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  1. No, I haven't, at least not yet. But don't worry, it's on the list!

  2. haha, totally! It's also rare to see such a good-quality gif. Good find, sir!

  3. I ADORE your new icon.

  4. you broke my writers block! I owe you ten pesos!

  5. WIN!!!

    dude. you will not receive prize until I get my PM!

  6. awwwwwwww your daddy must be so pleased your such a sweet heart.

  7. what cho lookin at

  8. Merry Christmas pizza head.

  9. mmmmm tamales. I'm starving. Not because of you, just coincidentally.

  10. aww thank you so much! You're so sweet =]

  11. Honestly, I hadn't thought of it! I dunno, action writing is hard to do. Check out my new story and you'll see why I'm burned out ton it!

  12. my kitty is sitting on my legs. they're going numb. somehow, this is your fault, i'm sure.

  13. I'll h8 your face

  14. Nixie-pants! Hi =)

  15. dude I left that comment ages ago. GET WITH THE TIMES! =)

  16. seriously where have you been I miss you.

  17. Happy Birthday! Hugs =)

  18. HEY. What's with the silence, sir?

  19. haha, she tries to make me feel special cause she knows I'm all alone since I dumped my last boyfriend!

  20. hey pretty lady

  21. happy birthday!

  22. Hi Shadowpuppie! lol @ your story on teh 'verse

  23. Heeee-eeey sista!

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