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  1. Found another one! I'm literally just learning that Ellen Barkin isn't Kathy Baker. I always thought the mother from the show Animal Kingdom was the redheaded neighbor from Edward Scissorhands, but no.
  2. When I saw the first POTC film, I spent a good part of the movie thinking that Kiera Knightly was Natalie Portman. There should be a movie where Kiera Knightly plays Natalie Portman’s decoy or something.
  3. Ed Harris and James Caan. For a long time I thought these two were the same person. I still can't keep straight who played in what movie. My memory always wants to put Ed Harris in James Caan's roles and vice versa. Jeff Daniels and Daniel Stern. Don't ask me why I formed an association between these two. Maybe it was just the name similarity. I can correctly identify each actor by name, but again, my mind wants to swap their roles. I constantly have to remind myself that Jeff Daniels wasn't one the burglars in Home Alone, because that's the way I remember it.
  4. I just hope DC doesn't try to do some kind of in-story crisis style reboot like they do in the comics. I want a clean start.
  5. I'm all for a DC movie universe reboot. Aside from the first Wonder Woman film, everything else has been pretty bad. A reboot can only mean an improvement.
  6. Quetzalcoatl


    Holy Shit! I've been waiting on this show for years. I had no idea it was already out until I saw this.
  7. Not sure if this is referring to my older posts, but I certainly wasn't suggesting that we take Yoda as gospel. Like I said, the whole point of ROTJ is that Yoda was wrong. That was the whole payoff.
  8. For me, it's classic Loony Tunes. I'm in my 40's, and I'm just as entertained watching Loony Tunes now as I was when I was a kid in primary school. I recently started collecting these on DVD. I haven't watched these in I don't know how long, but I recently came across a 6-volume DVD set in the video section of Barnes & Noble, and it revived my interest. I have three more volumes to go. Each volume is over 6 hrs long. I'm super excited about it, but I probably won't watch these right away. I plan on saving them for a rainy day.
  9. That whole Laurie-Michael showdown at the end just felt like an add-on and out of place in this film.
  10. This one was...different. Not what I was expecting at all. I didn't hate it, but I still prefer H20 as a resolution to Laurie and Michael's story.
  11. Choc, I can see how you might have that impression, but it's a little more complicated than just not liking something. The source matters. I want to illustrate with an example. One of my favourite fantasy authors is Dennis McKiernan. McKiernan actually wrote a sequel to LOTR years ago. It started out as fan fiction, but when he finished it, he was so pleased with it that he tried to get it published. Of course, he was blocked by Tolkien's estate. I've often wondered how I would have felt about it had he been successful in having it published. Dispite my opinion that McKiernan is a great writer, I don't think I would have been too happy about it. I doubt I could have ever viewed it as anything other than glorified fan-fiction, and probably would have never read it. That being said, I still don't think I would have felt the same kind of unease that I feel about this Amazon show. McKiernan, like Jackson, seems to have a deep love and respect for Tolkien's works, and I don't think either were making a product just to get a paycheck. Can anyone honestly say they have the same opinion of Amazon? And Amazon isn't exactly known for it's intellegence, either. So to see it try to take on something that's been revered and regarding as work of genius for decades is of course going to create some concern and misgivings for a lot of fans.
  12. This was the point I was getting at. That name recognition seems to be the only thing that attracted Amazon, to the point where they're willing to compromise everything else, that's all. Okay. I said my peace. I honestly wasn't trying to derail the thread or instigate a heated exchange. I thought mutation was a pretty tame and fair description of the show. Never said mutilation. I'm walking away from this now. Going off to read my books.
  13. Here's something to think about. If Amazon wanted to do a high fantasy show, why not do something original or adapt another book series that was more easily assessible to them? Fantasy is hugh genre, and there are some great stories out there that have been around for decades that would make for great tv series adaptations. Surely Amazon could have more easily gotten the rights to some these and created a more accurate representation of an author's work. So why instead would they go for Tolkien and all of the limitations that force them to produce only some weird mutation of an author's work?
  14. I get that. Amazon has it’s hands tied in a lot of ways. But shouldn’t that have been an indication to them that they shouldn’t have touched it at all? If they knew going into it that they couldn’t do it justice, maybe the decent thing to was to leave it alone.
  15. I wanted a bonafide Tolkien adaptation. If other people can enjoy the show, good for them. Not saying they can't or shouldn't, but I can't stop thinking about what this show could have been: a show that was true to what tolkien wrote, an accurate and faithful adaptation. Peter Jackson was able to pull it off, so why not Amazon? I guess that required more effort and thinking than what Amazon is accustomed to? Admittadly, Jackson made some changes too, but nothing so drastic that it altered Tolkien's legendarium or changed the DNA of Tolkien's world. You get the sense from Jackson's films that those are films that are set in Tolkien's Middle Earth. But, like someone said above, this show sounds more like fan-fiction written by someone who is drunk or high and only has second-hand knowledge of Tolkien's works. I'll pass.
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