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  1. He mostly goes by Brad, but that's because of everyone's natural tendency to shorten everyone's names. His family still calls him Bradley (after all, thats what they named him), and when he's in formal situations, he introduces himself as Bradley, but he lets people decide if they're going to call him Brad or Bradley. But people always shorten it to Brad because people just like to shorten names. I call him Brad because that's how I was introduced to him by some mutual friends. I've offered to call him Bradley since the rest of his family does, but he honestly doesn't care enough either way. If anything he gets mad that the bad guy/jerk in any movie is always named Brad, and is usually blonde as well. :lol: I don't think he's ever gotten a hard time about his name, though. (And he grew up in SoCal, by the way. This PacNW thing is a relatively new thing.)


    My mom gets royally pissed when anyone calls me Nicki, though. She has always insisted that I be a Nicole and not a Nikki. Ironically, my mother-in-law decided she wanted to call me Nicki, and yet she calls her son by his formal name. Don't get it. But it makes my mom want to blow a gasket.

  2. Guys above the age of 8 whose first names still end in a "y" Jeffrey? Oh really? Davy? Johnny? Just :no:

    You do realize that Jeffery is the proper name and Jeff is the nickname, right? There's also Jeremy. And Bradley.


    Jeremy is acceptable, the other two aren't. You'd have to be a guy to understand. :drool:

    I asked my husband, Bradley, and he didn't understand why you're so worked up about the y at the end of his name.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't give someone a ride in my car unless I knew them. My safety is more important than a parking spot.


    Unfortunately, the stalking in the parking lot is a necessary evil when you work at a ridiculously busy mall at Christmas season. I would get to work a half hour early just to get a parking spot, and then I'd end up stalking someone anyway. Fortunately, they made a deal with a nearby business park and arranged for a bus to transport mall employees. That made life a lot easier.


    Parking has gotten ridiculous at work, lately, too. Some days I have to take a shuttle or hike 1/2 a mile to a mile. Not a big deal, but if I don't have walking shoes in my car, it's pretty painful. Or if it's raining and I forgot an umbrella. I've had people ask me if they can have my spot if they see me leaving. I'll usually tell them, "I'll try to help you out, but if someone gets in a fight over it, I'm not getting in the middle of it." Fortunately no one has so far, but I've seen some pretty ugly stuff in the mall parking lots.

  4. I normally hate Ben Stiller, but I'll admit I loved Night at the Museum. Haven't seen the sequel yet. But I thought Terminator Salvation was ****. I'm glad I paid $1.50 to see it, and not the full $10. I don't think the movie is going to save Sarah Connor. But I'll admit that what I watched of Sarah Connor was far better written than Salvation.

  5. Bad news guys:


    Scoop: Fox set to terminate 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'

    Apr 14, 2009, 03:56 PM | by Michael Ausiello


    Resist the urge to nuke the messenger, but multiple sources are telling me that Fox will not be renewing Terminator: The Summer Glau Sarah Connor Chronicles for a third season.


    "It's done," maintains a source close to the show. "Everyone has pretty much known for a couple of weeks." Adds a network insider: "Consider it canceled."


    The one bright spot? Despite horrific ratings, Fox isn't ready to declare SCC dead and buried -- at least not officially. "No decision has been made yet," insists a network rep. "We will be announcing our fall schedule on May 18."


    Rough translation: It won't be back.


    Oh, I just thought of one other bright spot: At least the show went out on top creatively. Last Friday's finale was an action-packed, closure-filled triumph. The only thing left unresolved is what Summer Glau will do for an encore. I'm thinking 24 should hire her as next season's Big Bad.

  6. I think Brad went a little overboard in dominating her. I mean, it's good for us because we can even pull food out of her mouth (which has come in handy recently). It's definitely a pain in the butt when it comes to other animals, though, because I either have to ask owners to get their dog off of mine or I have to intercede because she just doesn't know what to do.


    The cat even picked on my mother-in-law's formerly feral cat, though. I don't know what that cat's issue is. It's not like they're a mean family. The cat is pretty much allowed to do what it wants and no one mistreats it. (Brad's dad does call it a stupid cat when it's doing absolutely nothing wrong though, LOL.) The first year, the cat took a swipe at Isis and Isis made like she was going to let her have it, but Brad called her off, so now she won't do anything. Personally, I would have let the cat have it and then pulled Isis off, but Brad is a much kinder person than I am!

  7. Alright, so I'm not a cat person, but those little pink pads are adorable.


    If we needed further proof of why I am not a cat person, my mother-in-law has been volunteering at a shelter (I think I mentioned this earlier), and she's pretty much decided to open her own satellite branch of the shelter at her house. She's fostering 3 adorable baby kittens until they are old enough to adopt (this week, I think). As much as I am not a cat person, kitties are still pretty adorable. The day we were leaving, she brought them out to "play" on the couch and I helped her keep an eye on them. They were totally adorable, especially this little tiger-striped one who kept trying to get into mischief. But within 15 minutes, I was snuffling like I had been nailed with bear spray and my left eye looked like someone had punched me. My husband had to run to the store for some Benadryl so we could leave for the airport without looking like a domestic violence victim. Sorry baby kitties, but I can't even be friends with you anymore!


    I am so packing Benadryl for this trip. My in-laws have this evil cat who picks on my poor dog. Isis is a total wuss.

  8. I feel like a bad puppy mom today.

    Now she is wearing Brad's socks on her feet attached with those velcro zipties. She looks like she's wearing 80s legwarmers.


    Poor Isis...but LMAO!!!

    I keep singing, "She works hard for the money" every time I see her. I don't think she is amused.

  9. I feel like a bad puppy mom today.


    1. Went to Petsmart and decided not to get Isis her usual giant bone for Christmas. I blame that one on puppy dad.


    2. Went to specialty pet store for special doggie treats instead. Saw adorable fleece. Saw $40 pricetag. I wouldn't even spend $40 on a fleece for myself. Walked out with doggie cookies and a bully stick. Not as exciting as giant bone.


    3. Decided to take Isis out to play in the snow. She had a great time... until my husband realized her pads were bleeding. She had some hot spots on them from licking them at the kennel while we were in Florida (anxiety, I'm guessing). Turns out running around in the cold opened them up. :( Now she is wearing Brad's socks on her feet attached with those velcro zipties. She looks like she's wearing 80s legwarmers.

  10. I let Isis out for the first time since she's been home. She was out there for a few minutes presumably doing her business, and then she barked to be let in. She promptly ran upstairs to the safety of her couch. She thinks it's too damn cold out too! :lol:

  11. Ok, well, the temp in Denver has been below zero at night for days and our house's old heating system is not doing well in with this weather. It's been 55 to 58 degrees in the house at night. I woke up to such a treat this morning, though! Both cats were sleeping at my feet, right next to each other, less than an inch apart!

    Oh man! I feel your pain. We came home last night to a 45 degree house. I just dropped $300 having some pump replaced. :(

  12. My mother-in-law has become the cat/dog lady. She started volunteering at a shelter when she retired and now she's decided to open her own satellite branch in her house. Since she got back from our place the day after Thanksgiving, she newly acquired a dog and 3 baby kitties that she CLAIMS she's just keeping until they're old enough to adopt. She already had 2 feral cats and a "cheagle" (chihuahua/beagle mix). The new dog is a mix of chihuahua and something fat.


    Needless to say, the animals are already driving her crazy. We were going to replace her garage door opener for her as a Christmas gift (she decided to try and open it when she had it manually locked down), but instead we decided to do something to get her dogs out of the house. She wanted a kennel, but they weren't very big and were ridiculously expensive. So instead my husband built her a dog line that allows the dogs to be leashed to a line between two posts and they can run back and forth all they want and not drive his mom insane.


    We tested the first one out on the cheagle. He wasn't very big on testing it, so I had to get him to chase me to one end. Well, he didn't stop, so when he got to the end of the line, he flew like Superdog. We decided to add a spring to it. :lol:

  13. When we were getting ready to leave for Hawaii, Isis freaked out because she realized we were packing. She loves road trips, so she got herself all excited thinking she was going to go. Normally we drop her off at the kennel if we're flying somewhere, but this time we had a friend who needed a place to stay for a week so he was going to watch her and the house while we were gone. But she was going absolutely nuts, so my husband made me put her in the car and drive her around the block. She was thrilled. She didn't even care that we left her at home after that. :rolleyes:


    Last night I gave my puppies a bath. They did not enjoy it! Neither did I. I'm used to bathing a 12-pound dog, not two dogs with a combined weight of about 40 pounds! (Yes, it's a lot for me, especially while leaning over the edge of a garden tub.) Once they get bigger they're going to have to get sprayed with the hose.

    You bathed them together? You crazy.


    Call me lazy, but we tend to drop Isis off at Petsmart and give them $20 to bathe her. She comes home smelling pretty (maybe a little too pretty), and we get some shopping done. She thinks going to Petsmart is a total treat, too.


    I don't know if this is all Petsmarts, but the one near us does not know how to actually give a dog a trim, so they shave them and just claim they were matted. EVERY. SINGLE. DOG. I always hear customers in there reaming them out. I would side with the groomers except I really have never seen them trim a dog, just shave. They also refuse to clip our dogs nails because they claim she won't hold still. I believe them because it takes 2 of us to do it. But then the kennel we take her to can do it just fine. She doesn't come home smelling as pretty, but her nails need it every once in awhile.

  14. What is up with the buttscratching thing? Is it because it's the one spot they can't reach? Like humans trying to lick their elbow? Because our dog will get her front half on the ground and stick her butt straight in the air for you. No wonder she gets humped at every dog park we go to. Hussy.

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