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  1. I like how when the Raptors won the championship, the commentators mostly talked about the warriors and theyre incredible dynasty and the hall of fame players they made. But oh yeah, congrats Raptors.

  2. I hardly post anymore, but I still check this place at least a couple times a week, have for years. Some breaks in-between. Ive never really stayed away for long, really. Always nice to see old faces. Been around for a little over 19 years. Hard to imagine.

  3. Its been years. At least 5 years. I do see myself purchasing a cd this year, though, with the assumed presumption that Tool is finally releasing their latest album this year (all signs really are pointing to this), and as of this post, Tool still does not have their catalogue of music available digitally.

  4. Im 35 years old and I only just started watching The Sopranos back in January and finished it up a couple weeks ago.


    What an amazing series. Even after all these years, it doesnt feel out dated. Tony Soprano is an amazing character. By the end of the show, this may have had to do with binging it in a spawn of 5-6 weeks, I really despised Tony. I knew and understood that he was a bad person, but I had always hoped he would turn into a decent family man.


    As far as what happened at the end, who knows. I didnt feel it was anything sinister or the end for Tony. I know the black scene was meant to make you think a lot of things, but I just felt it was Meadow walking in to have a nice dinner with the family and the Sopranos would live their lives like they had the last 6 seasons.

  5. Im all for change. I think Star Wars forum needs to stay where its at. Then maybe an entertainment forum that includes movies, superhero discussion, video games, books and music all in one place. Keep sports the way it is but get rid of all the sub forum nonsense. Wrestling is a sport. Stop it. Then keep Cantina in its own forum and delete Lyceum.



    As far as archives, delete that shit. I was a pompous prick in my youth and reading most of that shit in there is embarrassing.

  6. Had many good times with Mac in the FF forum. Was always so jealous of all you folks that got together on nightly and played FF11 together. Always fun watching the daily updates in the FF11 thread though. Hate hearing this news about Macstorm. I play FF14 often, and sometimes reminisce about the fun times in the FF forum and wonder if any of you all are playing FF14 online with me. I remember the admins were against a FF forum, didnt think thered be enough traction for it, but we actually ended up making that forum pretty successful for a few years. Good times.

  7. The number of people in this thread claiming they "always" thought that about Lando is a little disturbing. Really? Were you that woke in 1983? Or were you just writing erotic Lando fanfic in your heads? Bit of both?




    I’m 35, but never watched Star Wars until around 2005. So I guess I have that going for me?

  8. I don't have a problem with it. And i'm not at all surprised. over the years, i've honestly always kind of thought Lando was bi or pan.

    The problem i'm (likely) gonna have, is Glover came out with this news, like it's a big deal. but are we going to see lando express his love with a man or an alien in Solo? Likely not. So what's it matter? Are you saying it to try and get more LGBTQ people to watch your movie? i mean, it honestly sounds like a gimmick.

    Kind of like when Rowling announced a few years after she was finished with the Potter books, that Dumbledore was gay. Okay? And you couldn't work that ANYWHERE in the 4500+ pages of the series? I felt like she did it to bring more attention to the series, honestly. Felt like a money grab. But that's just me.

  9. Anyone picked this up?


    Not to jump on the hype train, but Game of the Year. It's amazing how Santa Monica pulled this off and made this game a a continuation of the series, yet at the same time rebooted the entire series. Atreus stole the show, and that's saying a lot because Kratos is amazing in this game and is more human than ever.


    i probably put 35 hours or so into this game before finally reaching the game's conclusion. I found myself exploring every part of the game. And when Atreus would ask to explore the realm instead of focusing on the main task at hand, i felt myself taking his advice because it's what he wanted. I guess it was the Dad in me saying 'okay, let's do what you wanna do'.


    This game made me feel everything. I laughed, cried, i got pissed, proud, happy, i also got disappointed and maybe even a bit depressed for a bit during a small part of the game? Crazy.

  10. Watched it. Loved it. I did take the kiddo with me to go see it. Watching the previews, I had no idea it was gonna take quite the scary turn with The Shining and scary/realistic looking zombies turn midway through the movie. Wasnt thrilled about that, and neither was the kiddo

  11. so i broke down and bought this friday for me and the kiddo. love it. it feels so much like mario sunshine for me, and that's my favorite mario game ever. the worlds are amazing, it feels sooooo cool being able to roam the streets of new donk city. it's out of mario's element, but it feels so right. as for the controls, i dunno, outside of just kind of getting use to the motion controls, i don't find the experience broken at all.

  12. My son and I play the switch often. We love it. One of the games we enjoy the most is Arms. Fun, simple game. We have Zelda, Sonic, Lego City, Bomberman, Mario Kart and last but not least, stardew valley. Great game.


    Im trying to not bring too much attention to Mario Odyssey. Its a game we want badly, but Im going to get it for Christmas for the kiddo. So were gonna have to wait. The next game Im really looking forward to investing a lot of time in, personally, is xenoblade 2. Cant wait.


    This system is screaming for retro gaming thats not NEO GEO SNK. Please, bring on the classics.

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