unlike when I was in such horrible pain back last December, I can sleep the whole damn day if I need to for three whole weeks. Also, they're going to slice me open and remove a bunch of bones in a week, and I am so glad it's almost here and not seven weeks out like when I scheduled the surgery.
  4. I'm working from home tomorrow because it's my first day without anti-inflammatories. And I'm off until my doctor clears me to go back, probably on July 6. I told the morning girl when I came in today and she looked PANICKED. ... I think everyone is going to miss me.
  5. Okay, the scheduler called me right back, at least - apparently pre-surgery is so backed up that they're calling the day of the test to schedule it. And if they miss that, I get a rapid test in the hospital. Le sigh.
  6. I had the bright idea to call the spine center, and ask them if they knew what was going on... turn out no one ordered the Covid test for me. So, the nurse sent me to the surgery scheduler to see if she could order a test for me, and we're playing phone tag... lets see if I ever get this test before the 18th.
  7. I think we all know by now I'm the afternoon girl and there's a morning girl... so, we're supposed to double duty the break room in a 90/10 split. I clean and sanitize it every night, and am responsible for cleaning the refrigerator out once a week, all because I'm the afternoon girl. All the morning girl has to do is unload the dishwasher when she gets in. One little two-minute task. Monday night, when I turn the dishwasher on, I forgot to flip the little sign from "dirty" to "clean." So I get in at 12:30pm Tuesday and the morning girl tells me that the dishes looked clean, but without t
  8. No one has called me to schedule a Covid test. I have now called central scheduling, to be told that I have to schedule it through the pre-surgery planning nurse. I have called the nurse’s direct line three times and left two messages. According to my paperwork, the test has to be done 3-5 days before surgery… so between Saturday and Monday. They just don’t want me to have any ability to plan my life for the next week and a half.
  9. OMG. I just spent an hour trying to print a document. Every time something went wrong. And it wouldn't save any of my printer settings, so every attempt was starting from scratch. Thankfully, that particular project has a flexible deadline, because I either had to step back, or take a sledgehammer to the printer. How's your work day going?
  10. I have to get a Covid test and then isolate between then and surgery even though I’m vaccinated. According to the nurse practitioner that did my pre-op, mixing Covid with general anesthesia can wreck your liver and kidneys, vaxx or not. Yayyyyy.
  11. Caveat. I watched it because I saw a review that said it was like “if David Lynch had made Saw” and ehhhhh... that made me expect a lot of quirky characters going in, and there were zero quirky characters, just one quirky contraption that was more Saw than Lynch, and one quirky doll that they never explain. There’s a lot about this movie that goes by completely unexplained. Otherwise, it’s basically an Irish ballad about familial madness and murder made into a movie. Not a bad watch, but not as good as that one review gassed it up to be.
  12. Nope, not a word. Which I expected after telling her my surgery schedule.
  13. A little less than 2 weeks until surgery now, and it’s going by sooooo S L O W... but I filled my med dispenser this morning and had to pull out my list of meds to take and meds to stop to make sure I got Friday and Saturday right. I have to go off all my anti-inflammatories on Friday. This is going to suuuuuuck. Thankfully I have a soaker pool and and ice cold well to fill it from. I also need to schedule a Covid test and then go into isolation after taking it 3-5 days before surgery. So, at least I can’t go into work and have lots of opportunities to rest.
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