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  1. chapter 2: A young Togorian Jedi candidate named Bhixen is participating in an exercise where he is to protect a sharn egg while being pursued by two other students. The course is littered with trees and other debris while a sniper fires from above. Luke Skywalker, Corran Horn, Jaina Solo, Kam and Tionne Solusar watch the exercise intently. Bhixen eliminates both of his pursuers before slowly walking toward the sniper nest, not even bothering to dodge bolts as he deflects them. The Force coldly shivers. Corran and 36-year old Jaina agree that Bhixen’s combat skills are impress
  2. I have some of the books, but not all. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the new timeline. I did read the Claudia Gray novel, "Master and Apprentice" which I thought was quite good.
  3. Jedi Cool


    chapter 1: At the Red Ronto cantina, Han and Leia Solo wait for a scheduled meeting with Lando Calrissian, who is late. It’s not like Lando to miss an appointment, so the Solos are suspicious when they spot another patron in the cantina eyeing them. The stranger approaches, gives them drinks from Lando’s private whiskey reserve and explains Lando won’t make it. He is Captain Omad Kaeg of the asteroid tug Joyous Roamer. The Solos don’t quite believe that Lando wouldn’t apprise them of his change of plans. Kaeg offers to guide them to Calrissian’s refinery on Sarnus. This is a dan
  4. chapter 36: The Falcon’s cockpit is replaced with a customized replica, courtesy of Lando. The ship is on the flight deck of the Super Star Destroyer Megador. An honor guard waits for the Solos who will be moving on from this part of the galaxy. Several StealthX’s head off to search for the Mortis Monolith and the dagger which had killed the Ones. But Luke believes that Abeloth is still lingering in the Force and that could be a problem someday. Allana joins him. He asks if she is comfortable with everyone knowing who she really is. She admits that she doesn’t have a choice. I
  5. chapter 35: When Luke wakes up, Coruscant shows in the viewport. He can feel Ben, Jaina, Corran and Saba, too. Much of Coruscant is burning or in ruins. The Sith had spread across the planet. Ben catches up him and they sit to talk about what has happened. Ben gives the damage report and apologizes for trusting a spy. Luke tells him he’s gotten experience now. She may have learned a lot about them, but they’ve learned a lot about the Sith. He thinks Ben will have more than one chance to bring Vestara in. Luke does ask him to keep the med droids out while he speak
  6. chapter 34: Jaina comes down the ramp of the Rude Awakening as Vestara drags Ben toward the ship. Jaina wants Ben aboard only right now. Ben assures her that any darkness is just a residual of Vestara being too close to the Font when she used the Force. Jaina explains this is more about his father who has been injured. When they are aboard, she tells him to go back to the medbay, assuring him she would never leave Vestara Khai on this planet. He is still groggy from his injuries as he goes aft. Suddenly, his vision narrows and he sees stars and nebulae spiraling. There a
  7. chapter 33: Something will not let Luke sink into the Lake of Apparitions, much as he wants to. He sees Abeloth’s figure vanish. He lays there for a minute or a year. It’s time to let another Jedi carry on the torch. Mara tells him it’s not time yet. Luke tells her that Abeloth took a lot out of him. She points to the tattooed Sith and tells Luke that she took a lot out of him, too, but he’s still carrying on. Jacen reminds her that their injuries are different and, besides, Sith are stronger. Luke asks Jacen who he is. Jacen tells him that he’s already told him it was
  8. chapter 32: The Rude Awakening and Ship fire on each other as Luke rises out of his body. He travels to the Lake of Apparitions where Abeloth is nowhere to be found. She’s off trying to create her diving family. Luke steps into the water and wades forward, seeing the faces of old friends, such as Ganner, Tresina and Numa Rar. He’d lost many friends over the years but wants to see only one person now. Mara tells him they have to stop meeting like this. He needs her help drawing Abeloth out. Mara reminds him that he can’t kill her because she’s one of the Old Ones. Luke t
  9. chapter 31: Saba pursues the Sith on a fine hunt. Tahiri has her lightsaber. The remaining Hapans are left alone by the Barabel hatchlings who’ve been working on the Sith. Olazon’s demolition team has set up trip wires and other booby traps. They also have to disable the surveillance systems because Abeloth controls the computer. Having had nothing to drink for days, Ben is really tempted by the waters of the Font of Power. Abeloth is urging them to claim their destiny. Ben will become the Prince of Light; Vestara the Daughter of the Night. They will become the Ones, l
  10. chapter 30: Tahiri and Jag ferry Saba and Sgt. Major Gef Olazon through a turbolaser strike against their ship. Jag wants assurances he will live to see Jaina. Saba gives him no promises. Olazon tells him that Jaina took off about an hour ago with Master Skywalker but left a message for him. Saba tells him that Abeloth took Ben and Vestara. Jaina is with Luke trying to stop her. He wasn’t told this when he and Tahiri were recruited to land at the Temple to get the Solos and their little daughter. Jag has spent enough time with the family to have been able to secretly gue
  11. chapter 29: Senator Wuul’s office has a view of the Galactic Justice Center swaying. Most of the Jedi Council is here with Luke. She spies Lowie and Tekli, wants to ask them where Raynar is, and then Valin and Jysella. Ben is nowhere in sight. Mirax Horn is telling them how about 300 Sith escaped the Temple and some are attacking civilian targets. The BAMR is blaming the violence on Jedi spice smugglers. For the most part, the citizens of Coruscant are trying to stay out of the way. They’ve lost 15 Jedi to take out 22 Sith. The Security forces have heavy casualties. Th
  12. chapter 28: Jaina only knows that she has cannot help her cousin in the battle between him and the Khai girl. The Balance itself hangs on the combat. That’s when she wakes up from a bactabath. She finds herself in the infirmary of the Galactic Justice Center. Gavin Darklighter has commandeered it for a field hospital. Space marines are everywhere. Though she is pulled out early, a Duros medic wants to make sure she’s stable. Jaina has a meeting in Senator Wuul’s office in the Senate Building. She’s told that Corran has already been in the tank and Luke pulled himself o
  13. chapter 27: When Ben wakes up, he finds himself on Ship, wearing stuncuffs. Ship warns him not to make him use gas again. Abeloth is in Pinnacle Platform with a small band of Sith. She is using her powers to hold off blastboats attempting to retake the Temple. Ben has tried to think about escaping, but every time he does, Ship knocks him out with gas. The few Sith around look haggard and worn. Ben is angered to see Vestara among them, wearing combat armor, with no shackles. Though Ben finds it hard to believe she’s been a spy the whole time, he does know that she would n
  14. chapter 26: Jag has to admire his opponents arranging for the story of the Imperial frigate attack on the mining moon to be held a few minutes before the Election Day debate. The screen shows a campaign poster for Daala that looks so good Jag almost wants to vote for her. The news report reveals that the moon was being used as Daala’s campaign headquarters and the bombardment was ordered by Head of State Fel on the advice of an unidentified agent. The reporter questions why this happened and why the third candidate, Vitor Reige, was the one who sent the frigate there. The E
  15. chapter 25: As they climb high enough into the Temple to escape the acid mold and poisonous fungi, Han is still angry at the memory of Vestara Khai tossing a detonator toward the boarding ramp where Allana was standing. Clearly, she had been playing Ben and manipulating Luke. The only thing that Han doesn’t understand is how she knew about the drop-off and about Allana. However, it does explain why the Jedi have run into so many problems inside the Temple. He, Leia, Allana, Anji and R2 are together, covered with dust. It breaks Han’s heart to see the hard weary look in his
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