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  1. Horus Heresy is pretty much at the core of the "modern day" Warhammer 40k but Horus' campaign against his dad is, what 40+ book series, so maybe just pick few key books. I liked the Eisenhorn trilogy which was a nice introduction to the world.
  2. That's what I'm told. Restrictions are being tightened again which is one step away from roadblocking the capital city areas from the rest of the country like was done earlier this year. Mind you, this is 25% of the whole population of country.
  3. We've lost about 50 people in the last 2 months, quite horrible, it had been stable for several months after the first wave. Government is continuing restrictions on travel across the border which makes sense because on one side its Sweden which went with the herd immunity route with this pandemic, and on the other its Russia which....did what only Russia knows. At my workplace we wear masks and gloves, as do about 80 percent of the customers. But the last two weeks have seen a break in willingness to do distancing which worries me. Couple of my co-workers have been tested for the virus b
  4. You can be an idiot savant in your field of employment and an idiot vanilla outside of it.
  5. Reagan was from California, wasn't he? Therefore California is red.
  6. You have to ask if the same people dumping on EU are the same people raving about TCW. My experience is that TCW fans are also either SW book, comics or videogame fans
  7. I think couple of them did. Didn't some vote for Bernie and Kasich?
  8. I keep trying to think "deep voice" and "70s" and I keep getting Barry White.
  9. Its the only Star Wars movie I saw twice in the theater, I made a promise to two friends who couldn't make it in the same viewing so I saw it twice two days apart. The romance subplot is contrived but you got to get Luke and Leia's parents together somehow, so I plowed right through it as something that had to be there. I think Lucas tried the detective mystery genre with this one but if so it failed horrendously. Sure we get the Tyrannus question answered when Dooku and Sidious meet but who and why of Sifo-Dyas are left to Expanded Universe to explain. But man that last scene with the Im
  10. The Trump voters in my FB friendlist have been doing 12th Amendment posts the last three days and its starting to get to me.
  11. 1st episode. "Well, if the Emperor can survive, why not him too?" Sigh. On the whole, a good episode even if Tremor was strong in this one. 2nd episode. "I really hope this is a teeny-tiny graveyard and not a nest. Nope, a nest." Look, I admit, I'm one of those who was cringing about the egg eating, even if I did not complain online about it (this one time here now excepted) and yes they are unfertilised and equivalent of IRL eating of chicken eggs but come on. Looking at the mother doting on them like that and then the story playing the child eating them as comedic was...ugh.
  12. Trump asks about replacing electoral college with loyalists
  13. I wonder if he pays for tips about his own side: Trump Supporter Arrested For Requesting Absentee Ballot For Dead Mother
  14. Plus being sick got him out of one debate and stopped Biden's attack ads while Trump's own kept going.
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