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  1. chapter 2 In the office of the Chiefs of State, Darth Caedus prepares himself to be called by his birth name, one he hates and will soon abandon. The Omwati advisor sums up their strategic situation with the following: the Alliance ’s battle strength is reduced by 20% with the withdrawal of the Hapan fleet and morale among the GA’s population is reduced by the Jedi abandonment. Admiral Niathal doesn’t say it, but Caedus knows that she is thinking he should resign. As it is, he is still recovering from his brutal battle just a few days ago with his uncle, Luke Skywalker, who had i
  2. chapter 1 Above the nightmarish scene on Kashyyyk, the Millennium Falcon flies over the forest planting beacons. Chewbacca’s son, Waroo, is aboard, helping Leia and Han who can’t help but think that, had things gone right, might have been flying the old ship someday with Jacen. Though Han tells himself that his son is dead, it still grips his heart when Jacen does something even more outrageous than the next. After the beacons are set, the ships in orbit will begin setting strategic fires to help burn out the uncontrolled one. In the cockpit, Han hears a voice behind
  3. Epilogue: Han lectures Admiral Babo of the Bothan Fleet on the dumbest move he’s ever seen. He demands to know what Babo was thinking. The Admiral admits that they thought it was an Alliance feint and that they never dreamed Jacen would actually try such a reckless attack. Leia has to agree that Jacen is a good tactician. He counted on the Bothans overthinking the situation. Luke adds that he thinks Jacen may also be using ancient battle meditations to confuse his opponents. Babo believes that explains a lot and is a good reason to invite others to join the Bothan coalition.
  4. chapter 20 In the infirmary, Caedus is undergoing surgery. The Confederation has come to the Wookiees’ aid, but at the cost of many injured aboard the [i]Anakin Solo[/i] hardly makes the diversion worthwhile. Caedus knows that they blame him for this. He can’t believe Luke beat him, despite his injuries and inflicted more on Caedus than he’s suffered himself. He’d have died if Luke hadn’t been shocked by the brutality Ben showed. Caedus’s aide tells him the plan worked very well. However, Admiral Niathal has kept Bwua’tu and Darklighter in the Core. He’s told that Admir
  5. chapter 19 Ben is undergoing torture in his cell. He holds on to the hate it inspires in him so that he will be able to escape and kill Jacen. Caedus tells him that his hate will help him endure. Anything the Embrace of Pain does to Ben, it does to him. He’s doing this to save him. Ben asks if Jacen tried to save his mother that way, too. She knew he was working with Lumiya. Caedus asks why she didn’t tell the masters so they would all come after him. Ben knows she was just trying to keep his secret so he wouldn’t feel ashamed at how he’d been taken in. Jacen doesn’t k
  6. chapter 18 Hidden in a secret hangar of the Hapan Royal Palace, the Millennium Falcon sits and Leia gasps. Han wonders what he hit, until he realizes that something is wrong. He asks if Jaina is alright. She assures him Jaina is fine, but bursts into tears because of Luke. Han can’t believe it. Leia felt surprise, anguish and then he was gone. Threepio asks if Artoo was with him. She can’t tell, but the droid acknowledges that, if Luke decided it was necessary to die, then Artoo would have wanted to be with him. They start down the ramp to meet Hapan security when Tahir
  7. chapter 17 Jaina arrives at Kashyyyk to find the forests burning. She tells Luke that Jag and Zekk are watching the academy. Most of the GAG guards were pretty upset at how Serpa handled things, the rest are quiet since the Wampas were given their weapons back. She asks where Ben is and is unhappy to find out he is overdue. He’s shutting himself off from the Force again. Luke tells her that her parents have left already. Jaina notes that Luke seems distracted and really doesn’t want to tell him this, but she has found evidence that Alema Rar took out a freighter crew right afte
  8. chapter 16: Han can’t believe that the GA is targeting the cities along with the wroshyrs. They should have dropped Jacen out of the medcenter window the day he was born. Leia is sure he doesn’t mean that. He tells her to look around at the Wookiees who used to respect him. Leia reminds him and Threepio that Jacen was a hero once. The galaxy would belong to the Yuuzhan Vong right now if it weren’t for him. Han tells her that Jacen Solo is dead. His son wouldn’t do this. Leia is about to argue with him when she realizes that he is right. The Jacen Solo who’d been tortur
  9. chapter 15 Above Kashyyyk, Caedus wishes there were some way to bring his family together. He knows he won’t be able to convince them of their mistake and certainly cannot absolve their treason. Ben has been trying to talk him out of attacking the planet because they need the Kashhyyyk fleet. Caedus assures him the Wookiees won’t accept any offer to avoid a fight. Already Owool Intercepters are threatening to open fire. He decides to cooperate with their demands to stop and explain themselves. After all, Kashyyyk is a member world that is only listening to the deserters, not c
  10. chapter 14: Jaina keeps hearing Ben tell her to be ready. Then her dreams show her aboard the Falcon, being pounded, Zekk on the deck, wounded, Ben with his lightsaber and her father telling her to take the kids. Jaina is staying in the dorm with the youngest students, Jag with the teenagers, Zekk hiding in the forest for the day when they will have to defend against the GA. Major Serpa seems content to leave the children to Jaina and the other adults. She wakes up to find coma-gas creeping in. Jacen must have ordered something to keep her out of the way. She reaches out and grabs th
  11. chapter 13: Ben finds his cousin on the Anakin Solo, calls on the memory of his last happy afternoon with his mother to make sure Jacen senses only embarrassment. Ben tells him that he didn’t think his father would blame Jacen for what happened to Omas. Caedus tells him that killing a former Chief of State before the Senate had finished the investigation indicates that Ben didn’t think at all. Ben offers to go to trial but they both know that everyone would believe the GAG sent him. They’re just going to have to play it like Ben was trying to save him. That’s what the HoloNet is repor
  12. chapter 12: Waroo has let the Solos escape their cell on the condition they are back by the time he returns. They arrive at Council Rock to realize the debate is largely over. Han thinks they’ll just have to restart it. This will involve him taking the tyrossum jaw from the current speaker without using any weapons so that he will get the floor. Leia has a blaster so that the Council will have to stop the debate to decide if he has violated their rules by cheating. That’ll keep them talking for months and make it harder on the GA to keep fighting. She doesn’t think that’s a good plan
  13. chapter 11: The Corellians are carrying the fighting and Caedus wonders when Admiral Bwua’tu will bring out the Hapan Home Fleet to end this. He senses only a calm Bothan mind aboard the Welmo Darb. There are no communications problems reported on the ship. He comms Tahiri who tells him Master Skywalker is on the way to see him. She asks when they can go back again. Caedus tells her it depends on how long it takes her to answer his questions. They have flow-walked twice more now and he always pulls her back, leaving her desperate for more. He suggests next time she chose a location
  14. chapter 10: Luke knows he should be concentrating on the mission they will be launching at Kuat, the Jedi who would not be coming back, but cannot help but think of his son. He reaches out to Ben to reassure him that he still has one parent, but Ben is hiding from the Force again. He and the Jedi pilots are in the ready room, waiting for the call to return to their StealthXs. The Confederation ships are drifting slowly, losing scouts, but advancing aggressively to get through the spacedocks. The Jedi are watching the battle display, admiring Bwua’tu’s strategy. Once the Fourth Fleet
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