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    So I just checked out the first episode of this Doctor Who spinoff. Yes, another DW spinoff is on the air! I only just found out about it after reading about the Christmas special and they mentioned it in the article. It was better than I thought it would be. Despite it taking place in a school, it feels more like it's aiming at the Torchlight crowd than the Sarah Jane ones. The show is a bit darker than DW, with a few surprisingly violent scenes (impalement of one character and another getting their leg lopped off). Not sure if the rest of the series will follow this tone but judging by th
  2. I missed it when it aired, too! I only just watched it the other night, I had completely forgotten about it. Too many other series I'm trying to catch up on!
  3. So...anyone watch the Christmas special? It was, well, okay? The superhero thing was kind of weird. So is it now generally known that there is a Superman type guy flying around? And why the heck was the Doctor there for when Grant was a kid? I mean, he was building something but couldn't finish it because Grant ate the crystal. Oh, and Nardole is one of my new favorite characters on the series! Glad to see he will be in the coming season.
  4. LOL, this should make for an interesting episode! The team will be running into a young George Lucas and will have to make sure he ends up creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones, otherwise Ray and Nate will lose one of their biggest inspirations! http://nerdist.com/young-george-lucas-will-meet-dcs-legends-of-tomorrow/
  5. Holy crap! I knew I should have looked up to see Who did the voice!
  6. Freddie Prinze also let it slip that we will find out what happened at the end of the Ahsoka/Vader duel! He didn't say when, so it may not be this season but said we will find out from another character, or their perspective, anyway. Popular theories are either Vader or Bendu. Also, does anyone else absolutely love Bendu's voice? I want a documentary with the actor narrating it!
  7. I'll probably wait at least a few months to get it because MODS!
  8. CoLA


    I'm sold! Especially if we get a bonus of deadpool masquerading as one of the X-Men in the past using a holoprojecter like when they gumped him into an issue of Spider-Man!
  9. CoLA


    Same reason Jean and Scott were alive at the end of DOFP, timey wimey shenanigans! I mean yeah, he was alive before they changed the timeline but uhmm...I'll go with it was a cloned body!
  10. Ugh, read about that earlier. It's sad how even the most innocent of comments are miscontrued by people these days.
  11. CoLA


    Well, it's been debunked, anyways. The director, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds said Deadpool is not in this movie at all.
  12. CoLA


    I'm sure everyone has seen the trailer by now but I'll add it for the thread: But! Here's an interesting bit of news! http://www.thewrap.com/ryan-reynolds-deadpool-logan/
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    I think it would be neat if they keep altering it in ways not usually seen in movies and series. Like they go back to the present and find out someone they knew is a different age than they were before. And I really like that they are willing to let history change, even if it isn't too drastic. I wonder if they ever will let it get changed in a major way at some point. It's hard to imagine the world being the same if they manage to erase Rittenhouses' influence from it. It could be pretty interesting since they aren't allowed to go back again to the same point.
  14. I hate to add, but Richard Adams has died, too. Not high profile but he was author of Watership Down and Plague Dogs, two books and movies I really like.
  15. CoLA


    Kind of! I guess, it doesn't have the superpowers obviously but yeah, the save time thing is not new. I like the characters in this series a lot more, too. The only one I like in LoT is Mick.
  16. I don't have any words. 2016 has not been a kind year at all. :*(
  17. CoLA


    Anyone watching this series? If you watched shows like Sliders or Quantum Leap, you might like this. A group of people have to keep traveling to different years in the past to prevent a guy from changing key points in history. One thing I like about the "villain" is even though he is a bad guy, he sees it as changing things for the overall good (and he may be right but that's still debatable). Also! I like how even though the team manages to save history for the most part, when they come back things are not always exactly the same. Like, instead of John Wilkes Booth assassinating Lincoln, it
  18. This is not the type of news I want to hear around the holidays. Hope she pulls through this.
  19. This might be one of the most epic videos ever! I looove this song! Damn, the Jackson 5 could really bring it!
  20. I guess the latter half of Harrison Ford's career will be reprising all his memorable roles. I think it's time for Dr. Richard Kimble to clear his name after being accused of murdering his niece! The race is on to find the one-legged redheaded man who really did it!
  21. And now...the trailer!
  22. This cover of an Enya song sounds like something that was left off one of the LOTR soundtracks! Oh, ignore the first 15 seconds, it's a lame channel intro.
  23. Get Uncharted 4! Big multiplayer update coming tomorrow and the game is excellent!
  24. Can we take a moment to be amazed at the epic theme to Planet Earth II? Great series, BTW, watch it when you get a chance!
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