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  1. Might be a really dumb question, but is this also what is known as plot driven? As opposed to character driven? I've never been able to fully wrap my head around the difference between plot driven stories and character driven ones. I've got these questions at least somewhat figured out. For a long while now I've been leaning toward the latter. He idolized these people, and he feels let down. He feels that they could, and should, be better than what he is seeing. His betrayal was his way of trying to force them to take accountability for something that they had done (still don't
  2. I kinda have a theme, but I wasn't consciously aware of it until I read your post. Without getting to much into it, here's an example of what's hanging me up. The lead character was an orphan who was raised in mines by dwarfs and has no idea where he came from. He encounters a small group of his own people and goes away with them. He has practical reasons of doing so (the plot pretty much drives him to do so) but on a personal level, he's motivated out of a desire to connect with his roots and find out more about his origins. This group as a whole, in turn, is searching for a secret meeti
  3. So here's where I am on the writing thing. What I realized is that I can flesh out events pretty easily. I know what I want to happen, what the consequences are, etc. But its all "surface." For example, I know who the characters are and the things they do. I know the consequences of their actions, emotional fallouts, etc. But I struggle with why these things happen. I know that a character has to do X, but I don't know his motivation for doing it, just that he has to in order for the next thing to happen. Now I just have to figure out the underlying motivations behind the characters' a
  4. On second thought, even with construction stalled for a while, it would have still taken up the better part of those two decades that separates the PT and OT, given how much Jen aged in the time jump that happened in Rogue One. That opening scene couldn't have taken place that long after ROTS. Guess my explanation doesn't work after all.
  5. You also have to remember that construction on Death Star 1 ceased for a time. In that opening scene of R1, Director Krennic tells Galen Erso that construction on the weapon has begun again, or something to that effect. We were never told how long construction was stalled, so that could account for the time discrepancy. That's how I rationalize it to myself, anyway.
  6. I guess what bugs me is that we needed dialogue to "show" something. So many times in the PT dialogue was either unnecessary because what we were seeing was already self-explanatory, or necessary because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to make sense of what we were seeing. It felt like Lucas wanted to tell the whole PT story through dialogue. Take Anakin's and Padme's relationship, for example, and how that unfolded. They both state their feelings for each other and Anakin just throws out the idea that they should be together and keep it a secret. There was way too much talk an
  7. So every few years I like to have a SW marathon, and usually I'm left with some new insights and questions that I never thought to ask. Here are a few... 1) Does Rogue One ignore the prequels? According to the PT, Palpatine inherited the DS plans from the Geonosians. But in Rogue One, the Empire didn't just build the thing. We are told that the plans that the rebels extracted were the work of scientists employed by the Empire. Is this a continuity problem? Or were the plans that Palp got from the separatists incomplete and in need of further work? Has this ever been addresse
  8. I'm having flashbacks of when I used to moderate the Lyceum back in Nightly's heyday and this crap would happen on a daily basis.
  9. So, I'm stuck again. Sort of. In some ways I've made a lot of progress sense last posting here. Figuring out those first act questions really helped solidify the premise of the story. I know who the lead character is, his backstory, major malfunction, his place in the world. I have a clear vision of what the quest is. Not some vague half-formed idea like before. I know exactly what the purpose of the quest is, the destination, and a big part of the journey there. So you could say I made a lot of headway. But none of that really constitutes an actual story, does it? The actual sto
  10. Thank you all for the advice. I guess you could say I lucked out because she ended up canceling. Its a long story, but we had to do a zoom date instead. I was kinda bummed about that but at least it took the pressure off of what to do.
  11. Yeah, I was half-joking about canceling. I'm leaning toward candy now. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it earlier. Its not over the top like the other things I mentioned, but it acknowledges Valentine's Day and pretty non-dramatic way. What do you guys think about the candy?
  12. How about this. I tell her I'm having Covid symptoms and cancel. I never meant to schedule a date on Valentine's Day to begin with. I would have never intentionally done that, for this reason. If any of our female members are reading this, please help! What's my best move? How bad would it be if I didn't get her anything? I mean, its a first date. She can't be expecting anything, right? But then again, it is a date, and it is Valentine's Day....
  13. So a rose is too much? Is there another breed of flower that's considered less personal? What would you recommend? I thought about a card instead, but I personally consider that even more personal than a rose. I also thought about a balloon that says Happy Valentine's Day, but thought that was too cheesy, on the opposite end of the spectrum from the rose. I just know I need to do something given the day, but I need to be careful given that this is just a first date.
  14. So, the other day I made a date with a woman for tomorrow, without realizing that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. First dates are awkward enough for me, and now I'm feeling more pressure due to it being Valentine's Day. Part of me is saying don't sweat it, its a first date and Valentine's Day shouldn't mean much under the circumstances. But, another part of me thinks its a mistake to not acknowledge Valentine's Day in some way. I'm not suggesting showing up with a whole bouquet of flowers or anything ridiculous like that, but what about one rose, just a small token acknowledging what day it i
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