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  1. chapter 33: She tells him she knew he would know her. Luke hasn’t been so shaken since Darth Vader told him he was his father. He knows this is Abeloth, but it’s also Callista. This isn’t an act or an illusion. Vestara has described various forms Abeloth took when they met her. He realizes that they were all the way Callista had looked at time in her life. Callista affirms these thoughts. She had come here for answers to her quest to find the Force again, but only encountered the needy monster held captive here. She’d been wrong to leave him, let him marry someone else. Bu
  2. chapter 32: Vestara determines the tracking device leads them to the cave. The 20 remaining team members move in that direction. Taalon thinks it’s a trick. Abeloth has to know they would come there for her. Luke wonders if it’s more like a trap. They don’t find Abeloth there, but Dyon’s body lays on the floor. Ben finds he’s still alive, but barely. Dyon grabs Ben’s shoulder, gasping that Abeloth is not what she seems. They still seem wrong to him, but he knows that’s due to her influence. She tried to drain his life energy. When she sensed them coming, she left him
  3. chapter 31: Luke’s shock is so obvious that Gavar Khai approaches him with concern. Mara assures Luke that he couldn’t have known it was Abeloth. She is ancient and very dangerous. She is never what she appears. While monitoring his father’s body, Ben asks if Vestara knows why Abeloth is hiding from them. Vestara would like to say she’s afraid, but it’s more likely she’s just toying with them. Ben expresses his doubts that his father’s idea to speak to her will work. However, the way of the Sith isn’t the right way either. Vestara can’t even tell him what their goal i
  4. chapter 30: The Jade Shadow lands were the Sith had been, passing the Eternal Crusader stuck in orbit. Vestara immediately begins cutting down nearby plants which prove to be just as dangerous as she’d said. Gavar Khai, High Lord Taalon and Captain Faal are among those who land with the Sith. Luke thinks he knows where to go first, but Taalon believes they should start with the cave where Abeloth has been known to visit. Luke agrees, but thinks a search first is a good idea. Their sensors are useless here, but he thinks he can search via mind-walking. Vestara warns Taalo
  5. chapter 29: As the three passengers aboard the Jade Shadow recover from their shock at the disappearance of the station, Luke gets irritated to see two Sith frigates moving forward too quickly to navigate the debris field safely. Sure enough, a collision is imminent. Rockhound is able to save one, but not the other. Over time, Luke determines that Sinkhole was designed to contain Abeloth. Mara had told him she was very old and dangerous, so the idea that he would be able to erason with her is probably naïve. While Rockhound clears the way for the ships, Luke asks Vestara
  6. chapter 28: Having exchanged information, the ships are moving through the Maw. The Rockhound hovers over all of them, ready to latch onto any ship that appears to drift. Ben senses that the dark tentacle is not there anymore. He explains to Vestara what he felt when he’d been in here before, both at Sinkhole Station and as a child at Shelter. When Ben decides he doesn’t feel comfortable navigating the Shadow in, Vestara offers to take the controls. She leads them a bit beyond where they’d seen before, to a bright blue star. It looks different from what she knew it to be
  7. chapter 27: Madhi Vaandt is thrilled to hear about the revolt on Klatooine, but wishes she could be there now instead of aboard her ship the Shooting Star. For now, she’s recording an essay to send to the Perre Needmo Newshour regarding the privilege of seeing Shohta adapting to his new-found freedom. Tyl tells her there’s an incoming message for her that requires a voice sample. The message is from Freedom Flight which references the letter that was sent and thanks her for keeping silent for now. Coordinates are provided for her to meet with one of its representatives. She is
  8. chapter 26: While the Solos sit and drink hot chocolate, watching the Peere Needmo Newshour. The Temple siege is the lead story, covering Wynn Dorvan’s lunch with Raynar Thul and his subsequent departure, taking Kani’s body with him. The Chief of State’s office has already released a statement expressing sympathy to Kani’s family. Leia had gotten a message from inside the Temple after sending the rodents in. Kenth Hamner has responded that they are all well. Leia has sent another message and gotten a response that they are searching for escape routes, the strike team is r
  9. chapter 25: He shouldn’t be running across the square to the Temple, but time is of the essence. They take their time clearing him and escorting him to the steps, though. Raynar comes out, telling Dorvan he’s taking a risk coming here now. They sit down and Raynar gives him half his sandwich. Quietly, with weapons aimed at them, they eat. Leia calls for Han to come look at the screen. Chief of Staff Dorvan is running up the steps of the Temple. Javis Tyrr confirms this and that Dorvan is sitting there with Raynar Thul, intent on keeping his regular lunch break on the Tem
  10. chapter 24: Daala doesn’t move as the girl drops dead on camera. She had told Belok Rhal to do what was necessary to get the two Jedi patients, but hadn’t expected this. She has to remind herself that Kani Asari was a young woman, but not a child. She was not innocent. Still, Daala turns the station when the camera focuses on the body. She finds coverage of a revolution happening on Klatooine after the attack on the Fountain of Hutt Ancients has led to the overthrow of the Treaty of Vontor. Dorvan buzzes her, telling her that it’s never good for the public to see an unarm
  11. chapter 23: The Rockhound is the ugliest thing Ben has ever seen. It is very large and has a hundred telescopic legs hanging from its belly. Ben take them in so Lando can show Luke the virtues of the tug before it’s taken into the Maw. They also get the impression he needs to tell Luke something. Luke prepares to take the Headhunter out, cautioning Ben to keep an eye on Vestara. He knows his father doesn’t trust her. He doesn’t either, but can’t help but think how much he likes her. Luke says they’ll talk about it when this is over. He’s surprised to find Jaina aboard.
  12. chapter 22: Sul Dekkon calls Tahiri to the stand. Eramuth had cautioned her about answering only the questions that are asked and told her about the Temple siege so it would not be a surprise revelation while she’s on the stand. This actually works in their favor. Dekkon starts by asking about her relationship with Jacen Solo. She explains that she knew Jacen for half of her life, admits they were involved, but that there was no love there. The events of her life are gone over up to the moment where she began working directly for Darth Caedus. He began giving her orders t
  13. chapter 21: Inside the Temple, the Force ripples in outrage as the Masters and Knights react to the murder of an unarmed girl. Rhal announces that he is here to retrieve Saar and Altamik only. He will not negotiate with anyone. Any attempt to leave the Temple or retrieve the body will be handled the same way. They have 24 hours to turn over the Jedi before the Temple is leveled. Kyp is ready to barge out there and grab Kani anyway. Saba tells him that they will strike at Daala when the time is right. She hired this mercenary and is responsible for his actions. Kenth Ham
  14. chapter 20: Belok Rhal is the Mandalorian in charge of those surrounding the Jedi Temple. Daala has told him that she wants Sothais Saar and Turi Altamik. If the Jedi surrender them, the mission is over. If not, he’s been given free rein to handle the situation. He gets on the amplifier and tells them that they have refused the demands of the Chief of State and have 36 hours to comply or there will be consequences. Inside, the Masters know there is a problem. Kyle Katarn reports that there is enough vehicles and weaponry to cause a lot of damage to the Temple. Further, app
  15. chapter 19: Lando and Jaina fly over Klatooine, seeing the remains of the violence that had erupted when the Fountain was maligned. There are thousands of beings surrounding the Fountain itself. Darima escorts them both into a room to await the other representatives. They only need to listen to everyone and trust their instincts. The Elders come in, followed by two Sith and a Hutt on a repulsorsled. Darima explains that Captain Leeha Faal and Captain Vyn Holpur are charged with violating the no-technology zone, killing several guards and physically damaging the Fountain itself.
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