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  1. CoLA

    Deadpool 3

    One more time, Hugh! So will this mean he is officially part of the MCU?
  2. CoLA


    Finally finished! Last episode was the best, it was two stories from the comic, Dream of a Thousand Cats (yes!) and Calliope. I had to hit up IMDb after because I recognized the actress playing Calliope's voice. Turns out she voiced the main character Kassandra in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, so that was neat. DoaTC was animated and looked great, highly recommended. Good thing is even if you haven't watched the whole series yet you can skip ahead to ep 11 because it doesn't directly tie into the other ones.
  3. I forget! I watched the series about ten years ago on DVD so it's been a while.
  4. CoLA


    Best episode so far! This is the one that felt the most like a live action She-Hulk comic. I wouldn't mind a Wong/Madisynn short on D+. :P
  5. I mean, the original had ones like this!
  6. I hope so! Be neat to see what he has been up to all this time, I bet Bakula would be up for it.
  7. Probably just a regular car, like a 4 door sedan type. Not sure if I would get hybrid or all electric.
  8. CoLA


    It's...kind of a UFO movie but I don't want to say anymore because I feel like that would be spoiling it. It's about a brother and sister who are horse trainers that begin to notice there is something in the sky above their ranch. Really liked it!
  9. CoLA


    How could someone even doubt that? RDJ even showed up as Stark in the after credits scene.
  10. CoLA


    I like those little nods, like Rhodey's "It's me, I'm here, deal with it" in IM 2.
  11. CoLA


    We got more in the second one! Some lawyer stuff, some family stuff, even a Wolverine mention. Well, just a blink and you missed it mention but still. Episodes sure do go by fast!
  12. CoLA


    I do agree we should have gotten two episodes because this one went by so fast!
  13. I think about a quarter of my work day currently is looking at stuff online that I would like to buy but then I remember how much I make LOL.
  14. CoLA


    I think it was needed since non-comic readers won't be as familiar with her and they need to establish that she is different than Hulk. Still 8 more episodes so there should be plenty of time for the lawyer stuff.
  15. CoLA


    I've watched up to ep 6. Still don't like Dream and now even worse, I didn't like Death, either. I thought she was just eh, not very memorable. And she was my favorite in that series! So bummed about that. Now that I think about it, I also didn't like Lucifer. Not sure what I didn't like, just wasn't feeling it. It's just hit or miss for me, I did like John Dee, Hob, Matthew, Lucien and Cain and Abel, so I feel like they got some of them right.
  16. CoLA


    Awesome first episode! I think this will end up being my favorite of the Marvel D+ shows. I'll admit, I wondered that about Cap myself. :P
  17. My list! 1. Keaton! His two movies are great and I'm still hoping for to see him again Flash. 2. Totally agree about Conroy, he only did the voice and that one live action appearance, but his take is the most iconic. It's hard to read anything with Batman without hearing him. 3. Bale, even though I hate the voice he did for it. 4. Batfleck, but only for the action. I thought this version was too paranoid, even for Batman. And he was an idiot. 5. Pattinson. Didn't really like anything about the movie and didn't like him as Bats or Bruce. Probably the most bored I
  18. My guess is it would be like reimaging a computer. All the applications would still be there but any saved profiles and preferences would be gone.
  19. CoLA


    So what did insomniac do to get banned? I guess I could look at their post history... Edit: Never mind, I guess this is their only post. :P
  20. I used to have this dream growing up where I would visit this place that was really familiar to me, but wasn't anywhere I've been IRL. I remember there was a family there and another kid my age that I would play with. I would get there by going through a hole in the wall in the basement of my parent's house. It was somewhat recurring, like I would have it 3 or 4 times a year. I distinctly remember when I would go through the hole in the wall, I would be in a hallway that ended in a side door. The door went into their house. Right next to the door there was a scarecrow sitting in a chair, I was
  21. I saw this the other day and thought it was pretty funny.
  22. CoLA


    I watched a couple more. Maybe I didn't want a live action Sandman as much as I thought. It's been okay but nothing that makes me salivate for the next episode. It's just like, I'll watch the next ep whenever. I recommended it to people I know when it first came out but so far they either haven't watched it or only watched the first one or two and stopped. I don't hate it, so that's something?
  23. CoLA


    Was this a test to see if banned users can post?
  24. CoLA


    I watched it this weekend, a return to...well, not greatness but it was way better than The Predator! It's about time we finally had a Predator movie that takes place in modern day, especially since we've known since P2 they've been coming to Earth for centuries. I really liked the lead and appreciated they didn't make her great at everything like some movies will do. My only complaint was I felt like it would have better if they had taken a more Jaws 1 approach with the Predator and not shown it much until later. The bear scene would have been a neat place to introduce it, to the lead and the
  25. I did nothing yesterday and loved it! Okay, I decided to get back into skateboarding but then it got too hot so I went in for more nothing.
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