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  1. I think I may have had an epiphany! The character's major malfunction in the first act will point the way to what the human story is. Using the Star Wars OT as an example, Luke's major malfunction is that he longs to get away from his mundane existence as a farmer and find adventure, yes. But also, he wants to learn about his father that he never knew. That's part of his major malfunction too. He wants to go off with Obi-Wan and become a Jedi and basically follow in his father's footsteps. The twist is that he learns that his father is a bad guy and following in his footsteps is revealed
  2. According to my date, it was good sushi. But given that I was a sushi virgin, I can only take her word for it. I guess its just not for me.
  3. I guess for me its a matter of not knowing where to start. Should I have a basic premise in mind when developing the first act? Or should I expect the premise to develop from writing the first act? What drives what? That's what I can't figure out. Yes, I've developed most of my first act stuff, but I can't even be that comfortable with those choices if I don't have some kind of larger picture to guide me. I feel like I'm just flying blind and my anxiety is only fueled by the fact that I don't have any kind of larger vision for what I'm doing. I need something to guide me. Here's th
  4. I'm spinning my wheels again. The good news is that I pretty much have my act one checklist completed. I nailed items 2, 3, 4, and 5. I pretty much had these for a while now, but how fleshed out should these answers be in the act one stage? "What is the world they live in, and what is their conflict with it? To answer this question thoroughly, don't I need to know something about the story that I haven't even developed yet? Without getting too much into it, I know that my protagonist has inherited a spell (it's passed along at birth) that will allow him to seek out something th
  5. Yeah, I kinda got that feeling too. Nice to know I'm not completely clueless.
  6. But what if this thing that I want so badly be critical to the story isn't in the first draft, and I can't even see a place for it? Doesn't it pretty much mean changing the whole premise of my story? Remember the movie Signs? That whole story was ultimately about a guy regaining his faith that he had lost, right? That was the whole point of the story, the big pay-off that everything was leading to. If, hypothetically, this is what Shyamalan set out to do from the beginning, didn't he have to keep that in mind when writing the story, sense everything ultimately revolved around that? The f
  7. This is one thing I'm hesitant about doing. I'm currently reading LOTR (I've seen the films a billion times but never read the books), and the thing that I really like about both LOTR and The Hobbit is that the lead character is a nobody who pretty much spent his whole life in his small backwater home, and pretty much knows no more about the world beyond his own borders than the reader does. Throughout the quest, the reader is slowly introduced to the world with the hero. I've read a lot of fantasy stories and my favorites are the ones that fit that mold. I always thought it was such an or
  8. Yeah, that's a great post, and a big help. I'm relieved to see that I actually got a lot of that first act stuff nailed down already. A lot, but still not all. And I think you're right that I'm thinking of too much at once. Even though I don't know how it happens yet, I instinctively know that there is some kind identity crises and subsequent betrayal coming, but that happens later. I guess I haven't been fleshing out the rest of my first act because my mind keeps leaping forward to this betrayal business and what it is. So maybe I need to shelve that for now and continue to flesh out my
  9. I'm pretty set on writing a fantasy story though. As genres I love both sci-fi and fantasy, but what I absolutely hate is when writers combine the two. Seeing aliens, future tech, are whatever, placed in an otherwise fantasy setting of castles, dragons, magic, etc., has always been a big turn off for me. I may not be writing about what I know best, but I think I have enough knowledge to make it work. Mythology has always been an interest of mine, and I've drawn extensively upon that, Celtic mythology in particular. I've also read all the books by Joseph Campbell, and also studied Carl Jun
  10. Well, its not that I didn't read it! I guess I'm just so far out of my element that even advise from a professional doesn't help much? I'm not a creative person. I love math, solving puzzles, etc. I have a physics degree and like to derive physics equations for fun. I'm a left-brain guy. I'm actually beginning to think that I don't even have a right-brain. But for a long time now I've wanted to create something, and I'm hell-bent on writing this thing. But I swear that it makes my brain hurt more than any physics problem ever has. Sometimes I have to take vacations from thinking about
  11. Odine, I think that is a good strategy, and it's one I try to implement. But I know myself. If I allow myself to just focus on world building, that's all I'll ever do, and I'll never stop. It's gone on for years. It's an OCD tendency with me. I've written a lot of the history of my world, and still working on that, but when I try to flesh out some story in the backdrop of it all, something requiring character-driven elements, I feel like its too big for me, and I'm suddenly overwhelmed. It's like I go into fight or flight and I can't think. I can catch glimpses of bits and pieces of a s
  12. Yeah, I think you nailed it. My brain wants to create the big picture first (the beginning and end), and then I try to write everything in between. Then I get frustrated when it doesn't lead me to my already adopted conclusion. Like you said, I'm going at it backwards, and my brain doesn't want to do the reverse. When the story starts to evolve differently, its hard to let go of my original vision. Without that, I feel lost.
  13. Here's an update on what I've done. I've developed my world more. A LOT. That's the only thing that's going well, and evidently, the only part of this that I can do. I can't write a story. I'm still in those initial stages of trying to put a story together and after just a few minutes of thinking about it, I'm frustrated to the point that my brain hurts. And the more I force myself to think, the farther away the ideas recede, even ones that are clear and sharp when I'm going about my day. They're gone the minute I sit down and actually devote time to them. I dig deep, and there's nothi
  14. I keep getting told that I look like Jake Gyllenhaal.
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