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  1. I'll take the one that doesn't poop at the side of the wave pool
  2. I realized today, after being told in so many words that I need to bootstrap harder (not by my employer), that I have never once received a promotion. Ever. At any job. Even when I ask for one.
  3. So, you're saying none of us will be your Facebook friends.
  4. Yes and no. Any transfer would be to another state at best, and I doubt the company would be okay with it. And morning girl has three kids - all are in their teens (and not young teens) and 20's, but she uses "I'm a mother!" as her excuse to miss just about everything. Wait, how?
  5. Also, I was told very specifically by my boss that I was only to work from home if I'm too sick to come in to work. Other than that, my butt has to be at my desk. Morning girl was never told anything like this, she gets to work from home carte blanche. She gets to work from home tomorrow. I do not. Morning girl knows this, and is perfectly comfortable with the discrepancy since it favors her. Boss doesn't seem to notice a discrepancy.
  6. I don't know what's worse, the chauvinist who isn't self aware, or the chauvinist who is. Ugh. So, today I get texts about two hours before I'm on the clock from the morning receptionist. You all probably noticed that Google Chrome updated recently, and in my case that created a blank double profile. It usually gives me the choice between old profile and new profile when I log in, I pick old, and go on my way. Not the morning girl! She claims she's never seen the new profile before, and it does look like the old profile got deleted or something. She texts me accusing me of being the one t
  7. There's been such an upheaval in staff recently I doubt the higher ups want to find a new morning person. And now two other coworkers are casually joking about killing the governor. Cool, cool.
  8. I bought my parent's house to save it from foreclosure, and I still live with them. It happens.
  9. One more update! I had my 12 week post op yesterday, and I'm being sent on my merry way with the surgeon declaring it a job well done. Thing is, I still have nerve pain, numbness, and weakness in my legs. I asked about getting injections for that, and he says that's a good next step, but I'm not allowed to try until December or so. But I get to take as much Ibuprofen 800 as I want in the meantime...
  10. I got cleared to resume normal activity yesterday! And as I suspected, the morning receptionist never once cleaned the break room. In 13 weeks. Because it "isn't her job." Despite it being my job, and we have the SAME JOB. She almost deleted an inquiry from the president of one of the oldest and most prominent clubs in the city last week, too, because answering questions "isn't her job." Guess what? Yup, it sure is mine. Everyone hates her.
  11. When my great-uncle passed, we were the only family he had left, and we passed on a memorial because why spend all that money for like 8 mourners? So we did our own thing to mourn and celebrate. And it worked for us. Do something like go out for your grandma's favorite food. It'll be special and you don't have to deal with that horrible man your mom married.
  12. Y'all want to know how to cocktail your painkillers? Because I know how to cocktail painkillers.
  13. I went back to Facebook with a brand new profile last September after taking two years off. And I’m actually glad I did. I don’t know if it’s my attitude or my careful friend cultivation, but it’s been huge in getting me through being an invalid for the past year.
  14. Greasing the groove, man. That’s what I’m currently doing. I have to do it fibromyalgia style, so extremely slowly. I just got cleared to exercise again, and I’m starting with five stomach crunches and five press-ups every night, and adding a rep or a new exercise as I feel it. Usually it only takes me a few days to start adding reps, but I’m sore af coming off the norco and starting to move again.
  15. Fear Street 1666 - it was not an evil witch, it was an evil warlock that framed a lesbian. This is why I held out until the last movie. Uzumaki - I’ve never read any Junji Ito just because I’ve not read much manga. But I’ve seen frames of his work, of course, and I thought it was pretty clever how they made a live action movie look like his distinct style. That being said, the movie drags a little. And not a movie, but my grandma said she watched a woman in a white nightgown walk around the house the other night. No one who lives here owns a white nightgown.
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