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  1. The Nun. First of all, that was absolute nunsense. I went in expecting NOTHING since Annabelle was so dumb. This was actually pretty good!
  2. Highlander the TV show was the reason I wore a trenchcoat in the 90's. That went over real well come 1999, when I was a junior in HS...
  3. Thirteen Ghosts. Not my first time seeing it, but the first time in 20 some years. This movie gave me awful nightmares back then. The dad is the DUMBEST character ever. The son is the second dumbest. Otherwise, I wonder why this movie wasn’t bigger than it was at the time, I thought the effects would be laughable 20 years later, but it all holds up.
  4. The Exorcist. Boy, does it take a long time for that kid to get possessed. And then even longer for the priests to get there. Good movie other than being a little slow. Wasn’t this billed as the scariest ever when it was first released? Ha ha, it’s not that.
  5. Gigi is a whole mood, tho, and I kind of admire her for it.
  6. You had better have watched if you were in my Monday morning art class, because me and my friend spent the whole hour loudly discussing spoilers while working on our projects. We also flipped to USA at 10pm to watch La Femme Nikita.
  7. My spray was developed for cotton, and I can't promise it won't stain leather... Soooo... I think I'm going to pitch a shop exclusive lingerie spray to the manager (who is also a friend) on Saturday. That's actually how all of this really started, with lingerie deodorant. And I've seen a company advertising crotch deodorant now for the past couple of weeks, so the idea is gaining some mainstream traction.
  8. I still love Dinosaurs 30 years later. Xena was the spin-off, Hercules was the original
  9. You both already covered the best three, so... That only covers the evening hours... was it Fox that did the Sunday afternoon Xena, Hercules, Beastmaster, etc lineup? That one was pretty epic. Also, ABC's TGIF ruled the late 80's-early 90's.
  10. Color Out of Space, which was an adaption of the same story, and featured Nicholas Cage giving a lecture/demonstration on how to milk an alpaca around 20 minutes in. Arguably a better movie and definitely did a better job of explaining why these people would drink that water, but I have to hand it to Italy for doing the story purely through the actor’s performances. The visuals here were aces, tho, I would have liked to see a bit more of this in the movie adaption of Annihilation.
  11. Yuuuuup. And then the so angry you start crying thing. Something does have to give in your case, and if you are letting people down, too fucking bad.
  12. I’m secretly hoping they ask me to model some lingerie. Despite also hoping to be far too busy making money for that.
  13. My asexual ass is going to be doing readings and slinging mask spray at a lingerie and sex toy shop and boudoir photo studio this Saturday. Anyone want me to pick them up something while I'm out?
  14. It's probably depression. I read somewhere that depression is when your life is not going how you expected it to, and your brain can't handle the dissonance. For me, that explained a lot, my problems really started when I realized I hated the job I found but couldn't bear the thought of going into another job search. I didn't realize it was depression for MONTHS. I just felt "off" and the off kept getting worse and worse.
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