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  1. I have been reminiscing about old times so I decided to see if I still remembered my Nightly password- good news! I do! I have a kid! He's almost 5. His name is Winston. He's amazing. He's also challenging as heck. Like, suddenly in the last two months he has almost no impulse control. We are working hard with him on it, and he's working really hard too. For awhile there he was knocking everything over in the house when he got upset. Now, he's not doing that much. But man, he's been so challenging lately. He super hates brushing teeth right now. I think it might be a sensory thing? He said, "I don't like it because I don't want thistles in my mouth." Same kid, same. Anyways I wanted to post and i didn't know where to post so hi everyone it's good to see your fake faces!
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