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  1. Epilogue: At the Red Ronto, Leia sits with Han in the same booth where they met Omad three months ago. Omad it here with Tahiri, Ohali, Ben, Luke, Jaina and Jag. Lando joins them with a bottle. Tahiri assures Han that she and Ben looked for her while setting up the charges at Base Prime and Mirta Gev was nowhere to be found. Ben thinks she might have escaped with Vestara. Fortunately, that’s not the Solos’ problem anymore. They are going to take the Falcon and travel the Void. Though Han won’t admit, Leia knows the pain he endured at the base has taken its toll on him. S
  2. chapter 26: When the haze starts to dissipate, Han feels like he’s looking up from the bottom of a lake. He can see a tall mountain and, every so often, thinks he sees a face. When the haze closes up, he is alone. He moves through the forest, calling for Leia and Luke, wondering what they spent their entire lives fighting for. It certainly wasn’t for a government that turned against them too many times to count or for peace to a galaxy that doesn’t value it. They spent their lives fighting the dark side. They were destined to bring the galaxy hope and they had never walked away
  3. chapter 25: Luke hangs before dropping into the darkness. He floats, wondering if he will see Ben again, how to find Han and Leia and if the Qrephs have found Mortis. The dark side of the Force swirls around him before his environment coalesces into solid mass, including a floor. He sees a couple of golden haloes. Heading toward them, he finds he’s surrounded by shadows. His body begins to glow save for the spot where Abeloth had injured him. Hoping the haloes are Han and Leia, he tries to hurry. Then a lightsaber ignites behind him. Han and Leia walk together, searching f
  4. chapter 24: Marvid flees the battle, finding that the attack on the base has resulted in several lines of faulty judgment on his part. He narrows down two options: escaping in the blastboat in the residence hangar or using the Savara Raine biot he’d created to get through the gate. The former would likely cause Craitheus to die, the base lost, Jedi on his tail and Han Solo to remain alive. Going through the gate is an unknown. The Jedi would have to follow him, though, and that would give him an advantage. The dark side nexus down there could even help him get rid of them all an
  5. chapter 23: Vestara wonders if Han Solo has created some kind of massive explosion, but she has no idea how he could. She soon realizes that some blasts are coming from the hangar. A presence in the Force begins to determinedly search. The Columi brothers float up to her, noting the Jedi have arrived sooner than expected. Craitheus wonders if she lured them away from the game to give Solo a chance to escape. As it is, the Jedi have hit their fighter squadrons before they had the chance to scramble. The base’s shields are holding, but not for long. Vestara dismisses that there w
  6. chapter 22: Barduun uses the Force to pull Han along, warning him of a sterilizing agent that will blur his vision if he doesn’t keep his eyes closed. They need their sight to be able to accomplish their mission. He knows Han wants revenge for his wife and brother-in-law. Barduun is prepared to give that to him. Han doesn’t believe that Leia and Luke are dead. When Ohali hesitates to confirm that she found nothing deceptive about the Qrephs’ claims, he turns cold. She explains the brothers may have believed they were successful at ambushing the Jedi. Everyone makes mistakes. He
  7. chapter 21: When the Falcon encounters two Mandalorian Besu’liiks, Kaeg is certain they are the only ones out here and will lead them to Base Prime. With Luke at the helm, Lando takes Kaeg back to prepare dropsuits. The Mandos exchange fire with the Falcon until one takes off. Leia wants to pursue it, assuring Luke this isn’t a dark journey for her. It’s leaving to take news of their arrival personally to the base because communications are so faulty. The Falcon takes off after it until Luke feels a coldness emanating from the wound in his chest. He tells them he believes
  8. chapter 20: Ditto is afraid of the pain of having a burned eye, so she calls Barduun’s bet of a broken nose instead. She now has 12 cards in her hand and facing the torture droid. Barduun is just sitting there, drinking in her fear. Han’s turn comes up. He looks at Barduun for the telltale sign of a bad hand. It’s not there. He needs to find some way to get the Qrephs thinking about him, not the Jedi. He decides he’s calling his death bet now and Mirta Gev uses the droid to shock him. Ohali protests that it’s not his fault that the Mando has fallen for the Qrephs and their fal
  9. chapter 19: Knowing that Han Solo is trying to drive a wedge between Marvid and his brother doesn’t mean that the comments are not affecting him. Marvid understands that Calrissian trying to strike a deal with Craitheus was another attempt, but the fact that it wasn’t told to him immediately makes him wonder if Craitheus wanted time to consider the offer. The messenger is taking them completely out of the laboratory wing and into the barracks. Craitheus complains about how Savara expects them to come to her. Marvid ignores him, knowing his brother is feeling threatened and wants hi
  10. chapter 18: It takes several medical procedures and healing trances for Luke and Leia to begin feeling close to normal. The Falcon is being piloted by Omad Kaeg who Luke suspects is not sure exactly where they are, but has Han’s confidence. In the lounge, the group plans for their next move. Lando feels that being outnumbered means they have to hit the hangars with concussion missles. Tahiri looks over the schematics provided by Dena Yus and points out that the hangar is close to the barracks. It’s possible Han is being kept there. Dena doubts it. The Qrephs don’t take pris
  11. chapter 17: The game has changed. Every time Han loses, the torture droid gets to him. He’s suffering so badly he’s developing a Tell that allows the Columi to win more often. A Duros who is supposed to be Ohali Soroc is playing, too, her own body showing signs of wear. She might be the Jedi; she might not. She’d passed all of Han’s tests of her identity. Mirta Gev is the dealer. Ohali looks at her hand and says she’s out. She still owes the ante, though, so that gets her more time with the droid. Han turns to the Other Ohali, a replica the Qrephs were working on, and asks i
  12. chapter 16: Leia figures from the tones of the Mando voices that they have about three minutes before they are discovered. R2 is working on a captured 2-1B droid while Luke is posing as a Mando guard. She senses a touch in the Force. Luke looks like he is, too. It’s Ben. R2 activates the ship’s emergency evacuation alarm. Luke picks up Dena Yus and confirms Ben is nearby, but not aboard the ship. Their plan is to escape in the throngs headed to evacuate. High-level officers are already in the hangar, trying to convince the Nargons to hold back the crowds, many of which get thr
  13. chapter 15: Ben looks at the remains of the astromech droid he’d gotten from Ohali’s wrecked ship. Lando and Omad Kaeg are with him in the Falcon’s hold while Tahiri flies the ship to Luke and Leia’s last-known position. The droid has a fail-safe included to protect the mission. Right now, it’s displaying a holograph of an object shaped like two pyramids back-to-back. He wonders if it’s a chromite crystal, but it’s the size of a Star Destroyer. Lando wonders if the droid is just too damaged. An asteroid that size would surely have been found by now. Ben doesn’t think it is
  14. chapter 14: Luke wakes up on the floor of the ship with Leia in her healing trance next to him. Artoo zaps him with a jolt of electricity. He pulls himself up, broken ribs still hurting, but his stomach wound has closed. His burns are severe. He checks Leia who has managed to heal her face lacerations, but is also badly burned. He tells R2 to let her stay where she is for now. It’s been five hours since they had collided into the Ornmi. They’d crawled into the locker room on the other ship and sealed themselves in. By the exit hatch, Luke overhears a conversation between
  15. chapter 13: Han Solo is strapped to a chair, needles and electrodes attached to him, playing sabacc with Mirta Gev and the Qrephs. A Mandalorian named Thorsteg is being made to serve drinks and run errands. The Qrephs look over their cards discreetly. He wonders why they grabbed him just so they could play a game. Craitheus promises to tell him if he wins the hand. If he doesn’t, Han has to answer a question. He can fold if he doesn’t want to answer, but if he bets, he has to answer truthfully or die. Han knows his wife and brother-in-law are out here. It’s hard to believe the
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