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  1. Hey, me too (IT in education, that is)! Although we are back in the office, we're allowed to work from home once a week which is nice. I really appreciate that as I hate driving to work, it's all highway and I swear people are crazier on the roads now. Just this morning I was changing lanes for an exit as there isn't much time to do so, so put my blinker on, look back, see a car fairly far enough back that I can get in, so start moving over. Apparently they didn't want to slow down as they blazed past me so fast I had to pull back over which almost made me hit the divider. It feels people on the highway never want to slow down to let someone in now. I feel like I've had more near accidents in the last 6 months than I've had in my previous years driving. I feel really worried for the future, like I don't even know if I even want kids someday because the world lately just feels more awful every year and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
  2. CoLA

    Ms Marvel

    The first mutant mention in the MCU and it's in Ms Marvel! I was not expecting that. I guess they're still ignoring the Inhumans for now, I guess. Probably not sure what to do after that mess of a series they had a few years back.
  3. Is that why the old action figure had a yellow lightsaber?
  4. Any mention or cameo of Hercules? I've been wondering if he would show if they were introducing the Olympians.
  5. I'm going to wait a but to see this, probably a couple weeks so the crowds die down. It does look fun! Anything surprising happen at all, like post credit scenes? No spoilers, just curious.
  6. CoLA

    The BOYS

    Loved this season! Homelander just doesn't care anymore and his supporters don't, either. But I wonder how the heck Maeve survived that fall since she lost her powers. She must have lost them in the explosion so how did she land safely?
  7. I think so? I have a bunch of weapons now, although they didn't do me any good when I was trying to return the vehicles for Delamain. I got to the third car and the thugs there wiped me out in seconds. The katana is pretty badass. I'm a little farther now, I have Keanu popping up all the time to berate me LOL. Trying to do more side missions than main so I can level up and get money.
  8. Well, I'm still at the beginning. I just did the mission where you sneak into Konpeki Plaza and see the dude off his father, then you have to escape. That was pretty intense. I was thinking while your character is hiding this game would be amazing in VR.
  9. So I'm guessing I shouldn't do the High Danger missions yet. I see the icons for them around the city but haven't gone to any.
  10. I'm definitely a go in blind type, I like to just see what happens. Like if there are choices, I'd rather make my own decisions without knowing the outcomes. Doesn't always work out since I think I got the worst ending in Detroit: Become Human. :P I did get pretty wrecked in a street fight with some gang members until I found out I could hide out on a rooftop and pick them off one by one. I had to laugh at the guy's voice when they would toss a grenade my way "Who wants a grenaaaade!"
  11. I'll have to go back and talk to the boxer, I walked by him before as I just wanted to hang with Jackie.
  12. Just wait until Spider-Man comes out for PC! I just started playing this, it's pretty fun so far. I'm guessing you can't get the katana until later on.
  13. I would give two terms, like the president gets. We also have reps that are around 90, retire already! There should be a forced retirement age, make it 70 or so. I think SC judges should only be on there for a limited time, too. Come to think of it, I feel like the people should have more of a say in appointing judges instead of the reps. Like, they're put in by a specific party who have an agenda, maybe get some independent people to appoint them instead.
  14. Strange has that third eye in the comics! In this, it looks like he got it from using the Darkhold. I thought that after credits scene was weird because in the first one he's screaming in pain from it and in the next one he's totally fine.
  15. CoLA


    I think they're going more for the John Byrne look for She-Hulk, she was more lean than muscular when he drew her.
  16. From what I've read, it sounds more like a continuation of the original show. I've only seen a few episodes of the old series, but I love time travel stuff so I'll give it a whirl.
  17. This was the best finale out of every season, bar none! So bummed about and they had me when . Can't believe how many emotional moments there were in this one, I don't know how they will be able to top this one.
  18. CoLA

    Ms Marvel

    Loved this episode even more! So am I guessing right that her crush actually is her cousin as she was pretending he was in the cafe? Laughed at the "hero landing" moment but I knew right then something was going to go wrong. It was even potentially worse since that looked like a longer fall than where he was when he was hanging out the window.
  19. Holy crap, Vader just straight up stopping the ship from taking off with the Force was a pretty badass moment! Also, his fight with Reva showed just how unimpressive the Inquisitors are against a trained Sith. Good enough to impress the rubes but when it comes down to it, they're just not that good.
  20. I recognized the first one they showed but I had to look up his name because I couldn't remember it. That was Tera Sinube and he showed up a few times in the Clone Wars show, his only big appearance was an episode where Ahsoka lost her lightsaber to a thief.
  21. CoLA

    Ms Marvel

    Starts today! It was better than I thought it would be from the trailer, still comes across a bit CW-ish but the characters are likeable. And she totally has the Nega Bands in this! There is a brief moment where she when she first puts it on. Powers seem a bit Green Lanterny because of this but I don't mind the change.
  22. It just seems like a weird thing to say if they had fought again already. It's like Vader is George Costanza in that Seinfeld episode, "That's what I should have said!"
  23. Wouldn't this kind of mess up the line in ANH "When I left you I was the learner, now I am the master"? I feel like to make sense, Obi should soundly beat Vader one more time to show he still has some tricks Vader doesn't anticipate.
  24. Finished the new season! Between this and Kenobi, that's more television in one weekend than I'm used to. But I loved it! And now we have to wait a whole month for the conclusion, argh!
  25. I think another problem with doing more Indys is the movies work best in a specific time. Once you get out of the 20s/30s era, they don't feel the same.
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