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  1. I've been middle-right for about 10-12 years. I voted Obama in 08, been voting republican ever since. 

    I hate Fox News. MSNBC. CNN. They're all trash. But, i do applaud Tucker coming out and saying something, as well as Limbaugh. Great to see Christie speak out against how Trump is handling everything as well. 

    I'm glad the Trump era is over. Even if i did vote for him again in 2020. I certainly wasn't thrilled about voting for him in 2016, and the same applies for 2020. But it's not always voting for the person you like best. it's about voting for what policies align up more with your beliefs, and that political party.

    I do like how Biden has been handling things since it's been clear that he's the winner. I appreciate that it seems he genuinely cares about how the other 50% of the population feels about him, and he's determined to win us over. I certainly respect that. I just worry about what's ahead. He's going to have a huge push from the far left to get him on board with their ideas. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Hobbes said:

    Dude...don't you work in grocery stores?  What about everyone else's 84-year-old grandma?

    Don’t guilt trip me. Last week I worked around hundreds of thousands of shoppers in grocery stores who were out buying groceries. My company is in the middle of a pandemic. 30% of our work force is out right now because of covid quarantine. I worked 72 hours last week. Probably gonna work 60+ hours this week. Only gonna have a day off because everything is closed thanksgiving. I am exposed to COVID-19 every fucking day through work and having to work stores like Walmart’s and Sams. Me having one fucking day with family isn’t going to change anything. If ANYTHING, me being with just 15-20 family members for about 3-5 hours who are taking precautions, to me, is a lot safer than me being in 2 Walmart grocery stores slinging chips for 14 hours and being around hundreds of shoppers who give no fucks about personal space and keeping 6ft. And half of them don't even wear a fucking mask right. They wear it like a fucking chin diaper. It infuriates me.

    I've been working every single day in this pandemic since it started wreaking havoc in march, exposed to the virus every.single.fucking.day. I'm far more likely to get covid from my job (would not be surprised if i already had it) than a little family gathering for just a few hours. the first family gathering we've had of any kind since covid has hit. Don't come in here with smart ass comments and assume i don't give a shit about other peoples 84 year old grandmas.

  3. Traditional Thanksgiving food, the gathering will be the same as always, minus our Grandma who is 84. Be around 20-25 people. It’ll be at my mom’s this year, instead of Grandma’s.

    Grandma lives close to my mom, so the plan is to bring her over a nice little thanksgiving spread and have her eat with us on Zoom. Should be fun. For 84, she’s actually pretty tech savvy. She has her own iPad and we’ll have an iPad set up at the house with zoom for everyone to pass around and talk with her.

    Im all for getting together and keeping Thanksgiving as traditional as possible. But pretty much everyone in the family wholeheartedly agrees to keep Grandma home, as much as she isn’t a fan of it and wants to see all of her grand kids. But Grandma understands, she just doesn’t like it.

  4. I was sexually abused off and on for years by a neighbor. The neighbor was a teenager when it started and was an adult when it ended. I was around the ages of 7 when it started and around 12 when it ended. I finally put a stop to it because as I got older I realized what was happening was wrong. I never told my parents until I was about 29. I’ll never forget how devastated my mom was. It confirmed her fears. Apparently she never felt good about this neighbor. And then one day out of nowhere, I wanted nothing to do with this neighbor and his family and that’s apparently when my mom starting having suspicions. But never said anything. Never brought anything up with me. Which I don’t at all fault her for. She’s an amazing mother. But she took it hard and she felt a lot of guilt for a while. 

    Im not too sure where I’m going with this. I just know that reading this thread it hit me with a lot of feelings. Ender, what you’re doing is right. It is your job to protect your children. And you are doing just that.

    Being a parent, and being sexually abused like I was as a child off and on for years, I look at a lot of men as suspicious when they’re around my kid. There’s one of my son’s friends, whose dad I do not like. He’s weird. Gives me a creeper vibe. He will never stay the night over there and will never be at that house without me there. 

    But yeah. Sorry for the ramble. If something is suspicious, speak up. Do something. Never doubt your feelings when it comes to situations like this. Because chances are, your feelings are accurate. 


    EDIT: let me add, that if anything ever did happen to my kid and I found out about it, I would more than likely kill that person. Cold fucking facts.

  5. I think without a doubt mask wearing during flu season, etc will be much more embraced and common once things get back to normal. I can totally see myself and my son wearing masks out in public if we are sick or even if the flu bug is going around and we want to protect ourselves from it. And I’m not one of those mask lunatics. But like Tank said, I think it is a good idea for more people to adopt this, and I think this pandemic will do just that.

  6. Yeah, between me and the kiddo and friends and family, we pretty much have enough folks where we can fill up a private lobby ourselves and enjoy the game without having to worry about the hacks. But the few times we do try public servers, it’s been bad.

    It’s a pretty neat little success story. The game has been out for 2 years, but no one knew about until 2-3 months ago. It’s wild.

  7. I’m pumped. This show should be my all time favorite show, but the way they dragged out the final few seasons and how they handled the series finale, absolutely soured it. However, I’m all for redemption. And it’s been 7 years. What I’m hoping for is redemption from the complete finale fuck up, and retribution. I love Dexter, the character is amazing. But he should be dead, period.


  8. I have this reoccurring dream where I’m either in HS or college and it’s finals week and I discover I have a class that I haven’t been to all semester and it’s the only thing holding me back from graduating. It’s weird as fuck. And when I wake up from it I have all this fucking anxiety built up and it feels so real. 

  9. Some other good ones:

    In the air tonight by Genesis covered by Non-Point.

    I fought the law by the Crickets covered by The Clash. This song is covered by many, but the Clash cover will always be the best.

    Let’s go crazy by Prince covered by Incubus.

    Turn the page by Bob Seger covered by Metallica

  10. Thankfully, the midwest, or at least Michigan, has Traverse City Kettle Chips to tide us over. Because I do love me some crunchy, salty potatoes.


    Ha! That sounds delicious. I'm not a big fan of our kettle chips or our rold gold pretzels. If you open my pantry you will see Krunchers Kettle Chips (usually Maui Onion) and Snyder's Pretzels (usually Hot Wing Buffalo Sourdough Bites)




    Did you know that there's not a single washing machine under $700 available for sale in the city of Houston right now. Not a single ****ing one.


    Not surprising. Steel production halted during Covid, and I don't think they're back up to full capacity yet. Anything you can buy right now is back stock, and that has to be in short supply right now.


    Try a small Amana dealer. You won't get the best washer you ever had, but Amana is a very solid brand - they're made in the same factory and by the same company as Whirlpool and Maytag. Amana's are priced below $700 in general, and Whirlpool runs rolling specials to small dealers. They should still be on Labor Day pricing right now, actually. The problem may be availability, washers and dryers go quick in general, and the wait is weeks if not months long to get something from the factory right now.

    No shit. Who do I have to blow to get cherry coke zero or diet cherry dr. pepper cans back? I have had to buy diet cherry pepsi 2 liters like some animal!



    I know that one, too! I think. At least around here. When the shutdown started, the larger breweries stepped up canning and the smaller ones immediately made a canning line purchase so that they could keep serving curbside. Even the kombucha brewers started canning. Add in supply chain disruption, and I can see Big Soda pivoting to plastic as a result.


    I get it, but I can't find these flavors at all.


    I work for Pepsico, Frito-Lay division, and can confirm. Pepsi, along with Coca-Cola and Snapple/Dr. Pepper cut their slower moving items and focused on making their core products. Doesn't have anything to do with a plastics or aluminum shortage. There's actually a lot of companies that have done this. Cutting back on their portfolio of products to focus producing their core items.


    Frito-Lay did the same thing. We're just now bringing flavors back. For example, back in April, we trimmed our Doritos line-up down to just Nacho, Cool Ranch, and Spicy Nacho for about 3 months, and we're just now adding back Spicy Sweet Chili, Taco, Flamin Hot Doritos, Limon Doritos, Salsa Verde, etc. We did the same thing with Lays Chips, Tostitos, Cheetos, etc.


    Right now though, in the midwest area, we have a huge shortage on Lays Kettle Chips. And there's a reason for it. A few weeks ago, our main distributing/processing hub in Topeka had to shut down the Kettle line production for 72 hours after a few employees tested postive for Covid-19. Had to tear everything down, disinfect everything, and destroy the product that was handled. Set us back for weeks. So if you can't find Kettle Lays in your stores and you live in the midwest area, that's why.

  12. Heres my sons School Districts return to school plan: http://track.spe.schoolmessenger.com/f/a/B7fVwgLPnakXVJDBqR0Qdw~~/AAAAAQA~/RgRhBCb6P0R1aHR0cHM6Ly9tc2cuc2Nob29sbWVzc2VuZ2VyLmNvbS9tLz9zPUZ5MjFpN0pfYjNBJm1hbD0zNTM1MjRmNjBhYmNmMWU4ZTEwYzhiNmFkMmQwZTQ3ZmI1MGM3NWIzMjI5MGIyMTY4MjcwZjAwOTFiMmViOGVjVwdzY2hvb2xtQgoAR3rzIl8kTxTaUhNkdGtjb2ZmZXlAZ21haWwuY29tWAQAAAAB


    None of this is an ideal situation. Me and the ex-wife have agreed to let the kiddo go back to in school sessions. Our school district did a survey with parents and teachers. 90% of the parents wanted their kids to return to an in-school format, 89% of teachers wanted to return to an in-school format. Our school district is one of the bigger school districts in Missouri, with about 20,000 students. Well see what happens.

  13. Not yet, but i have it purchased. Just started playing Last of Us Remastered last week, hoping to finish it tonight once the kiddo goes to bed. Kicking myself for waiting all these years to play this game.

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