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    So what did insomniac do to get banned? I guess I could look at their post history... Edit: Never mind, I guess this is their only post. :P
  2. I used to have this dream growing up where I would visit this place that was really familiar to me, but wasn't anywhere I've been IRL. I remember there was a family there and another kid my age that I would play with. I would get there by going through a hole in the wall in the basement of my parent's house. It was somewhat recurring, like I would have it 3 or 4 times a year. I distinctly remember when I would go through the hole in the wall, I would be in a hallway that ended in a side door. The door went into their house. Right next to the door there was a scarecrow sitting in a chair, I was
  3. I saw this the other day and thought it was pretty funny.
  4. CoLA


    I watched a couple more. Maybe I didn't want a live action Sandman as much as I thought. It's been okay but nothing that makes me salivate for the next episode. It's just like, I'll watch the next ep whenever. I recommended it to people I know when it first came out but so far they either haven't watched it or only watched the first one or two and stopped. I don't hate it, so that's something?
  5. CoLA


    Was this a test to see if banned users can post?
  6. CoLA


    I watched it this weekend, a return to...well, not greatness but it was way better than The Predator! It's about time we finally had a Predator movie that takes place in modern day, especially since we've known since P2 they've been coming to Earth for centuries. I really liked the lead and appreciated they didn't make her great at everything like some movies will do. My only complaint was I felt like it would have better if they had taken a more Jaws 1 approach with the Predator and not shown it much until later. The bear scene would have been a neat place to introduce it, to the lead and the
  7. I did nothing yesterday and loved it! Okay, I decided to get back into skateboarding but then it got too hot so I went in for more nothing.
  8. CoLA


    Anyone watch it yet? I've only seen the first episode, I thought it was okay. For some reason I don't really like the actor playing Dream. I thought he was good until he started speaking LOL. Seems to be getting good reviews and I've heard episode 5 is especially good so we'll see.
  9. CoLA

    The Batman

    In my humble opinion, it's pretty mediocre. I was expecting a great movie from the rave reviews it was getting but I thought it was pretty generic. And holy crap, shelving a 70M movie just like that?! This sucks that we may never get to see it. Then again, maybe it's really bad and WB is saving us the wasted time watching it. :P
  10. I think we can count Darth Revan as a Sith who became a Jedi, too! The character was supposed to show up in Clone Wars but the scene ended up getting removed.
  11. That's like Def Leppard, they were huge in the 80s and now you never hear them on the radio even though they still release albums.
  12. CoLA


    Hopefully better than season 2!
  13. I was going to watch this the other night but got distracted by a Tollywood movie I wanted to see first. I heard it was pretty good. Why is it playing in the theater, too?
  14. I think I'm finally starting to feel it, or at least I was watching the new Thor movie. I may have just not been that into it. On the other hand, the trailer for the next Black Panther movie has me really hyped!
  15. Flying is definitely my most common! Ever since I was little, I would have dreams where I would realize I could fly and would go all over my neighborhood and farther away. I do think about being able to fly pretty often, so I guess that would be why.
  16. CoLA


    A game where you play as a cat in a futuristic city! If you have the new PS + Extra or Premium, you can play it at no extra cost. I played for an hour last night, so far it's not hard, more puzzle oriented than anything.
  17. I've always found it weird that so many people in the US have flags on their cars and homes. I mean, you're in America already, you need a reminder of that all the time?
  18. Living in Tucson, I used to see people carrying guns pretty often. You kind of get used to it but it's still weird. To me, anyway, just not a big fan of guns. Now that I'm living in another state, I never see anyone carrying them.
  19. I don't know, I still have nightmares the one time I drove on the LA freeway. I remember at one point a garbage bag flew out of the back of a pickup truck I was behind and smashed open on the hood of my car, spraying trash all over! All while going 80 MPH LOL. At least I did make it to my destination accident free.
  20. Hey, I know AZ, I used to live in Tucson! Better drivers, at least, totally agree with the bad driving in Phoenix the few times I drove up there.
  21. Hey, me too (IT in education, that is)! Although we are back in the office, we're allowed to work from home once a week which is nice. I really appreciate that as I hate driving to work, it's all highway and I swear people are crazier on the roads now. Just this morning I was changing lanes for an exit as there isn't much time to do so, so put my blinker on, look back, see a car fairly far enough back that I can get in, so start moving over. Apparently they didn't want to slow down as they blazed past me so fast I had to pull back over which almost made me hit the divider. It feels people on t
  22. CoLA

    Ms Marvel

    The first mutant mention in the MCU and it's in Ms Marvel! I was not expecting that. I guess they're still ignoring the Inhumans for now, I guess. Probably not sure what to do after that mess of a series they had a few years back.
  23. Is that why the old action figure had a yellow lightsaber?
  24. Any mention or cameo of Hercules? I've been wondering if he would show if they were introducing the Olympians.
  25. I'm going to wait a but to see this, probably a couple weeks so the crowds die down. It does look fun! Anything surprising happen at all, like post credit scenes? No spoilers, just curious.
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