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  1. Putin is having a bit of a problem with desertions in his own military invasion ranks. Apparently some Russians soldiers don't want to fight against fellow slavs/Europeans/Christians, whatever the common the factor, they don't want it. So Putin is pulling troops from Chechnya and Syria who don't have those ties to Ukrainians. In the case of Chechnya, there are chechens fighting on both sides of the Ukrainian war now.
  2. But if KG-used-to-B is going behind Putin's back, all they need is some of the military and a viable replacement, they'll have a coup.
  3. President Zelenskyi said his assassination attempt was thwarted with the help of info from Russia's FSB. I'm not sure I believe that but holy shit if that is true.
  4. Ukrainian air defence shot down a missile that was headed toward main railway station of the capital. The railway station was at the time full of people being evacuated from the city. I got to tell you, the whole "It's not the Russians, just Putin" argument loses steam when something like this happens. A point will come when European military powers will have to calculate whether the risk of atomic weapon reprisal is worth it just not have to watch this atrocity happening and losing our soul.
  5. Plus EU is an economic alliance, not a military one. Membership might fast track application to NATO but not necessarily because Ukraine's application for latter is impeded by the same reason its application for the former has so far been, namely corruption and grift. EU is already dealing with Greece's pre-membership imaginative economic housekeeping, it's a case of once bitten twice shy.
  6. They'll install a Russia-friendly puppet government so Ukraine doesn't join NATO. But the ripple effect is that NATO will most likely now get a lot membership applications from other countries close to Russia's border. My country's current president has been pro-NATO all his political life and for there to be a referendum vote about application for membership. If there is a vote while people still remember what happened to Ukraine, it will pass.
  7. No, not the tabletop game itself or the videogames. But I do read the books, both Old World and 40k stuff (not Age of Sigmar yet).
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