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  1. Sorry and Congratulations(?)! I think the whole team that's been running things the last few years has really put in some great effort keeping the community together. Ya'll are awesome. ^.^ Honestly a lot of the reason I ended up leaving. I feel like I knew too much about server stuff but not enough about the specifics on the board software and getting any assistance to do anything on the host side proved difficult. I think this was around the same time I was starting to get sick and wasn't fully aware of what was happening to me. Now as for my time as a Mod of the forum f
  2. Necro posting cause I only pop in every so often (sorry). As someone who spent a lot of time putting random bullshit down in the achieves I'm glad they are still around, but as someone who has been stalked online I'm glad they are hidden.
  3. Good luck with your procedure Seth! It's amazing what does help when you actually start to pinpoint what is wrong and work at getting it sorted. Didgeridoo's are really cool, I didn't know they'd have secondary properties that would be helpful for this. I hope you find relief Jacen. I wish my issue was simple. I am actually at face value extremely healthy and don't have any weight problems currently because I work out like twice a day to keep my pain at bay. I did lose about 60lbs after I started therapy for my condition so I've been heavy but since I've had insomnia pretty much my whole
  4. The recent turn in this conversation is really making me think I need to have Logan and I tested for sleep abnormalities. We both are total mouth breathers with heavy insomnia problems. Edit: Not that this wasn't a thought before as some of you know I have already had the desire to do a sleep study, this just reinforces it.
  5. Yeah honestly I have quite a few of you on my very locked down facebook. I talk about stuff in my linked blog that I don't really want to be consumed by a huge audience so I feel like the fact there's like seven of you that have access to that says a lot for my faith in this place. Also a few of you even have my twitter handle and frankly I just go there to yell at the universe (like probably most people).
  6. This is the one I use. It's programmable but I haven't messed with it much. I think the price is pretty good considering bought it largely for the spill resistant keys and rainbow back-lighting.
  7. Arizona cause here in the desert we don't need no damn DST.
  8. Thought I accidentally locked myself out of this account with an old email but guess not so woooo. Happy Anniversary guys, you all are the awesome. I don't say it enough to those I talk to but this place really did make quite the impact on my life for the better. You all helped me escape an abusive relationship when some of my family were continually pressuring me to stay, you all tolerated my ridiculous poorly drawn comics and silly board stories, and of course I met Link here. My life wouldn't be the same without this place, no correction the best parts of my life wouldn't be the same withou
  9. I made plans with my grandpa. He's a big space nerd so we're gonna put on our shades and see what we can see.
  10. Hmm neat. Honestly I just started reading his stuff recently, I'm about a quarter through American Gods.
  11. I just consume more than a conservative amount of cannabis. This is probably no surprise to anyone.
  12. I hate smart meters. Link and I are home all the time cause we work from home and our power company likes to compare our usage with our neighbors (both of my direct neighbors are Canadian vacation homes so their usage is shall we say much less). Freakin' APS.
  13. Man I'm sorry I don't know how I'd deal with that, my parents are not really part of my life so I don't have real direct experience with anyone from my end demanding anything. The rest of my fam is just happy to see me when they can cause they know I'm a recluse. My MIL lives with us and does gets kind of annoyed with me cause I'm not all uber excited about hallmark holidays and goes out of her way to get my youngest into things. I like Tank's idea of a friendsgiving a lot. Sometimes it's just nice to have a chill grill day with your favored family and friends.
  14. I just wanna say thanks again for your input on this Reese, I really appreciated you taking the time to send me those links when I first posted about this on facebook. They have helped me kind of grasp where I am and what I want for him going forward. This school is a good option for now but I want to look into more customization down the road based on his interests and general skill. My biggest concern is maintaining my drive to keep him on task, like you sad Spam it's a real job. My parents tried it with us when we were small and because they both worked I think they really struggled to k
  15. Yeah it's really tough, I've talked to a couple parents in my area with kids who have similar issues, one took their son out while the other had great success there. My oldest son is also ASD and has been in public school the whole time without really any issue so you're right it's a very individual thing. Honestly the school has overall been really great, when they noticed she wasn't doing right by him they did talk to her but it didn't seem to help in the end. I just think his particular speech problems can be hard to understand. He seems generally "normal" just looking at him and in quick c
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