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  1. I was talking to a hardcore Romney supporter a few days ago, and said -- truthfully -- that if I could trust him to be the softly pro-choice, pro-business nerd version of Romney that has popped up again a few times lately, that I'd prefer him to Obama.

    As someone who is pretty pro-life, I realize that the GOP candidates mostly are just paying it lip-service because it gets them votes from the Jesus crowd. I know Roe vs Wade is never going to get overturned, no matter who is president. When I took the quiz, I even ranked it as pretty low in importance because i know this. The most you're going to get is someone like Bush denying federal funding for stem cell research. Outlawing abortion is pretty much a conservative Christian wet dream.

  2. Candidates you side with...




    Gary Johnson Libertarian


    on economic, healthcare, and immigration issues



    Barack Obama Democrat


    on foreign policy and immigration issues



    Mitt Romney Republican


    on immigration and social issues



    Washington Voters


    on economic, foreign policy, domestic policy, immigration, and science issues.


    American Voters



    Not too surprised, I know my tendencies have gotten a lot more libertarian. And there's pretty much no way to get lumped in with the Republicans on social issues being pro-life. Obviously there was no way to weigh space exploration enough to overcome getting higher for Obama.

  3. Last night was Quinn's first birthday. She got a cupcake. Isis waited patiently next to the high chair for her share. I don't think she got any except for some that landed on her butt, and she did not notice until Mr. Skywalker pointed it out to her. I will have to share the video and photo of dog with cake on butt.

  4. I really want to make a dinner joke, too.


    Isis needed furminated lately. (I like how that's a verb.) I finally did it last night and OMG ALL THE FURS. It was enough to make a second dog. All if these weather mood swings have put her in a perpetual shedding season.


    I like chickens. I like coming up with names for them. General Tso, Kung Pow, Popcorn... Chicken names make me giggle.

  5. They do have to take quite a bit of chemistry. Theoretically, they understand how medicines affect each patient, side effects, how they interact with other medicines, and stuff like that. I've seen the pharmacists catch things that doctors don't. (Mixing medicines that shouldn't, suggesting another medicine that will work well.) Keep in mind that a lot of doctors are in the back pocket of the drug companies. But the person taking your script and filling it is likely a technician, and probably just has a B.S. or a certificate. You probably don't even see the pharmacist.


    In Europe, you don't necessarily go to the doctor for the prescription. The pharmacist takes care of most minor drug needs. I'm not sure why we've moved that direction with pharmacies. Maybe because of all of the big chains (CVS, Walgreen's, etc). If Brando pops in maybe he can shed some light on this. I believe Ryn has also worked in the industry.

  6. I was wondering if it was some sort of hot spot. Isis gets those on her paws occasionally (and once on her nose, sigh), and she just licks and licks and licks until its irritated so she licks some more. Drives us crazy because she sleeps at the foot of our bed and we can hear it all night. And since she doesn't understand that if she would just STOP it would get better, there's not much you can do about it if it's in a spot where the cone of shame is ineffective.

  7. One of my sorority sisters has a rhodesian ridgeback and that dog would be dangerous with opposable thumbs. I'll have to go find the YouTube videos they have of her. I think she actually knows how to open the fridge and get them a beer. I **** you not.

  8. My husband left at 10:30 am for a business trip. Finally got the kid to bed at 8. You bet I earned this wine. Whoops, didn't drink anything else today.


    The minor-league team back in Florida used to have 2-for-1 Tuesdays. Tickets, hot dogs, beer, everything. I admit I mostly went for the beer.

  9. Isis needed help scratching her butt tonight. Mr. Skywalker asked me to help her out. He took pity on her because she couldn't reach with her teeth, so she tried sticking her tongue out to reach the itchy spot. Goofy pooch.

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