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  1. I bought a projector and screen for my backyard, and may have just started a bonfire and horror movie club. First screening is on February 13th. My backyard is quite adjacent to fields and woods, so I’m thinking something like The Ritual for maximum effect. Any winter themed horror movie suggestions are welcome. ”Spring Halloween” will be May 1 or thereabouts, where we bonfire and Wicker Man, which is wholly appropriate. “Summer Halloween” will be Friday the 13th on Friday, August 13th. And Actual Halloween will be a whole month of Halloween themed movies. You’re all i
  2. I love sushi, but I could definitely see trying it the first time not really knowing what to expect and noping out. Especially if you started with some of the more complicated stuff. I made a coconut curry pasta dish to bring to work today, after seeing the video recipe on Facebook this morning. I've already had two bowls.
  3. I went back and finished this and it was TERRIBLE. Anyway, Kadaver. An elegant movie about post-apocalyptic cannibalism. I haven't watched a lot of German horror, but I feel like it's mostly there to keep the fairy tale tradition alive.
  4. I have so many credit card miles I don't have to. I'm just waiting for Covid to end, and then my ugly dress wearing ass will be on your doorstep.
  5. The judge ruled in my favor, and the money is pending in my bank account. Holy shit.
  6. After 10 months, I had my last hearing this morning... and I think it went really well! It sure was short. The employer didn't show, and my lawyers say my testimony was really good, so hopefully I'll be getting some 11K deposited into my bank account in the next couple of weeks. But I'll still believe it when I see it.
  7. Nope. And now I’m quarantined because my boss tested positive, and he knows when he was exposed so I know he had it this past week when we were working together. I wouldn’t be too concerned because we generally can keep our distance, except he had this weird, undiagnoseable eye infection thing happening, and we stopped and talked about it last Wednesday. I was at my desk so I wasn’t masked, and he was masked except he wears one of those thin fashion buffs, that they say are even worse than going maskless because it breaks the droplets up. So, I get to call the Covid hotline and haul
  8. Odine didn’t ask for those details! 38. Been here since I was 17.5. Born in 1982 so I’m one of those “X-ennials” that doesn’t really fit into a generation. And I’m a cis woman with very feminine tendencies and interests, even though I went through an androgynous phase in high school. There.
  9. Oh, here's one for you - back on the 17th, a coworker came in sick. I could see coming down with symptoms while at the office and leaving early BUT SHE CAME IN SYMPTOMATIC AND SHE STAYED IN THE OFFICE. She tested positive on the 20th, and didn't bother telling anyone until she came back from quarantine a week early and announced that she had had Covid, "and look at me, I'm fine!" While wearing her Trump mask. This is THAT coworker. FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK today is the end of the incubation period so I'm not sure if I have it or not, and without knowing I needed to get tested I ma
  10. The Entity - S vs K kicked off a bit of a cursed movie run for me. This is in Spanish and makes you think you're going to see WAY more Entity than you do. Pretty engaging movie even if it isn't the best. Fury of the Demon - I learned a LOT about Georges Melies. It was fascinating. This is not a horror movie. Channel Zero: Candle Cove - It started strong and kinda petered out at the end. I prefer the original CreepyPasta to this version of the story. The Changeling - look, I get it, it's a classic. But I want to be scared or at least fascinated and this movie did not do that for
  11. There clearly had to be Germans who settled here, but the names in the graveyard are all very English sounding, so they may have gotten Ellis Islanded when they immigrated. Considering they changed the name to Marne, there were definitely still German ties in the area once the world wars started. I’m not sure when the Polish immigrants moved into west side Grand Rapids, but they all went west-but-not-as-west-as-the-Dutch considering the current town demographics. Ann Arbor is about a 2 1/2 hour drive and there’s no train system, so it’s not someplace we visit all that often. We’re technic
  12. Thank you! I put it in the mail today.
  13. We went to the restaurant supply and got a turkey breast, which we thought would be like a meat form thing but was actually a gigantic turkey breast sans carcass that we did in the Instant Pot and it was really delicious. Everything turned out perfectly, even the cheese pie I thought for sure I had flubbed badly.
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