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  1. Totally fair. It's cool that JA gave the idea of Nightly blogs a chance, at least. They had a good run. ("good" = "meh")
  2. 'sokay, I copied all my favorite Nightly blog entries to my hard drive long ago because I knew the day would eventually come when all that would be vaporized, just like that one time when the thousands of words and dozens of hours I poured into the Nightly.net News site were flushed down the drain. I was just surprised to see it happen so brusquely, is all.
  3. chronologically: Indiana Ohio Kentucky Missouri Tennessee Michigan DC Maryland Pennsylvania New York Niagara Falls on the Canadian side Arkansas Texas Oklahoma Wisconsin Minnesota West Virginia Virginia Georgia Florida South Dakota Wyoming Nebraska Iowa Kansas Colorado Connecticut Massachusetts North Dakota Alabama Mississippi Louisiana ...I think that's it so far?
  4. The Twitter account still exists, but the last tweet was in March 2014. No idea who has the keys to it. JA, I assume? Meanwhile, I still have Admin powers on the Nightly FB page...
  5. Least inaccurate comparison in recent years: Adam Savage. I blame the receding hairline. Most inaccurate: an older coworker swears I remind her of Eric Clapton. I don't get it.
  6. Also, why am I seeing several authoritative posts in this thread and others credited to "Guest" with a totally blank profile and no profile link to click? Was Nightly upgraded by a...g-g-g-g-ghost?
  7. That long two seconds after the text and starfield load, but before the boxes load around each post, are soooo disorienting, like I'm floating in space and in danger of being sucked into another dimension but then reality solidifies and I'm yanked out of the portal at the last second and reappear standing next to everyone all staring at me like "What." Coooool.
  8. Thank you for upping this. I'e been slowly playing through the PS3 version for the past few months and now this thread is on my reading list along with every Skyrim discussion I can find on Quora. This game is dangerously immersively fascinating even on my older console.
  9. That really sucks. We had a new indie cinema that was planning to open in March (no major corporation backing like the one and only art-house cinema our city's had for years), but then came All This. They apparently received an okay number of initial memberships and donations for starters, so they've been holding watch parties while waiting for the world to change. Hopefully someday they actually get to open.
  10. The level of pretty-clarity seems to have varied wildly by state and city.
  11. After two straight nights of the worst (and possibly first) riots in my lifetime in our normally quiet downtown, Indianapolis will have its first ultra-strict curfew tonight. My workplace downtown had its windows busted out, which is arguably minor since it's a skyscraper, but it sucks to see the damage photos. The same (proportionately worse) happened to my local comic shop, as if they needed more headaches on top of their last three months' COVID hardships. Ditto for dozens of downtown restaurants. The CVS across the corner was set afire. I did see footage of three protestors hurriedly p
  12. This was actually one of the topics that came up in last month's Zoom chat! Short summary of my rambling there: it wasn't fantastic, but there're parts where it arguably achieves some deconstruction of the superhero films that preceded it, and its best feature is that its existence allowed Hollywood once and for all to get a Watchmen adaptation out of its system and move on after all those wasted decades.
  13. Meanwhile in his hermit shack, Josh Trank sits by the phone waiting for someone to offer him a $30 million Fantastic Four do-over.
  14. Fun Nightly news: Leatherface is now on Peacock! Xfinity cable subscribers have just been given sneak-preview access to NBC/Universal's new streaming service, which doesn't officially launch for one-'n'-all till July. There isn't much there yet -- three kiddie cartoons, NBC shows that are already on Hulu, trailers for stuff they'll eventually have (the Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster revivals, Brave New World with Alden Ehrenreich) and some 478 movies. I went through all 478, which had far more "classic" films than Netflix and Hulu combined...and, as you'd expect for a startup streamin
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