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  1. obviously not stylish at all!


  2. where are you? why are you never on AIM?

  3. heee-eeey girlfriend.

  4. No I certainly have not.

  5. Copper

    I LOVE your avatar.

  6. You need an avatar!

  7. Hey you there! Sir? Do you have proper identification? HEY! I said STOP!

    "Control 1, we have a subject fleeing the scene"

  8. where've you been?

  9. "First you want to kill me, now you want to kiss me. Blow."

  10. I miss your old avatar :(

  11. you are in my blog. fyi.

  12. Nixie! You've been noticeably absent. This is unacceptable.

  13. You're never around anymore =(

  14. Happy Birthday Kelly!

  15. DAMMIT Jason you're never on AIM anymore.

  16. Let's make love not war. I'm sure our mothers would approve.

    ps. I <3 harry potter

  17. Hey you. are you ever going to comment on my story? huh huh?! ;) I'm just kidding. Mostly. We need to catch up!

  18. I just realized you're the same age as my sister. No wonder I like you so much! =)

  19. Miss you. Miss me. We are too far apart. September is so far away when I miss you today.

  20. Bran, definitely. I think I'm going to make a thread in Fantasy about the books/movies. See if we're the only fans out there, or there are other ones in the woodwork.

  21. Because every once in awhile an artist captures that moment. You know the one I speak of. The powerful embrace of unhindered passion. That's why you love it.

  22. Happy Birthday Tangent! I hope it's a great one. Many merry wishes to more birthdays to come.

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