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  1. Then he burped in my face.

    Were you eating dinner? That's when Isis likes to burp in my face. I think she's hoping I'll be so disgusted that I'll let her have my food. Unfortunately for her, I like food almost as much as she does!

  2. Copper, I remember you telling me something about how the character didn't learn from the situations she's been through.



    I think I was just creeped out because I saw Ranger as a big brother figure in her life. Like, Stephanie has Morrelli with his Alpha Male/Protector personality, but I saw Ranger as the mysterious mentor. And right after they slept together, he went straight back to that, but making dirty jokes because he knew it bothered her. If anything, Ranger was probably the most mature one out of all three of them! It just didn't seem worth it to me for a quick screw that lasted a page.



    Maybe I'm just bothered when I read stories about women acting stupid.

  3. Started "To the Nines" (Stephanie Plum #9) by Janet Evanovich last night. I still like it, but the last 2 books sort of pissed me off because of what they did with character relationships. It's supposedly fixed in this book, but it made me think a little less of the writer because I thought it was lazy.


    For those of you who have read it:


    I could tell that the author just broke up Stephanie and Morrelli so that she could go screw Ranger. I had no problem with Ranger being a non-sexual friend and a mentor she could depend on. But Stephanie has pretty much been a giant whore for books 7 and 8, and it was not appealing to me. I can get that she's not ready to be a mom and a homemaker, but the way it was portrayed was just immature.


  4. Most of them have legit reasons, like pet deposits. I understand that it's inconvenient for them to stop by our house twice a day to let her out or feed her. But some of our friends are just kind of the type that you don't ask for many favors from. You just accept that they're fun to hang around and nothing else.


    We have a friend who is sporadically employed (he works for the Parks service and most of the parks are closed in the winter), and he is usually glad to help us out, but he actually managed to snag a job up in Alaska through April. He really enjoys Isis, and we know he takes good care of her, so we prefer to use him when possible.

  5. We went to Hawaii for a week and Isis missed us so much! She has been extra snuggly since we got back, and exceptionally well-behaved. Apparently, we need to go on vacation every once in awhile to keep her on her toes! :lol: Boarding cost $300 though, ugh. None of our local friends can or want to dog-sit.


    We got her a bandana on the trip. It says "Mahalo for a belly rub." (Mahalo = Thank you)

  6. I had to spray Murray's paws with Yuk spray because he licked them so much that he made a sore. Silly Murray! :(

    Isis has done this before. You guys just got back from vacation, right? He might have been suffering from a little separation anxiety. Isis has done this when she's upset about something... like us leaving her at the kennel. Keep up with the Yuk spray and he'll be alright in a few days.

  7. Until yesterday, we've been away from Isis for a total of 2 hours in the last week. We had a bunch of people crash at our house last night, too. I'm not sure what she's going to do when we have to go back to work on Monday! Today she's been pretty pooped though. I think it's all caught up to her.

  8. mg, maybe when the weather gets nice we can meet in Green Lake and bring Isis along! I'm sure she would love that.


    Isis found her Christmas gift this morning and started in on it before we could even start unwrapping gifts. She got a knuckle with peanut butter in it and she loves it. We had to take it away, though, because she was starting to cut herself on it because she was going to town on it.


    Then we watched Up. Isis is so Doug. :lol:


    On the way down Isis was a good little traveler but she was a pain in the butt in our first hotel room. She wanted to get back on the road, so she nagged us all night and I didn't get any sleep. Grrr. But last night she let us sleep until about 7 AM. She keeps poking her head out the curtains in our hotel room because they're just the right height. My husband went out to the store to get something while I took a shower and when he was coming back, she poked her head right out when he walked up. He laughed so hard. I'm imagining all the people who saw her poking her head out there this morning. Surprise, it's a dog!

  9. How can one doggie look soooo stinking cute in a still photo? She does, though. I can see her whole personality.

    What do you see in there? Spoiled? Obnoxious? Cute and knows it? Any of those will just about cover it.


    She is totally wound up tonight. Normally she naps half the night, but she is all up our butt because she saw us packing. She keeps following us around like she is afraid we will forget her, and she keeps running downstairs to the garage door like "Let's go!" But she's finally worn out and curled up next to the couch.


    Sulis, at least Bob didn't bring his offering into to bed. Mmmm... breakfast in bed!

  10. She finally lies down and goes to sleep after an hour because she realizes it's going to be a long trip. Every once in awhile, she pops her head up to see what we're doing. If she keeps her head up for a long time, it's usually a sign she needs a potty break. She's really a good little traveler. This is an 18-20 hour drive we're embarking on tomorrow, and she does fine. She perks up when she feels the car slowing down because she realizes it means we're stopping soon. Occasionally she gets a treat to munch on, and we feed her out of a collapsible bowl. What we really need to watch is her water. She gets pretty thirsty in the back, so we have to remember she needs it or she'll pant up a storm.


    I think keeping her in back keeps her calmer. If we let her in the backseat, she'd be trying to bug us the whole trip. "Hey, you guys aren't doing anything, why don't you pet me? Oh, well why don't I make that easier on you and crawl into your lap. Lemme spread out so the driver can pet me too. Oh look, I've taken up the entire front seat. Oh well."

  11. This morning the kitty was on my pillow just relaxing and Calli ran into the bedroom at least ten times with various different toys, each time barreling over to kitty to sniff/prod/whine/jump/play. Kitty pretended she was asleep every time Calli got close. It was so funny.

    That is way cute.


    Isis loves cats... ok, really she loves anyone or any animal. I keep telling her that just because she loves them does not mean they love her back. She got swiped once for running into a cat fight because she wanted to play. She got bapped on the nose and just sort of stood there in shock like she couldn't believe someone would do that to her. When my mother-in-law adopted her feral cats, Isis was in love. That's where I got the picture of Isis giving the kitty kisses/sniffs. Teeger couldn't give 2 craps about Isis and she was just up his butt following him everywhere.

  12. LOL, Isis used to kill the lizards when we lived in Florida. She would step on them trying to catch them, and then she would be so upset when they were dead.


    If dogs could talk:

    Isis: Tag, you're it!

    Lizard: ....

    Isis: Tag, you're it!

    Lizard: ...

    Isis: You're it!

    Lizard: ...

    Isis: Dammit, not again.

  13. 'Cita, I'm sorry about your kitty's leg! :( If it has to be done, it has to be done. You are being a good owner by being proactive. The vet told me she's had to do 4 times as many euthanasias in the last year because people are waiting too long to bring their pets in and it's too late, or they're just refusing to run any tests and putting them down. She actually had a woman walk out and leave her cat behind last week because she didn't want to deal with it. It made me sad.


    We're feeding Isis Blue Buffalo. We were only feeding her 2 cups a day and the vet said, well, cut it to 1.75 cups. The vet told me to look up the calorie count on it and she'd help me figure out if it's really high in fat or something. I hope we don't have to switch her, because she seems to like it and I'm pretty sure it's better for her than Iams. We already have her on the chicken formula since I would assume it's leaner. Guess I better go research dog food!

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