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  1. Sonny

    Comic Book Baseball

    Its kind of like dating. Anybody you date is going to do annoying things or be annoying. You overlook it because otherwise they're fun and exciting. But each annoying thing sits there in the back of your mind and before you know it there's a large enough collection of annoying things that you realize you're just not that into her anymore. No one thing is a deal breaker, but with each annoyance you enjoy the game a little bit less. In this case it's not the end of the world. I was just curious if anyone else had noticed and if anyone else had a rationale for what comic book graphics have t
  2. What the hell has happened to baseball coverage, especially on the Baseball Network? If you watch a lot of baseball as I do, I'm sure you've noticed how they've superimposed comic book like graphics over replays, lead ins, intros, etc. I can only assume this is to try to appeal to a younger audience but that is both cynical and short sighted. What teenager is flipping through channels- was about to pass by the baseball channel- sees the comic book graphics- and stays on the channel and suddenly becomes a baseball fan for life? That never happens, I can promise you. Either you like the g
  3. I had the same reaction as Driver as far as "the frame is too empty, this doesn't feel like Star Wars." Hopefully I will get over that during the screening.
  4. The girls are taking a pounding but I'm in there. A good crop of horrible shows this year!
  5. I just picked something that looked old.
  6. Mulaney (13) The Good Wife (20) Forever (9) Nashville (18) Black-ish (20) Manhattan Love Story (20) Utopia (20) How To Get Away With Murder (9) The Mysteries of Laura (13) A to Z (8)
  7. It seems Keanu brings this up this time every year, like a delayed April Fool's joke.
  8. You can't judge superhero casting on photos or past acting. Case in point, I thought Heath Ledger playing the Joker was going to be a trainwreck. Boy was I wrong!
  9. He looks like a lumberjack who reads too much in that photo.
  10. Not only that but, put in terms my daughters might use, it's stupid. It always reeked of begging to me when writers tried to push this.
  11. Pam and Jim have their own wedding website haha
  12. When people supposedly from the South say "Civil War" instead of "War Between The States." When sports figures are talking about up and coming talent and are lazy enough to say "this team is looking for a Nolan Ryan or a Willie Mays" instead of "this team is looking for someone like a Nolan Ryan or someone like a Willie Mays." You would be surprised how often sports talking heads do this and it is very wrong and annoying.
  13. Now that you mention it, Tank, I am sure I originally got this idea from you here. Haha. Sorry to rip you off, I didn't remember where I heard this first.
  14. I wouldn't put it past the network to change their minds on this if the new movie is a monster hit this weekend. CBS changed their minds on Jericho a full month after cancelling it merely because of fan response. I can easily see Sarah Conner getting renewed for 13 episodes if Terminator does 100 mil this weekend or whatnot.
  15. Oh boy. How to keep my family from reading that comment? Haha.
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