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  1. At the Jedi Academy , Jaina walks with her brother who blames himself for severing Tenel Ka’s arm in an accident. She shows him, through their bond, how she sees him: a kind young man who would never hurt a friend deliberately and who she’d rather have at her side than anyone else. chapter 11: It’s time to get a new chrono when an Imperial walker steps on yours. Aboard the Loyal Dragon, Jaina is still working on cleaning her wounds when her mother appears. She’s been in a healing trance for a week and needs more. Her father quips that Luke didn’t look this bad after the Wam
  2. chapter 10: Jacen asks what Jawas have that no other creature does. Baby Jawas. Ben wakes up to find himself in a cell with a small version of a YVH droid called XX. The droid asks a lot of questions that Ben won’t answer that causes XX to hurt him. Ben passes out a lot. Fortunately, they won’t get the location of the Jedi base. Jacen had taught him to use a Force block. So right now, he’s lying on his bunk in his underclothes and manacled there for good measure. Tahiri comes in, looking much better than she had before. She asks how he’s feeling and applies bacta t
  3. chapter 9: The outside of the Ewok is the side that has the most fur. When the proximity alarm goes off, Han notes the arrival of Niathal and Daala. Threepio suggests they be considered allies despites Han’s assertion that they’re only here to see what can be picked off. He decides he needs to get Jaina before the Fourth arrives. Jag reminds him that she hasn’t give the extraction code yet. Luke is still working on the shield generator and Saba is worried that they’re letting Fett steal their hunt. Han calls back to Luke who doesn’t answer. Threepio explains Master
  4. chapter 8: Jacen asks if Tenel Ka knows why wampas have such long arms. Their hands are so far from their faces. They head down from the surface to the Strategic Planning Forum where nearly all the Moff Council is gathered. The vidreceiver shows them sitting and talking. Mirta plays the audio. They aren’t happy about losing the Harbinger. It’s suggested they should have listened to Caedus, but that doesn’t mean his Intelligence is always better. They all agree that Caedus is no Palpatine or there wouldn’t have been such a mess at Fondor. Caedus is nowhere on the
  5. chapter 7: The difference between an AT-AT and a stormtrooper on foot is that one is an Imperial Walker and the other is a walking Imperial. Jaina reaches her penetration point while her team hits the command bunker as their diversion. She spots the gun crew by the hangar entrance and laments having to hurt them. She’d grown up viewing stormtroopers as the enemy, but she’s old enough now to know they aren’t evil. She has to kill them anyway or they will jeopardize her mission. Knowing that Caedus is concentrating on Luke, she uses the Force to grab three dust caps and bloc
  6. chapter 6: Jacen jokes that the Bantha crossed the Dune Sea to get to the other side. Jaina’s heart races while waiting for the StealthXs to slip in and destroy the loading docks at Nickel One. When that happens, she will sneak in and hunt down her brother. Her father calls for her to stay awake back there. Saba hums with delight, but Threepio isn’t sure this is something to celebrate. The blastboat is being rocked with firepower from turblasers. Threepio doesn’t understand where their escorts are. The only ships here are the enemy’s. Luke asks if he can see Stealt
  7. chapter 5: Jacen says that his Uncle Luke only needs to sleep one Jedi night. The Solos are intercepted in Hapan space by a Battle Dragon where they spot Luke and Artoo. Though he surely knows what they’ve come to tell him, he will need to know how it happened and that someone close to them is a traitor. Luke tells them it wasn’t their fault. He knew Ben would be captured before he sent him. He couldn’t warn them because it would change the outcome. Luke is trying to jam Caedus’s ability to see into the future. When he tries, he’ll see Luke. If he realizes what is goin
  8. chapter 4: Jacen asks how many stormtroopers it takes to change a glowpanel: one to change it, the other to shoot him and take credit for it. Jaina pushes through the crowd to find Tahiri and her troopers loading Ben into the sled. Shevu is already there. It’s taking some time to load them and Jaina knows it’s because Tahiri is hoping Ben’s backup will try to rescue him. Jaina catches her mother’s eye. Dressed as a Codru-Ji female in a flimsy outfit, Leia flirts with someone nearby a medwagon. She runs to the patient compartment, wailing at one of the injured. Jai
  9. chapter 3: According to Jacen, the difference between a lightsaber and a glowrod is that a lightsaber impresses girls. Caedus understands that he’s made a few mistakes as all Sith do. He can see how he’s become blinded to his duty due to his own self-absorption. It’s always the downfall of the Sith that they forget that they service the galaxy not be served by them. It all started when Allana snuck off with his parents. His pain made him unable to think or lead. He still loves her no matter what and had been wrong to try to escape that. He needs to hold onto that love eve
  10. chapter 2: Jacen Solo asks his sister why TIE Fighters scream in space. They miss their motherships. In the Transitory Mists, there are no stars or constellations. The Jedi are on the abandoned mining world of Shedu Maad to hide from Jacen. Jaina knows they won’t have time to evacuate if he finds them. She’ll have to get him first. And she’ll have to convince the Masters. Corran Horn is debating whether Jacen even sent the Remnant. They could have acted on their own. The Moffs had been depleted after Boba Fett and his Mandalorian team boarded the Bloodfin during t
  11. chapter 1: Jacen Solo asks what they call a person who brings dinner to a rancor. They’re an appetizer. Three weeks after the battle of Fondor, Jaina Solo and Boba Fett are inside the Verpine colony. The Mandalorians have been invited to establish a base on Nickel One as a deterrent, but it hadn’t worked. An Imperial Remnant invasion force has arrived and pounded the surface defenses. Fortunately, Jaina has been working with Fett for a month and knows him pretty well. He’s not going to risk her in a battle he can’t win, not when she’s needed to hunt her brother. She’s n
  12. Prologue: Jaina Solo sits in a cold cell, unable to sleep because of her captor’s disorientation methods. She can sense Jacen several cells down and knows he’s as defiant as she is. That’s the benefit of their twin bond. They are never alone truly. She puts aside her despair and starts to make a plan that will free them and Lowbacca. When she feels Jacen coming, she reaches out to him before he opens the wrong door. He stands outside and she asks what took so long. He asks if she has a plan. She assures him she does. After all, she was waiting for him. -------------
  13. Epilogue: At the Jedi camp in the Transitory Mists, Ben assures his father he’s okay. He can’t sleep, wondering about Shevu, if he’s seen Shula and how Lekauf’s parents are coping. He lets his mind drift until he knows his father is talking to someone. Luke excitedly tells his sweetheart that she found him and asks her to stay awhile. Ben starts to rush there, too, but stops because this is his father’s time. He lays back down and lets the tears flow until he falls asleep. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. chapter 20: Tahiri reports to Caedus that she disobeyed his instructions and went back to the old rebel hideouts. There is evidence that the Jedi have been at Endor very recently, but she doesn’t know where they’ve gone now. A week later, Orade and Mirta exchange marriage vows. Fett sits in Slave I, admiring the rare blue heart-of-fire stone he’s bought. Beviin bangs on the door and tells him to get to his granddaughter’s wedding feast. Fett shows him the stone and tells him it’s for Sintas. It’s a good-bye present. He’s also got a portfolio of properties that will ta
  15. chapter 19: Ben steels himself to play the recording Shevu had risked his life to get. Han and Leia have found a new base so the Jedi and their allies are pulling off of Endor. Ben finds he has to will himself to go find his father and prove to him that Jacen had killed his mother. Shevu had worn a wire around Jacen. How ironic that Jacen is so surrounded by deceit that he couldn’t sense that a man right in front of him was fooling him. He starts walking, finding Jag and Zekk in the old briefing room. He asks them to leave and go find his father, uncle and Aunt. He also n
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