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  1. But I don't want to end in SPLC lists as a member of a possible hate group.
  2. And apparently the last name is pronounced Kels. My 2 cents.
  3. Any fans of American Ninja (1985) here? It had a bunch of bad sequels but the first one still holds up.
  4. Bit belated but new to me. Brian Lumley died 2nd of January this year. Very prolific horror books author, best known for his Necroscope series and post-Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos stories.
  5. Reading series that have been adapted to cinema and television. I'm almost done with Fleming's original 14 Bond books and then to Frank Herbert's Dune books. Then either Asimov's Foundation or Jordan's Wheel of Time.
  6. Beau of the Fifth Brigade (also Roads With Beau) does very good informative breakdowns of current news. Mostly US but also some international More on the infotainment side of current happenings I have Internet Today and Philip DeFranco On the general video essayist side I have: Hbomberguy, very long videos but very well researched and the last couple have had impressive ripple effects. PhilosophyTube, like above very well written but more emphasis on set design and theatrics OverlySarcasticProductions: history, mythology but what particularly draws me in is their Trope Talk It is a running joke how many channels on how many different topics Simon Whistler has, if you will watch it and he can get sponsors to it he will do it. Still, they have their entertainment value (occasionally) so here are few and you can find the rest if his style isn't too annoying to you: BrainBlaze, Today I Found Out, Decoding The Unknown, Casual Criminalist Atun Shei Films, does a lot localised history info tours centered around New Orleans but sometimes venturing up east coast to key areas in early American history. They also do amateur film stuff (with at least one funded and finished indie film, that I know. probably more). They also do "Checkmate, Lincolnites", a mock debate of a confederate and union soldier with more Civil War trivia than I know what to do with. Three Arrows and Shaun, very long podcast type essayists (I think they might actually be podcasts transferred to YT). General right vs left politics on current issues in the news. ERB of course but they do stuff so rarely anymore that they don't count. Whitney Avalon did similar videos but now she too takes soooo long breaks between uploads. I have a nascent interest on D&D and am trying to learn more about the mechanics so I watch Critical Role of course but also their British cousins at Oxventure. Pointy Hat provides me fun infodumps on the character classes and DiceBreakers about tabletop games outside D&D. There's more but this is the sum I'm willing to expose myself to critique for now.
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