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  1. It's hard not knowing, Harry. My husband had a dog run away from the kennel while we were on vacation and it still makes us so sad to think about her because we have no idea what happened to her. We tried kennels all over the county but no one had her. Like Little Guy, she's too old to be alive now, but it still eats at us. I'm sorry you had to go through it, too.


    It has been gorgeous the last few days in Seattle, so I've had the itch to go for a few short walks. Isis has been cooped up at home for weeks now, and having to share her space with a new little human. Sunday night I wanted to take her for a walk but my husband freaked out because Isis went nuts when she saw her leash and he was afraid she would pull me too hard and hurt my c-section incision. So yesterday we went out as a family and Isis had such a great time. Today, it was just Isis and I. Since I saw the doctor today and he gave me a clean bill of health, my husband was ok with us going out alone while he watched the kid. Isis only pulled once and that's when we took the turn away from the dog park near our house. (There's been a bordatella outbreak that isn't covered by the vaccine, so we're avoiding the park for a few weeks, and until my scar is completely healed since last time a dog jumped right on my very pregnant belly.) Even then, not bad of a pull, more like a no, I'm staying here. I think she gets it, because she wasn't even that well behaved for my husband yesterday. I promised her that anytime it's nice the next 3 months, we'll go for walks.

  2. Gotta love when curiosity gets the best of them. This is reminding me of an Isis story, since we've been talking hot tubs and water.


    When we lived in Florida, my husband and his mom had a hot tub in the backyard. Isis used to like to sit on top of it to get a better vantage point of her domain. One day, my husband was cleaning it out and drained most of the water out, and left the lid open. Isis never realized that the hot tub was for anything but sitting on, so she took a giant leap up onto it, only to find that the lid wasn't there anymore, and splashed into the water left at the bottom. I'll never forget the "oh ****!" look on her face, standing about chest deep in water, just totally frozen because her brain was catching up with what had happened.

  3. My girlfriend has to put her dog down. He's 14 so had a long and good life. Apparently he got a tumour on his spleen which burst the other day. :(

    I'm sorry UK. It actually turns out that Ginger (the dog mentioned above) also burst her spleen, although we don't know why. It's not a fun way to go. My condolences to your girlfriend.


    We got most of our house re-carpeted yesterday and Isis went to doggie daycare. She was VERY happy to see me, so I don't know if she had a good time at doggie daycare or not. I think that while she might like the idea of sniffing butts all day, she's much more comfortable at home, which is why we're so happy that one of our friends is now willing to house and dog-sit for us when we leave town. She was there for 12 hours, though, because the carpet installers took so long. I wonder if I can find babysitters for $20 for 12 hours... maybe they'll take my kid, too?


    Anyway, when she came home she immediately noticed the new carpet. She sniffed up a storm for the entire night. Contrast that to the night before, where we moved everything into 2 small rooms that will be done on Friday. She was so confused at all the open space. Then we got her riled up and she ran laps around the house, and she loved it because she didn't have to dodge furniture like she normally does. It was like her own racetrack. Mr. Skywalker played some hide and seek with her, too. She is not very good at it but she loves it.


    Other lessons learned: putting boxspring and mattress on the floor so that you can move it first thing in the morning before the installers get there means your face is at nose level. Mr. Skywalker got a pretty rude wakeup call, but at least his mouth wasn't open this time (she's gotten him good before when our bed used to be lower). Also, putting the alarm clock on the floor is not a good idea, either, because the dog will find a way to lie on it and turn the snooze button on when she wants you to get up, and then attacks you when you roll over to turn off the music because it's not time to get up yet. Sometimes I really don't know if she's just that damn smart or if she stumbles into these things.

  4. I think she's ok. She doesn't appear to be infested, probably just caught a few at the dog park or something and nipped at them. It might explain why she's at a svelte 65 lbs, though! And Brad's aunt thought she was getting fat...

  5. Isis has a tapeworm. Mr. Skywalker is all sorts of pissed off at her, as usual. He's always convinced it's from eating cat crap. The vet says it's probably from biting at some fleas that came near her. She's on flea medicine so at least the little bastards can't lay their eggs on her.

  6. I am really sad today. One of my favorite dogs ever passed away yesterday. She was a beautiful golden retriever named Ginger, and she belonged to my aunt and cousins. Her name was Ginger because her fur was a beautiful reddish tone. She had 2 "sisters": Cayenne, another golden retriever, and Sugar, a little white foofy dog. I don't think I ever saw Ginger so much as snap at a person or another dog. She just had the sweetest disposition. When my mom was living with them, my mom was not a fan of big dogs but Ginger won my mom over, even if mom would never admit it. She often greeted my mom by ever so lightly putting her paws on my mom's lap and happily panting in her face, which my mom claimed to hate, but it was just so adorable how Ginger was so gentle with mom. She just had the sweetest disposition and put up with kids pulling her tail, teasing her, etc. My mom's own dog is a real pain in the butt, and Ginger put up with her antics and I even caught them snuggling a few times, with Ginger patiently letting Lexi sleep right on top of her. She loved ice cubes, too. They were her favorite treat. She is the entire reason why I love golden retrievers so much. They're admittedly my favorite breed, even more so than Labradors (shhh, don't tell Isis).


    I have 2 favorite memories of Ginger:

    I was training for soccer in the off-season when we went to San Antonio for Christmas to visit my aunt and her family. One day, I decided to take Ginger for a run with me. As a testament to what poor shape I was in, Ginger took off and I simply couldn't keep up with her. She felt the pressure on her leash and looked back at me struggling and immediately set her pace to match my own. The dog took pity on me!


    The other favorite memory is when I came to visit my mom for her birthday when she was living with my aunt. While Ginger is one of the best-behaved dogs I've ever met, we came home from lunch and totally busted Ginger sleeping on the couch, flat on her back and stretched out. Instead of trying to act like she wasn't doing anything wrong (she wasn't allowed on furniture because she sheds like you wouldn't believe), Ginger just laid there like, "Yeah, I'm busted. Might as well enjoy this until they make me get down." My aunt had a pretty difficult time staying mad at her for more than about 2 seconds because she was just so cute and obviously comfortable.


    I will miss Ginger a lot. I really wished someday that she and Isis would meet because they would have had a great time together. While I know I'm mourning, my aunt and her kids are a mess. I don't know what happened yet, but from what my aunt said it was very sudden.

  7. She's probably still testing you a bit. It sounds like Roxy is one of those dogs that is going to need constant discipline and you'll probably never be able to "ease up" on her. That doesn't make her a bad dog, just a "needier" dog in that way. Isis is sort of the same. We've learned that while she is generally well-behaved, if you give her an inch, she will take a mile. The rules about people food are as much for our own sanity than anything else. If you give her food, it only encourages the begging, and it takes a good week to undo the damage. We indulged her on Thanksgiving this year, and she was horrible the rest of the weekend. She actually got outright PUSHY. I think we've learned never to do that again. It's going to be great fun to have a toddler who wants to share her Cheerios.


    I don't know if this would work for you, but we've set a few patterns for Isis to get her to pay attention to us. The first thing we always try is to tell her to sit. When she is in the sitting position, she knows it means we are going to ask something of her and to pay attention. Any time we teach her a new trick, we actually start her out in "sit". For some reason she's equated it with "pay attention and listen". The more direct tactic, if she really won't calm down, is we hold her muzzle and make her look at us, and we don't let go until she complies (usually this is with "sit" or "get down"). She doesn't like it, so she generally complies immediately. Sometimes it is a matter of wills, though, and a good staredown ensues.


    I know, rambunctious behavior is the hardest one to deal with, usually because the damage is already done and you're like "HAY GET OVER HERE YOU LITTLE TURD!" (And if you have friends, they sometimes encourage the rambunctious behavior because they don't know any better. We have a friend who hates when Isis jumps on him, but every time he walks in the door he raises his hands over his head and waves them, and talks loudly.)

  8. Poor Roxy. My old dog hated fireworks... she would just absolutely shake she was so terrified. Isis doesn't seem to even notice.


    You might need to get some of those sticky pads for cats to keep her off of the surfaces you don't want her on. Not that we expect to have the problem with Isis, but I've heard it suggested to use those or double-sided tape on cribs to keep pets from trying to paw at the baby while they're in the crib. Sounds like it actually works, so might be a good thing to get some of those for the countertops and the couch.

  9. Isis had SUCH a good time at the Seattle International Beer Festival yesterday. We almost didn't bring her because usually everyone gets drunk and wants to go to a restaurant, but we found a new place that would let us have her on the patio. She sniffed lots of dog butts and got many pets from people. The other dogs were chilling out in the shade most of the day but she was just so happy to be there that she sat and looked adorable for unsuspecting passersby. Everytime Mr. Skywalker went for a beer he took her with and her tail was just wagging the entire time. The few times he left without her she pretty much crawled into his lap when he got back. What a daddy's girl.

  10. She seems to like the rose petals. She actually grabs them out of the bottom of the pot after they fall off. When we lived in Florida, she liked bougainvillea, too. Then this morning we caught her peeing on one of the rose bushes that isn't doing much. Gee, now I wonder why. I'm going to concrete in the backyard, I swear.


    Time to go to Home Depot and get some more fencing to keep her out of the planters. That's why in the baby thread in Angels that there's a little temporary fence behind me. It's to keep her out of that planter so that the little plants in there can make it! She killed a lavender and a lithadora in a pissing contest with a friend's dog (who admittedly was a territorial jerk and I'm trying to keep my friends from bringing their dog over again). Why can't she eat the wildflowers we planted for ground cover? I care a lot less about those!

  11. I'm sorry, Copper. Petey sounds like a sweetheart, and I'm sure you and Jessica are heartbroken. I hope he enjoys his In-N-Out.


    This morning I learned not to get in between Isis and the door when she sees a squirrel, even if it's to open the door so that she can get TO the squirrel.

  12. We tell Isis that it's like ultimate butt scratching, but she doesn't go for it, either. We furminated her yesterday and it would compact down to about the size of a baseball... and about as hard as one, too!


    She has been outside all weekend waiting for her squirrel friend. The weather is not exactly pleasant, either. And when we make her come inside, she continues to sit by the window to watch for him. Too bad she doesn't understand that the squirrel really doesn't want to be friends.

  13. Yes, a big day of lying in the sunshine while we worked in the backyard. She is such a Florida dog. I should remind her that when we lived in Florida she preferred air conditioning to sitting out on the shady porch. But that dog loves sunshine more than anything.


    She likes to stick her head in places. Underneath the bed is mostly filled with storage boxes, but she sticks just her head under there and it happens to be right underneath where my head is. And it was 5:30 AM and my alarm didn't go off until 6 AM, dammit! She also likes to sleep with her head on the closet, with her head lying on my shoes if possible. She likes things over her head and under her chin when she is napping.


    My husband is going camping in a month for a long weekend, and I told him I'd rather stay home with the dog. I realized that while she is ok with him not being home, she's never done an overnight with just me. (She gets upset when I'm not home because that's not normal.) I think I am going to have a fretting puppy when he doesn't come home at night.

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