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  1. I had bariatric sleeve surgery done August 10th, and I’m down almost 90lbs since surgery. I’ve also completely changed my diet. My #1 priority is protein. I focus on getting at least 80 grams a day. I usually get a head start by drinking a premier protein shake which is 30 grams of protein. I’ve never done well with breakfast in the mornings, so a simple protein shake in the morning is best for me. I have a lot of prepped snacks/food ready to go as well. Hard boiled eggs, sliced cheeses, sliced deli meats, Greek yogurt, starkist tuna packets, chicken breasts, etc. I stay away from heavy carbs such as pasta and bread. Getting full before surgery and getting full after surgery is very different. Before, I would still eat after I was full. Now, when I start to get full, that’s my sign that I need to put down the food. Otherwise I get incredibly uncomfortable and if I’m not careful, will throw up whatever I over ate.
  2. Im I’m the final stages of my 6 month Bariatric program. These last 6 months, I’ve changed my diet and eating habits with my dietitians, have had several tests done including a sleep study which diagnosed me with sleep apnea. That study and the cpap machine I now have has changed my life 10 fold. And today I just finished my cardiology screening, which I passed, and finally greenlights me for my Bariatric surgery. In the beginning I had the option to just go in and get the surgery done, but I felt going through this special program and changing the way I eat and learning new ways to cook and prep, would benefit me more in the long run. Just with doing these changes in my diet these last several months, I’ve lost 32 lbs. I was north of 380 at one point, and now I’m down to 348. Hobbes, looking good on that hair transplant. Hope you’re feeling better and you see the results you’re looking for!
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