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  1. chapter 43: Kandra is upset that they’ve gotten a feed including some Callista person but no Abeloth. The signal has cut out and this is not what Skywalker promised them. A Corporate Sector gunship has arrived now. Beurth wants to leave, but she refuses until they get something worth recording. A man asks them what that would be. He ignites a red-bladed lightsaber and cuts their cable, telilng them to come with him. Aboard the ship, Gavar Khai finds that the ships of his flotilla have arrived safely. His goals are to capture or destroy Abeloth, kill Master Skywalker and
  2. chapter 42: At nightfall, Allana heads down the ramp with Anji and greets Javon. He reminds her that she’s supposed to stay here until the Solos get back. He also knows Allana is going to cause him problems if he tries to make her stay. So, he has the troops form up to let her look around for See-Threepio. Javon tells her they will have to think of places where the droid would want to go, but he will not let them spread out. She would rather go to the ridge where she’d seen the dark man, but she goes with Javon. Half and hour later, they find Threepio arguing with the Manumiss
  3. chapter 41: In the tunnels, Luke, Ben and Vestara find the Oldtimers laying on the floor, looking dazed and in despair. They are horrified to find Sel among them. Ben wonders if they should break the people out of it. Luke reminds him that they are still under Abeloth’s control. This does, however, mean they are close. More bodies, those of Theran Listeners, are further ahead. Among them walks an energetic Valin Horn. He no longer believes the Jedi are imposters, but have merely been corrupted by an alien intelligence cutting them off from the true Force. They will be cured
  4. chapter 40: The crew of the Cryptic Warning have been working in the interim. They’ve identified the droids as See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo, property of the Solos and their family for decades. It stands to reason that they have achieved a special status in their owners minds and may be allowed certain privileges. Dei has them work on getting more funds and building an explosive charge that will burn, not project. There are rumors of an imminent change and he needs to be in place quickly before the Queen Mother leaves. In the meantime, Kyp, Sothais Saar, Bandy Geffer and Ra
  5. chapter 39: Jysella Horn gets aboard the Golan platform and uses the Force to get past the guard. In Crystal Valley, Luke watches the nearby pumping station. Ben and Kandra lay near him. Beurth wants to leave. Luke thinks both journalist and cam operator should get back to Hweg Shul and file it when ready. Trying to get recordings of Abeloth may be the last thing they do. Vestara reports that they should wait for the next big dust flurry and sneak in, slice into the city networks and find out where the hatches are. It solves two problems: Kandra can get her footage of A
  6. chapter 38: Querdan Dei is wearing clothing suitable to the planet now, within the camp, watching. He analyzes the defenses here, watches a group of children play a ball game and spies the Solos arriving with their entourage, including the two droids he’d seen the night before. When an errant ball gets too close to the entourage, a Hapan security officer jumps on it herself. The astromech moves closer to one of the robed Hapan figures who seems to try to console him. Dei cannot see if she has a missing arm or not. When the situation is over, he thinks about how the droid s
  7. chapter 37: Tahiri watches Fett leave, a man jump onto a gurney and a woman in a prison jumpsuit leap on after it. The repulsor gurney follows Fett. Tahiri tries to follow it, grabs the collar of the man operating it and pulls him off, jumping on the gurney in his place. Fett flies through his exit, Daala behind him. The former Chief of State is unhappy to see Tahiri escaping at the same time. Tahiri jumps, lands in an airspeeder and tells the occupants she’s a dangerous federal prisoner. Daala realizes that the ship that looks like Slave I really isn’t. This is probably
  8. chapter 36: Tahiri is meeting with Eramuth Bwua’tu at the same time. He tells her he’s working on a way to get her out of the stuncuffs, as well as appealing the jury’s decision. He is sure they will prevail, but it will be more difficult the longer the Jedi remain a presence in the Chief of State’s office. He asks if she feels she’s in danger here. She admits she probably isn’t any more than any other prisoner here, but it’s possible the Force could fail to alert her of an oncoming attack and she is limited in her ability to defend herself with these shackles on. She wond
  9. chapter 35: In the corridor leading to the visitors meeting halls, Daala catches up with Tahiri who is still shackled at the wrist and ankles, escorted by a YVH droid. They exchange barbs before Daala is escorted into a square chamber with a series of booths separated by partitions in front of a sheet of transparisteel. At booth number six, she meets her attorney, Otha Tevarkian. Or, at least, a man who says that’s who he is. He’s about sixty with thinning hair, expensive clothing and a briefcase that matches. Daala admits she doesn’t know who he is. He says that Tevarkian co
  10. chapter 34: Dei has the Cryptic Warning approach Klatooine in Stealth mode. The Hapan vessels make several orbits before sending landing craft from the flagship. Dei has a parallel course plotted down. They recognize the Millennium Falcon’s configuration. Since the Solos are friends of the Queen Mother’s, it increases the odds that she’s aboard. He has them land nearby, but far enough that they will be hidden from the camp. Then, he hikes to a ridge to confirm the landing craft have arrived. He spots several people milling about. Five humans, two droids. He spots the a
  11. chapter 33: Kandra interviews Mayor Snaplaunce who is certain that Master Skywalker and his companions were not responsible for his injuries. He explains that he saw them take off when the vibroblade hit him. It was someone here in the city. Fortunately, it was someone trying to kill a human, not an Ithorian, and stabbed him in the wrong place. Kandra doesn’t understand why the Skywalker party is still under an arrest warrant. He tells her that they are still investigating the murder of Dr. Wei. The increase in Force storms corresponds to when Luke was here decades ago under a
  12. chapter 32: In the Hapes System, Querdan Dei and his second, Haar, watch three Battle Dragons leave the planet. One is disguised as a medical frigate. It appears that the Queen Mother is leaves Hapes. Dei has his crew plot a course as closely as they can so they can determine where the flotilla is jumping to when it does leave the system. This captured Corporate Sector ship does frustrate Dei at times, but it was assigned to him specifically by Gavar Khai, doubtless a sign of his faith in Dei’s abilities. This Jedi Queen project is iffy, but Khai is determined to follow u
  13. chapter 31: Corran reports to Saba that the Errant Venture has returned and asks to be give a few days to visit her with Mirax. Saba gives him leave, but tells him she will need him very soon. With Hamner dead and Leia gone, he’s the best resource she has for handling galactic politics. She goes to the Chief of State’s office every day to meet with her co-Chiefs only to find that the Senate is doing absolutely nothing. Corran tells her it’s their way of making sure that she gets blamed for anything that goes wrong while she’s in office. Saba understands that which is why
  14. chapter 30: When Allana finishes her assignment early, Threepio offers her a break. She wants to go outside. That’s why she has guards, after all. After getting her desert garments and spraying her with ultraviolet shield, the two droids escort her down the ramp. Anji tumbles out with her. They are met by Javon Thewles and three other operatives. Allana thinks their body armor should be hot. Javon assures her there are small cooling units inside. Besides, they can pick each other out in a crowd easily and sometimes a show of force is a good idea. On the other hand, it
  15. chapter 29: Moff Lecersen blasts Jag’s attendance at Hamner’s funeral and his speaking out in favor of the action against Chief of State Daala. He accuses Fel of sabotaging the reunification process. Not everyone agrees with him. Moff Getelles of Antemeridias is in support of the Jedi, but he’s a minority. Jaina comes in and tells him he’s damaging support for the reunification process by speaking in favor of the Jedi. Jag reminds her he’s here in GA space and had to give some kind of statement. Did she expect him not to say that Daala was out of control? She thinks he s
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