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  1. chapter 13: Han is perturbed when Leia gets out of the lift to go after a bogey which then takes off, leaving them in darkness. Her lightsaber won’t ignite. In the office of Mistress Mong, the elderly Kel Dor expresses her sorrow over Luke’s misfortunes. He tells her that they relate to the recent events surrounding his nephew, Jacen Solo. In an effort to retrace Jacen’s steps, they’ve come here, believing he may have learned an unusual Force technique from the Baran Do. She acknowledges that he did come here about nine years ago, seeking their wisdom. This would have been
  2. chapter 12: Han explains the spice-mining operation to Leia as they head down the shaft. Leia looks over her research into the energy spiders, trying to understand how they work the way they do. They are going to go all the way down or until she feels something in the Force. Han would rather take Allana and go home. Leia uses the prospectus Tendra gave her to locate feeding regions they should avoid. She suggests a small route that hasn’t been explored recently. Wearing a backpack that sends canisters of air into his breath mask, Ben feels like an outsider. He and
  3. chapter 11: Kenth Hamner is settling into the role of Grand Master. Every morning, there are briefings after breakfast. On this day, he lets everyone know that a case is being prepared against Valin Horn which the Jedi are resisting on the grounds that he is obviously disturbed. Both the government and the Order agree his mental state should be evaluated. He also lectures Jedi who have made it difficult for their observers to follow them. Tahiri Veila has refused an observer and her unusual status is being taken up by Nawara Ven in a suit between her and the government. In the
  4. chapter 10: The Millennium Falcon lands on Kessel. While Allana plays with Chance, the adults talk. Tendra tells them how she, Lando and Nien Nunb are equal partners here at Kessel. The downside is that there’s no real government here to help them out when things go wrong and that they stand to lose a lot of money when that happens. When the glitterstim supply runs out, it will not only create a medical crisis for those who need the drug for legitimate health needs, but also cause a huge problem with addicts who will try to find a replacement. The first quakes started the
  5. chapter 9: Jaina goes over all the data Ben assembled on the bounty hunters. The Quarren is Dhidal Nyz who specializes in inventing capture/imprisonment technologies. Zilaash Kul has no criminal record, but carries a Jedi lightsaber modeled after Obi-Wan Kenobi’s which was thought lost when the Death Star exploded. The Skakoan is Hrym Mawaar, a bounty hunter of several decades. The YVH droid turns out to be a human in disguise. His name is Vrannin Vaxx, mercenary from Dorvalla who had served well in the Vong war but was burned and maimed during a shuttle crash late in the war. He us
  6. chapter 8: After Luke leaves, Valin is released from custody and returned to the Jedi. At the Temple, he is put under Cilghal’s care. The bounty hunters are being referred to in the media as a type of special missions force that answers to the Chief of State. Master Hamner calls a meeting of the Masters that also includes several influential Knights, such as Leia and Jaina. He explains that there seems to be a certain ignorance about the public concerning the Jedi. He is hoping to demystify them by having a Master-Apprentice team be the subject of a documentary. He is hoping
  7. chapter 7: In the Hall of Justice on Coruscant, Luke watches the proceedings before the judge announces that there is a negotiated agreement that has been approved by all parties. The revised list of charges has been reduced to reckless endangerment of a population. Luke pleads guilty. His sentence is to be exiled from Coruscant for no less than ten years beginning the next day. He will not act as Grand Master or have a position of authority or consultation with the Jedi Order. He cannot approach any world that has a Jedi facility or school upon it. He cannot establish any news
  8. chapter 6: The pilot of news speeder lands with most of the other ships alongside it. Jaina, Kyle and Ben join Luke to hold back everyone else. Kyp Durron and Doran Tainer arrive with other Jedi behind them. The female bounty hunter and her Rodian passenger land. Her name is Zilaash Kuh and she has orders from the Chief of State to take the Jedi into custody. A legal argument erupts over who has jurisdiction over Valin. Cilghal is able to sedate him, but no one is allowed to carry him out. Captain Savar appears. Hoping he can be of help, Luke suggests that he escort the
  9. chapter 5: Han brings the Falcon around, while Leia monitors comm. traffic. Valin has been found. He’s in an X-Wing with a hole in the cockpit. He keeps changing course, but Leia has a line on him. Han knows the course changes are to confuse any pursuers. He knows exactly where Valin is going. If the kid stole a starfighter, he wants to make space. He can’t do that in a ship with a hole in it, so he’s going to the spaceport to steal another one. Luke and Ben are on their way there, too. Ben points out there are a lot of vehicles at the spaceport, including the media, Jaina
  10. chapter 4: Seha glares at the Senate building watching people arrive and none of them are Valin. Octa Ramis sits with her, admonishing Seha that she’s not calm. That makes her less alert. Octa asks if she has a crush on him. Seha says she did once, but she’s more embarrassed that she once had one on Jacen Solo. Octa tells her not to be embarrassed. Jacen was once a thoughtful person and quite good-looking. She herself used to have a crush on his father. Seha doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to develop these types of attachments after what happened to Jacen and n
  11. chapter 3: Luke is taken to a GA security building, searched, holorecorded and put in a solitary confinement cell alone. After a long period of time, Nawara Ven enters. He doesn’t have good news. Though Luke had thought the GA was charging him with dereliction of duty over leading fighter squadrons against the Alliance during the war, trying to topple Jacen, Nawara tells him that they are actually referring to his failure to recognize the moral and ethical degeneration of Jacen that led to his abuse of power. In a way, he’s being held responsible for everything Jacen did during
  12. chapter 2: Valin is devastated to see that the Fake Corran is using his father’s lightsaber. He tries to slash at his opponent’s head, but is kicked backward onto the sink. Not wanting the imposters to have time to call reinforcements, he kicks out the wall into the living area, jumps onto a speeder and demands the pilot’s comlink. The Fake Corran jumps onto the deck, yelling at the tourists that the man is not well. He seems reluctant to take openings that Valin is giving him, proving he’s studied the real Corran well. Valin admits he admires the attempt to show he can do ev
  13. Darkness is eternal, all-powerful, unchangeable. She stares unblinking and afraid, determined that it not claim her as she’s resisted it for years. Nevertheless, the Force has said that change will take place. chapter 1: Above Coruscant, the Gilad Pellaeon has arrived from the Imperial Remnant. Jaina Solo waits with several others in a government shuttle, watching. She can’t help but think this is just a bunch of show. When the Imperial Head of State, Jagged Fel, disembarks, Jaina greets him and introduces her companion, Senator Tiurrg Drey’lye of Bothawui. After a c
  14. chapter 32: Han shows his granddaughter which levers do what on the Falcon. He thinks she’ll make a great pilot, like her Aunt Jaina. Allana asks if she’s going to marry Jagged Fel. Han offers to stop by Hapes to see her mother. Allana is alright with that, so long as she can continue staying with her grandparents. Han tells her that they aren’t going on treasure hunts all the time. Leia enters with news that the GA is going to file criminal charges against Luke for dereliction of duty. The Jedi don’t seem to be taking it seriously, but they should be getting back. The
  15. chapter 31: Han won’t let anyone go down the mechanical lift while they are on the ship. After they get down the boarding ramp, the ship touches down on the lift and it tips over. Han can’t see more than twenty meters ahead of him. The Falcon is not able to maintain its balance on the lift. Leia tries to send him support through the Force and realizes he’s wishing Jacen was there. Jacen, who knew the Yuuzhan Vong better than anyone. Leia tells Allana to reach deep into herself and find her father in the Force. He wanted her to grow up in a galaxy that wasn’t at war.
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