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  1. Outside of the toy Story series, Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar movie.


    As far as recent cg films, Lego Movie is probably tops for me and my son. Here lately, at least once or twice a week, keilan makes me play the batman Lego teaser trailers that are on Hulu. Looks like it'll bring the laughs.

  2. Just got back from a Thursday night showing of suicide squad. Overall I enjoyed the movie, and I don't understand the hate and the terrible 27% RT score. While I'll admit that marvel is king at making super hero movies, I feel DC has made 2 very good films with BvS and SS. I think what this movie suffers from is Deadpool. After the success of Deadpool and the fact it was r rated, no doubt DC missed an opportunity here. Suicide Squad should have been shot as an r rated film from the start. Another gripe I have is, while BvS for me, was perhaps a little too long and dull in some areas, I feel DC could have added another 20 minutes or so...maybe more back story, perhaps a bit more polish...I dunno, it just seemed depth was missing. The villains, enchantress and the sorcerer, were flat and just disappointing.


    Pleasant surprises, I thought Will Smith as Dead Shot was actually well done. Watching previews, I always felt will just felt out of place in the trailers. Harley Quinn was great.


    As far as jared leto as the joker, I loved his performance. I think it stands up well with heath ledger and Jack Nicholson. He brought something different, like heath did with his joker, and it was a well done performance. Unfortunately, Joker wasn't in it enough. I knew he wasn't going to be the center point of SS, but watching all the previews and the hype, I just expected a little more.



    Edit; wanted to add that I think Diablo was the most intriguing, and was my favorite out of the squad.


    My score is a solid B.

  3. I will add, the only emotional celebrity death I've ever dealt with was when Chris Farley died in 1997. He was an idol of mine, someone that I really adored like a lot of kids that age do so with athletes or famous people. I was 14. And at that time, I had never dealt with any kind of death. Family related or even animal related, lol.

  4. They don't effect me either. Most of them, there's really no reaction. The 3 in the last few years that have had me say 'woah, that sucks' is Robin Williams, Bowie and Prince. But there's no emotions, didn't make me wanna binge some bowie and Prince music or watch a few Williams classics.


    It's sad and a bummer that anyone dies, I'm not trying to sound like a heartless prick. But just because these people are celebrities and I've listened to their music or watched their films over the years, doesn't mean I know them. so no tears will be shed.

  5. i had this pre-ordered about 3 months ago. then, i picked up FF: Realm Reborn. since then, abandoned Witcher pre-order and put it on Heavensward expansion. i'm sure i'll visit witcher 3 eventually. game looks amazing.


    I remember the long fight we had to go through to get the FF forum. It went on for pages and pages and months and months in feedback.


    And yet they had an Indy forum, a series that hadn't had a new installment in years! :D


    Jedigoat and primbud kept that forum alive all by themselves.

  7. Anybody getting the expansion? for that matter, anybody play realm reborn?


    Picked up Realm Reborn about 3 weeks ago. I'm completely all in on this game. like, i'm so all in, i have no interest in buying any other games for the rest of this year, other than heavensward and FFXV.


    Anyone here play Realm Reborn? Tuskenraider? anybody? i'm level 32 arcanist right now, grinding through the story. i just want to get at least my arcanist and my thm up to level 50 before heavensward comes out.

  8. it's also been 15 years since i've been on nightly. registered back in march of 2000, under the name slipknotica at the time. jedi master bryce, long time moderator of the videogames forum back when the playstation/N64 and ps2/gamecube discussions were fierce, turned me to nightly. we went to school together. i was a 16 year old kid in hs, trying to find myself and was honestly a complete ****ing tool here my first few years.



    now, i'll be 32 in april, am a single father with custody of my son, and am a frito-lay representative for these past 8 years. and still check in to nightly from time to time.




    also, i never get tired of these looking back/memory lane threads. always a good time.

  9. Really enjoyed season 2 up until the last 5 minutes. I'm all for shock and awe, but the threesome with underwood and security dude making out was just dumb, ridiculous and just... ****ing dumb.


    I'm watching episode 3 of season 3 right now and so far, it's been pretty slow. Which is fine, as long as there's a slow build up. Can't expect jaw dropping episodes one after another like season 1.

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