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  1. Haha. Good point. I guess it's silly to worry about whether something is/isn't cannon in context with a multiverse.
  2. I loved this movie, but there's a couple of lingering questions that's been bugging me. Spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen the film yet... 1) The premise is based on Peter wanting to cure these villians in the hope that their actions don't lead to their deaths once they return to their own universe, right? The idea being, if they're no longer villians, then they'll stop doing whatever it was that lead to their deaths. But can't the villians do that anyway, cure or no cure, now that they have knowledge of how their course of actions are going to lead to their deaths? There's nothing i
  3. Garfield was my least favorite cinematic spidey, but yeah, he stole every scene he was in with Maguire and Holland in this film.
  4. I went into this completely spoiler free and had no idea whether or not Andrew or Tobey would be in the film. I figured at most we'd get cameos from them if they were in it at all. I wasn't expecting them to play such a huge part in the film. Totally blew me away.
  5. The current count is 82 moons. I'm an astronomy teacher so I have to stay up to date on these things.
  6. I know that this has been brought up before, but wasn't the whole "chosen one" theme Lucas created for the prequels kind of redundant because Palp would have died on the Death Star anyway when it blew? Even if Vader hadn't turned back to the light side and killed Palp, he would have been just as dead a few minutes later anyway. So why the chosen one? I've heard it argued that Palp would have had plenty of time to get off the DS before it blew, but I'm not sure I buy that. Palp never took the rebel attack seriously to begin with. He was way too overconfident I can't see him just abandoning
  7. I loved it! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much going in. A couple of minor nitpicks... SPOILERS... 1) I find it hard to swallow that Egon's teammates wouldn't believe his apocalyptic claims. They thought he was crazy? After everything they'd seen, how does anything still sound crazy? 2) No Slimer cameo! Not that big of a deal, but how does a Ghostbusters film not have a slimer cameo? Did I miss him somewhere?
  8. I think I have my story! Everything just fell into place. Literally just now. Everything fell into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces were there. I just could never see how they fit before. I know how the hook is delivered in the opening "scene." And the final "scene" compliments it nicely. I know how and why the betrayal happens. Tank, that advice on finding the right thematic drive made all the difference. Once I did that, the characters just took over and kinda wrote the story themselves. I still have things I need to develop further, but the big picture is the
  9. I actually prefer the one on the right. The less pronounced facial features made him look less human. More ghost-like. Something about that blank stare is frightening.
  10. Was Palpatine originally supposed to be an alien? Before the PT, I just assumed he wasn't human. His weird forehead I think is what threw me. It wouldn't quite make sense considering that the rest of the empire appeared to consist of humans, but if Palp was always intended to be human, why did Lucas go out of his way to make him NOT look human in ROTJ? Was Palp's disfigurement already an established thing despite not being mentioned in the movies?
  11. As much as I like H20, I agree completely about the mask. My favorite Michael mask is the one he wears in Halloween 4, 5, and 6. I've heard it argued many times by fans that that is the most terrible mask because it looks kinda stretched is lacking in facial features like cheekbones etc., but this for me is what made it scary. It kinda had a surreal quality to it.
  12. I think it would have been cool to have those older films acknowledged somehow as fictional in this new continuity. For example, it could have been revealed that they were stories written by someone in that survivors group. That way, while not exactly cannon, those films would still have a place. Fiction within fiction.
  13. I don't mind Michael being portrayed as a supernatural being who can't be killed, but I think it could have been handled better. SPOILERS... Like how Michael was seemingly overpowered by the mob of people at the end. And then he just suddenly gets up and effortlessly kills all of them? It was too over the top and all happened too fast. It actually made me think of the Padme resurrection scene in AOTC.
  14. That's my head cannon too! I actually watched all three over the weekend.
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