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  1. How do the other cats eat? Do they approach the food bowl the instant its put out, or do they just sort of pick at it all day?


    Isis attacks her food the moment its set down. She actually used to just pick at it all day until my mother-in-law's cat started checking out the food bowl. Now we have to put water in the bowl so she slows down and doesn't eat so fast that she barfs it right back up. Yay dogs.

  2. My best friend has chickens and they are her easiest pets to take care of. I don't see how you guys are coming up with the "chickens are a lot of work" statement. :shrug:


    From what I've heard, it's more "chickens are a lot of work at first," and I'm pretty well convinced it's because they need a coop and a yard. That's our delay... all of that needs to be built. But the birds are cheap and easy to keep, from what I understand.

    They need the coop, a few of them always die so you have to get more, predators get them (we have coyotes and stuff out here). The birds themselves are fairly easy.

  3. One of my co-workers started raising chickens last year. He has 4 boys, so he's had some pretty funny stories. They're glad they did it, but like Pong said, it's hard work getting started.


    Please name one of them General Tso for me. My co-worker's wife wouldn't go for it. She did let him get away with Popcorn, though (another one of my suggestions).

  4. Poor Ripley, indeed! Ouch!


    I came home to a big messy pile of doggie doo. We had been laughing the day before because Isis was farting a lot. Not so funny, apparently. I let her know I wasn't mad at her because I know when I come home to something like that, it's because she isn't feeling well and simply can't help it. But then she puked. Twice. On the new carpet. I finally shut her in a bathroom because she wouldn't let me put her outside. Then she had to spend the rest of the evening inside her kennel, because we had to clean the hell out of the carpets. My husband spent 3 hours cleaning the carpets and didn't even get to spend a single second with Quinn. We kept Isis in the kennel overnight because we didn't want to wake up at 3 AM to a puking dog and have to clean the carpet all over again. She cried about it, too. I felt so bad. This morning we put her back in there for the day.


    We think the culprit is these new treats we got her. But we also got a new bag of dog food the same day. They're both made by the same company, so I wrote to them and said something was up with the treats. Hopefully it is just the treats and not the food. If there is a recall I'm not going to be happy. When I did a little research last night I found out her food had been recalled sometime last year for excessive Vitamin D. Anytime I've had a food recall, the store has contacted me. Nothing from Petsmart. Not very happy right now.

  5. Had to board Isis this weekend because our usual dog sitter was out of town also. I made Brad drop her off, and we were going to pick her up right from the airport but our flight got delayed so she had to stay an extra night. So I picked her up this morning, first thing. Now I get to be the good guy and Brad gets to be the bad guy who abandoned her. Ha!

  6. Ha! Once at the dog park, Isis wasn't paying attention and ran into a giant puddle and got slurped into the mud at the bottom, clear up to her belly. My husband was NOT happy. I don't think he even wanted her in the back of the SUV, let alone in the house! He carried her straight from the car to the tub, which she loved until she realized the destination.

  7. He'd tell you if it was okay to move!



    My dog is being put to sleep in the next couple days. He started having seizures a couple weeks ago out of the blue, and the vet thinks it's a brain tumor. He's old and wouldn't be able to handle chemo even if we could afford it, and the anti-seizure medicine combined with the tumor symptoms make it so he can hardly stand up. :cry:

    Not so ha. :( Sorry to hear that, Irish. It is never an easy decision to make, but it sounds like you are making the right one. He won't be in pain. Wish I could be there to give you a hug.

  8. Isis had a rough weekend. Took her for a doggy bath on Friday since my dad was coming into town and we couldn't handle the stink anymore, either. Friday evening she started acting mopey, lethargic, and her tail was down, which never happens. Brad took a look at her butt and it was totally swollen. Called the vet Saturday morning and took her in. She had 2 impacted anal glands. Poor baby. The groomers claim they don't express anal glands on big dogs, but I think whoever bathed her did and screwed it up. The vet had to express them for her and she was sore all day yesterday. She is finally feeling better today. I feel so bad for my baby.


    And Tami thinks baby poop is gross!

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