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  1. It's become a tradition for me to watch Halloween, Halloween 2, and Halloween H20.
  2. That's interesting. By blocking Luke's saber, Vader actually saved Luke as well. Never thought about that.
  3. I also thought the Jedi were smaller in number, like knights of the round table kind of smaller. In hindsight, I guess that wouldn't have made much sense for so few to preserve peace and justice in a galaxy.
  4. *smacks forehead* It never once occured to me that I was looking at the clones at some intermediate age. I feel kinda dumb now. I don't know why that never occured to me before. I guess its because that actor looked nothing like Jango.
  5. I guess the point that I was trying to make about Kylo was that he never seemed truly "taken" by the dark side, despite all the bad things he did. In ROTS, Anakin became all drunk with power once he turned. He suddenly had all these ambitions about ruling the galaxy that he didn't have before. It may have initially been about saving Padme, but he became power hungry because supposedly the dark side does that once you get a taste of it. But Kylo never really seemed motivated by power, though. Instead, it seemed like it was more about trying to prove something to himself. Its like his whol
  6. Is it just me or did those clones that Obi-Wan saw on his tour of the cloning facilities look nothing like Jango? They looked more like that security guy who worked for Padme. Typhoid? I always thought that was weird.
  7. Not by title, no. But he is in every real way that matters. He’s a dark side user with black robes and a red lightsaber who chose the quick and easy path...
  8. Yeah, I know he isn't being seduced in the same literal sense of a Jedi being seduced by the dark side, but I don't like that the movies chose to use that narrative. It just feels wrong. Despite Kylo looking like a psycho for most of the ST, I never got the sense that he was ever taken by the dark side. I was always left with the impression that his issues stemmed from elsewhere. All the evil things he did appeared to be done reluctantly and out of some misplaced sense of duty. "I know what I must do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it." That doesn't sound like some
  9. I have a big problem with how the ST inverted the light and dark sides where Kylo was concerned. He treats his role as a dark side user as one of obligation, as much as any Jedi to the light side. He was dedicated to it and was ambitious, but I never got a sense of seduction there, only obligation and duty, all the while being "tempted" by the light side. The seduction was associated with the light, which is SW blasphemy. Everyone knows the dark side is the quick and easy and seductive path. Being seduced by the light side is just silly.
  10. When Vader brings Luke before Palp in ROTJ, he says "It is useless to resist, son." Before the PT, I always thought Vader was speaking from personal experience, as if he once tried to resist and failed. That's what I thought we were going to see in the prequels.
  11. For me, this is the biggest thing lacking in the prequels. I always wanted to see Anakin wrestle with the dark side for a while before giving in to it, like how we saw Luke struggle with it in the thrown room. Spider Man 3 is another good example. We saw Peter seduced by the symbiot. But at the same time it freaked him out because he recognized it was changing him in a bad way, but the power felt good and he couldn't resist. That's the kind of thing I wanted to see in the PT. But it was crammed into one film, and even that movie kind of glossed over it. One minute Anakin is joining to t
  12. But Padme was voting against the army. That was my point. Of all the senators, why should he want to remove her? Yes. It was part of the deal he made with the trade federation viceroy. The TF was still pissed at her over the events of TPM. The only way they would sign Dooku's treaty is if he brought them her head. Of course Padme didn't know that. For all she knew, she was just a senator who was voting against creating an army that could destroy the separatist movement, so it was kind of odd that she would suspect Dooku of trying to kill her. I just wish the film had made exp
  13. Why did Padme suspect Dooku to be behind her assassination attempts in AOTC? She was right of course, but on the surface he should have been the last guy to point a finger at. She was a separatist sympathizer. She was kinda on their side. So why would she even think Dooku was trying to kill her? I never understood that.
  14. I always put Black Widow in the B-list category of superheroes, so I wasn't expecting much or super-excited about this film. Maybe it was my low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed this movie a lot. I loved the dynamic between the "family" and seeing Natasha's backstory fleshed out more.
  15. Might be a really dumb question, but is this also what is known as plot driven? As opposed to character driven? I've never been able to fully wrap my head around the difference between plot driven stories and character driven ones. I've got these questions at least somewhat figured out. For a long while now I've been leaning toward the latter. He idolized these people, and he feels let down. He feels that they could, and should, be better than what he is seeing. His betrayal was his way of trying to force them to take accountability for something that they had done (still don't
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