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  1. 'Cita, I'm sorry about your kitty's leg! :( If it has to be done, it has to be done. You are being a good owner by being proactive. The vet told me she's had to do 4 times as many euthanasias in the last year because people are waiting too long to bring their pets in and it's too late, or they're just refusing to run any tests and putting them down. She actually had a woman walk out and leave her cat behind last week because she didn't want to deal with it. It made me sad.


    We're feeding Isis Blue Buffalo. We were only feeding her 2 cups a day and the vet said, well, cut it to 1.75 cups. The vet told me to look up the calorie count on it and she'd help me figure out if it's really high in fat or something. I hope we don't have to switch her, because she seems to like it and I'm pretty sure it's better for her than Iams. We already have her on the chicken formula since I would assume it's leaner. Guess I better go research dog food!

  2. The vet told us today that Isis is fat and she wants us to shave another 1/4 cup of food off of what we give her. We were already giving her only 2 cups a day! If she hasn't lost any weight the next time we bring her in, we'll probably have to go with a diet dog food. After that, we'll look into thyroid issues. Poor pooch is going to hate us. She loves food and hates exercise, just like her mommy. :(

  3. He was looking for the ship in the hope that he could find both. I know the probe droid is shown in Mos Espa. But you'll notice that Maul turns up at the ship and not in town. Bit of a parallel with ESB probe droids looking for the rebel base


    There's a deleted scene where one of Maul's probe droids finds Qui-Gon and Anakin when they were on their way back to the ship. Qui-Gon busted it with his lightsaber and they started running. That's why the two of them are running for (seemingly) no reason when Maul ambushes them.

    I've always wondered why on earth they were running. Now it makes sense!


    Is this on the DVD? I only recently replaced my VHS version with the DVD. Not even sure if I've watched it yet.

  4. My old dog just liked rolling around in racoon poo. Stuff was like crack for her. Isis hasn't shown any inclination to kill or roll in anything smelly, thankfully. She's too friendly and too prissy. :lol: She gets so upset if she steps in something.

  5. My mother-in-law's retired feral cat brought in a decapitated rabbit once, and spent the entire night meowing up a storm because she was so proud of herself and wanted MIL to see it. Needless to say, MIL wasn't too thrilled. Those kitties are proud.

  6. I went back to my parent's hometown for an ethnic festival this weekend. Everyone there wears these vests that are part of the traditional costume (sort of like the little German outfits). The only people who wear the full costume are little kids and old ladies, but everyone wears the vest part and does a lot of drinking. This year I saw a lot of people who made vests for their dogs. Even if you don't think animals should wear clothes, it was pretty awesome. :lol: Even the dogs get drinking vests!

  7. Agreed. I just think dude in a cheesy tie and plaid blazer, maybe with a porn star mustache.


    Or, see my smooth-talking alma mater's President. That gross old snake-oil salesman totally looked me up and down when I came to ask him a question about scholarships. I can't stand listening to him because I always think "used car salesman" when he talks.

  8. I'm sorry, mg, to hear about your duckling. You did everything you could for the little guy, and gave him a chance. Just remember that you saved 9 of his siblings, too, though!


    Icy, when Isis was nameless for about a week, I called her "puppy!" all the time, LOL. My husband wanted to give her a mythology name but was having a hard time picking one, and he didn't really care for her "pound name", which was Jasmine.

  9. Yeah, dogs are pack animals, so you'll have to be a little bit of an "alpha", at least. Our dog is so beta I could practically call her a gamma, but even she tries to push what she can get away with some days. Since my mom is confined to the wheelchair, she really has difficulty disciplining her dog, and it shows. I think my mom is also a big softie as well, so I think she lets the dog get away with a lot because she doesn't want to punish her. But now my mom moved into an apartment, and the dog won't stop barking. She's really worried they're going to force her to get rid of her. I bought her a spray bark collar for Christmas, but she put it away and now can't find it. We're going there on Thursday, though, so I'll have to help her find it.

  10. "Meet me halfway".


    An old friend we haven't seen in years calls and says he'll be in San Francisco, which he assumes is really close to Seattle. He says we should meet halfway one weekend and hang out. So I come up with things to do that are about halfway between San Francisco and Seattle. It's about a 7 or 8 hour drive for both of us. So I told him where the halfway point was, and he keeps suggesting places much closer to him than to us. You know, buddy, that's not halfway. That's not even close. My time is valuable too, and I don't care to waste any more of my weekend in a car, either. Then he says he may not leave until Saturday morning. WHY are we even bothering to meet?


    I know I probably get far too irritated about stuff like this, but it seems like it happens all the time. I need better friends.

  11. We took her to the Seattle International Beer festival and she did really well. Other people had their dogs there as well. She is ridiculously friendly with dogs AND people, so I'm not worried about her as much as other dogs. Sometimes a more dominant dog will bully her at the dog park, and some little punt-worthy dog snapped at her at the beer festival. But it's never something that hasn't been resolved by removing her from the situation or asking the owner to watch their dog.


    I think there's a strict leash rule at the stadium, and if there is, I'll have no problem notifying security if someone's not abiding by it.

  12. My toy poodle LOVED raccoon crap. She would be trolling around the yard and then all of a sudden she'd leap into the air, flip onto her back in midair and divebomb it. Damn dog was white, too.


    Isis (black lab mix) hasn't really rolled in anything so far. But Brad caught her eating cat crap once, and he let her have it.

  13. My 7-lb toy poodle used to sleep on the bed. If she slept with me (pretty rare), I'd let her under the covers because she would burrow at my feet and keep them warm. My parents kept a blanket on their bed that she was allowed to sleep on. Believe it or not, little dogs get smelly.


    No way in hell am I letting Isis sleep in our bed. She's not that smelly, but smelly enough not to want her there. I'm also pretty sure she would hog the entire bed or I would wake up with her butt in my face. 70 lbs of puppy lovin' is not going to help my sleep. She has a nice little bed at the foot of ours where she rolls around, snores, and has puppy nightmares that wake us up every so often. I'm not sure what that spoiled brat has nightmares about ("Oh no! We ran out of food!").


    When we travel with her, we'll try to get a hotel room with 2 beds so that she stays up there instead of roaming around the room sniffing the entire night.

  14. You mean Luca hasn't learned how to hold the bell between her chin and chest yet? I've heard cats learn to do that so the birds don't hear them sneaking up on them.


    As someone who can't be friends with kitties unless I want snot pouring out of my nose and eyes, Luca is pretty cute. I like her coloring. :) Looks like she is pretty good at the princess treatment, too. ;)

  15. I think you're on to something. Although, I think Isis is better at turning on "pathetic" rather than "cute" when she's done something wrong. She gets so upset when she knows we're disappointed. Although she does manage to worm her way onto our laps despite not being allowed on the couch. Generally, when I see the third paw sneaking up onto the couch I make her get down, but occasionally she gets right into my lap and I'm just laughing so hard I don't bother to scold her.

  16. The thing is I really like her most of the time! But she just does not know how to set boundaries with animals. She says she has to give her dogs a bite every time she takes a bite of something. HAS. She volunteers at a shelter 3 days a week, and she just keeps bringing home animals. She's beyond cat lady. She's an all animal lady.


    I think all of this comes from only having one child. But I'm an only child too, and my parents aren't crazy. Ok, so my dad is 2nd most annoying in the wants-to-be-a-grandparent department, but I noticed that diminished somewhat when he married some lady with 3 teenagers.


    Already had the talk with the husband yesterday, though, and he immediately volunteered to bring it up to her if she pulls this crap with grandkids. But he admitted she's going to be a pain and want to spoil them. I don't know how he turned out to be so well-behaved. I guess she and I are just going to have different parenting styles. I've learned a lot from training Isis. Much as I love and miss my Princess, she was a brat and pretty poorly behaved. Lucky for her, she was cute. I can't imagine putting up with her dogs on a daily basis. The last time we visited, my husband got the most obnoxious one on his back, but what a fight it was. I've never seen a dog fight that hard against being dominated. We are by no means hard-asses with Isis, but she knows that we are the boss(es). The food thing will always be a struggle because she lived with my MIL for her first year, and because she's a Lab. I've accepted that, but she has made progress and I can't have her ruining that for Isis every time she visits.


    If only I could get the paper fetish to stop. Marriage licenses, baby shower invites... the better the quality or more important the paper, the hungrier it makes her!

  17. He says he'll stand up to her if she pulls this with the grandkids, because he realizes if I confronted her it would just cause resentment, but if he talks to her, there's a chance she'll listen. He says next time she visits he'll issue her a gentle reminder at the start of her visit about how we expect the dog to behave and how she can't have people food. (They had to put a dog down once because they made it ill from feeding it scraps... you think she would have learned.) She is ridiculously stubborn, however. I mean, I'm good at digging in my heels and being a general pain in the butt when I want to, but it's like talking to a brick wall with her. She's set in her ways. It's going to be very frustrating.


    In any event, I'm doomed. She currently lives in Florida but is talking about buying a condo up here for the summers. I'm counting the days I have left until she moves next door.

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