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  1. CoLA

    The Bad Batch

    Tech is totally not dead! No body, no death! And why would the Imperials go back for him and get his goggles if he was dead? Betting we find out next season they captured him.
  2. CoLA


    Maaaaybe...not? https://www.empireonline.com/tv/news/willow-series-isnt-cancelled-volume-2-planned-jon-kasdan/
  3. I did not know that was him until the credits! Soon as I saw the name I realized it was him. So, one thing I thought was weird. The bird thing took the kid and Bo followed it back to the nest. Why did it wait an entire day to barf him up? Conveniently moments after they arrived. :P
  4. That blood sucking droid thing was one of the most disturbing things I've seen in SW! There was just something really creepy about it.
  5. CoLA

    The Bad Batch

    The Crosshair episodes have been the best ones!
  6. CoLA

    Diablo IV

    I remember that Diablo Immortal reveal 5 years back, ooph! What a misstep that was.
  7. Definitely an Ahsoka teaser! Probably starting to throw them in there now for the viewers who didn't watch Rebels.
  8. CoLA


    "It's about time we finally had a Predator movie that takes place in modern day, especially since we've known since P2 they've been coming to Earth for centuries." I think I meant to say one that doesn't take place during modern days...
  9. Blue gunslinger was Cad Bane from the Clone Wars series!
  10. You know what, to heck with a Boba show! Get Morrison to play an older Captain Rex in a series, we know he was around for ROTJ. Chances are he's still kicking around 5 years later.
  11. CoLA


    "In order to better understand my human companions, I decided to add to my waistline in an attempt to emulate growing older."
  12. CoLA


    I liked it, and agree with the kid being Picard's. They made that too obvious. We're definitely going to find out why Crusher is the way she is now since they mentioned killing someone in cold blood is not like her at all. I see Brent Spiner is in it at some point, what member of the Soong family will he be playing this time LOL.
  13. So I ended up going and really enjoyed it! Never listen to the critics. Audience score on RT is very positive anyway LOL. Majors as Kang was awesome, I hope that
  14. CoLA


    I hadn't watched any trailers for this until now but this looks so good! And I have to say the cast has all aged really well.
  15. Ooph, this movie is not getting good reviews! I'm not sure I'll go to the theater for this, might just wait for D+. Then again, I haven't been going to the movies much these days, I didn't see Wakanda Forever in the theater even though I really wanted to see it.
  16. As someone who hated the Snyderverse movies, I'll admit I'm hyped!
  17. CoLA

    The Bad Batch

    Two in a row! These ones felt more like CW episodes with the senate intrigue. Always nice to see Palpatine still staying ahead of the protagonists with his plans, that scamp!
  18. I'm the same, haven't watched any but the first. Just waiting for it to finish so I can binge it. Bonus I don't care about spoilers since I played the games!
  19. It's weird, I know it's not her because I've seen Edward Scissorhands several times but whenever I think about that character, I imagine Katey Sagal.
  20. I agree, I felt mostly let down with this movie. I didn't hate it but Shuri is not leading character material. Maybe a different actress could pull it off (like Bassett!) but definitely not Wright. I do feel like Okoye would have been a good choice, too, and thought it might be heading that way when she was demoted. Namor seemed less hotheaded than he is in the comics but he was okay. Power-wise he was portrayed accurately, I think. And he acknowledges he is a mutant! I'm feeling more and more that mutants are going to be revealed to have always been around but have stayed secretive for the most part. Don't know where they will go for the next one, hopefully Shuri Panther becomes a stronger character by then but I'm doubtful. Recasting would have been the better choice for this movie.
  21. I keep thinking Val Kilmer and BD Wong are long lost brothers somehow. Also, Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro.
  22. CoLA

    The Bad Batch

    Nothing about the new season? So far nothing that interesting has happened. Episode 3 has been the best one, with Crosshair and Cody. Hints that Crosshair may change sides eventually? And I spotted a reference in episode 5! The scene where Phee is about to pick up the stone, it pans back to Omega with her hands out like Satipo was in Raiders when Indy was about to grab the idol.
  23. But that was the best one LOL. That series really went downhill fast and even Mando showing up wasn't enough to fend off the mediocrity. If you want a good laugh, watch the Pitch Meeting video on Youtube about it.
  24. I'm ready! Really hoping Mando gets a new ship at some point. Like, how can you be a bounty hunter with such a small ship? There's no room for the bounties. :P
  25. CoLA


    Finally caught up! Loved the whole thing but I'd rather they had used orchestral music like the original movie. But I did like that Enter Sandman cover! Since it looks like it will be 3 seasons, there's still room to get Madmartigan in there. I was wondering that about Graydon, too. I think she took on Elora's appearance to trick him, so he just thinks it's her.
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