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  1. Hey vaping has helped me quit smoking. And I knew I could count on you guys, thank you! All your answers tell me I'm being insane. In my defense, last night when I posted this I had no idea that the people making me question my mind are the same people who believe the earth is flat. I found that out later on. Don't you judge me!
  2. I trust you guys way more than my own memories and definitely more than the conspiracy theory people online so please can you all just tell me everything you know about C3PO's silver ****ing leg? THANK YOU. Also hi what's up.
  3. Oh yeah, it's not about me. Here ya go.
  4. Disability isn't the same as welfare. I guess unless you are on disability for being fat... then it's kinda the same. But not really.
  5. Head > Weed > New office supplies.
  6. When it comes to season 4 so far I just appreciate Emma and Hook making out all over the place.
  7. This guy, but only if he's in character. He looks weird as a normal person. Also hi guys what's up.
  8. That fish really really REALLY loves being held by you, Rock.
  9. I did todays quiz last night at like 2:30 in the morning. I don't recommend that.
  10. LoL, I'm sorry, it's just that the questions were so easy today. They asked me who the King of Rock and Roll is for ****s sake!
  11. Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Forgot about him. The Tudors was awesome. Another show that didn't need to be historically accurate thanks to eye candy like that!
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