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  1. So. What exactly am I getting out of this office relationship, hmm?

  2. You took me out of your signature. *sad face*

  3. *scrounges through office fridge* Hmmm. No juice box. I have a capri sun, though. Will that suffice? *hopes*

  4. "You and I are going to get ALONE just fine."

    Typo? Or Freudian slip?

    You decide.

  5. Did you see the gummi bears AND the Andes mints I left in your drawer?

  6. What's with the weasel?

  7. Where have you been?? We miss you in the Book Club. Wanna be my friend? *laughing at myself*

  8. Oh stop.... no don't stop. Keep the compliments coming...

  9. I thought I would use my nails on ya...

    In other topics- I think I may have to delay my duel with K until after the holidays...

  10. It's like your profile is a constant party! Can we move it over to my place? ;)

  11. How's it going home skillet?

  12. How ya doing Darth Malfoy?

  13. Your personal statement makes me want to run and scream

  14. I see EVERYTHING!

  15. This is me sucking up to a judge before I've even begun the first challenge. [/teachers pet]

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