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  1. Thank you!! Hey, that's good to hear. I'll try to remember to peek back in here- I'm out of practice so we'll see how that goes! Hey Jedi!
  2. Things are mostly good for me. I got my first shot two weeks ago so that's nice. We're hoping that by the end of summer Covid will be in control enough that we can put my kid into preschool. My husband has been a stay at home dad for most of the last year now, and that's been a hard transition for him but he's actually really enjoying it now. I did have a total covid anxiety dream the other night where I went over to a friends house and she had like 100 people over with no masks on, so yay anxiety! I'm looking foward to seeing my family without a mask on. I'm hopeful that we'll get
  3. Hey guys what is up wwwooow my signature is broke as fuck
  4. I hate drinking (I don't like feeling drunk, and I always feel bad the next day) but I love me some weed. I didn't start smoking until my late 20s and it's a really great way for me to chill out. I have moderate anxiety and it takes the edge off enough for me to relax and feel goofy. I probably only smoke about once a week these days but I sure do look forward to it. Yay for legalization in California!
  5. I'm level 24. 174 caught, 186 seen. my fiance and I stopped playing for about six months and started playing again last month. It's way more fun now that it's not glitchy as hell and there are new pokemon!
  6. I need to do a purge of old socks and underwear and buy new stuff. Thanks for reminding me, Monkeyface!
  7. A bit late to the party but... I really enjoyed this. I liked it *so* much more than TFA, that I can't even describe it. I feel like this is the Star Wars I always wanted. TFA annoyed me so much with the inclusion of its magical multiple world destroying Death Star. I still can't get over it that of all the plot devices in the world, they went with Death Star AGAIN. ugh. Anyways. Things I loved in this: shades of gray. The humanization of the rebels. The political intrigue. Jyn was good (not as good as Rey but that's alright) Cassian was great, and I wanted more of him. The lovely romance
  8. I like her face! I'm def not excited about having to craft things, but otherwise the game looks really exciting. I'm looking forward to new Mass Effect!
  9. Oh, yeah, Logan. I quite hated that guy so I forgot about him.
  10. So the only thread that didn't even get mentioned is what happened to Stubbs/Elsie. I hope that next season that comes back around, cause I'm invested in them!
  11. Not technically self promotion, but this is a game that my fiance made that turned him insta-indie-game famous. It's pretty wild, and people who used to play old school computer games will probably super love it: http://twinbeard.com/frog-fractions/
  12. is this for realz? Need erickas for confirmation.
  13. Doctors love to blame people's health problems on their weight. Sorry, but I can hike ten miles through rough terrain on a 20 minute mile pace- being fat ain't slowing me down. My physicals are always great as far as cholesterol, heart health, and all the other stuff but the doc always writes "chronic obesity" in the notes lol. Anyways I changed the title of the thread. This might be the first moderator thing I've done in years?
  14. in Seattle or San Diego? also: watch midget porn together!
  15. I'm a big fan of getting rid of stuff! Except I have a hard time getting rid of books. But otherwise I tend to go through a section of my house every six months or so and just ask these two questions: If it's a potentially useful gadget/tool/thingamabob 1. Did I even know I had this? 2. Have I used/or wanted to use a thing like this in the past six months? If the answer is No it's immediately put in the donate pile For the more ephemeral things (like keepsakes, clothes, media) I simply ask myself one question: does this item bring me joy? If not, then BYYEEEEEEEEEE
  16. The proposal doesn't make for the best story. We were just having a conversation about life and he asked. He hadn't planned on asking that night (he knew he was going to ask, just hadn't decided when) but it felt like the right time so he did! We are in the process of picking out a ring right now! He didn't want to get me something I wouldn't like (I'm picky, and don't like diamonds) so we're probably going to end up with a garnet. I've already picked out his ring! I didn't shed any tears, mostly because I only cry when I'm really really upset- I've never been a happy tears kinda person.
  17. SO DEEETAILS, pictures, stories, measurements, COME ON!!!! Details? What kind of details? I could tell you that he drinks a ton of coffee and we use a french press because we're Those People and we moved in together at the beginning of summer. Are those the details you want? Be specific! (also, it's amazing how many people want all the details of the wedding right away when we just decided we were getting married a week ago! Are those details the kind of thing that people just have on the ready typically? Cause weird, if so)
  18. so hey guys I got engaged. we're all so grown up. buying houses. having babies. almost kissing tornadoes. weird af.
  19. buying window screens makes you feel like such a ****ing grown up.
  20. I've been watching my boyfriend play Uncharted 4 (and occasionally playing the adventure parts- I get bored by the onslaught of fifty dudes with machine guns that inevitably happen in every chapter) and it's been pretty fun. The Uncharted games in general are really great fun. I'm also a huge fan of Bloodborne, though it has an extremely frustrating learning curve that isn't forgiving at all. So only play that if you're feeling like truly immersing yourself in learning a video game skill. I'm glad to hear that you are being kind to yourself! Keep working at it, and talk to people about it!
  21. Copper

    No Man's Sky

    It got delayed to an August release. When I first heard about this it had a Feb '16 release! I'm getting anxious for it, but I also know it takes a long time to make a game good. (so my video game making boyfriend tells me, anyways)
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