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  1. The thing is I really like her most of the time! But she just does not know how to set boundaries with animals. She says she has to give her dogs a bite every time she takes a bite of something. HAS. She volunteers at a shelter 3 days a week, and she just keeps bringing home animals. She's beyond cat lady. She's an all animal lady.


    I think all of this comes from only having one child. But I'm an only child too, and my parents aren't crazy. Ok, so my dad is 2nd most annoying in the wants-to-be-a-grandparent department, but I noticed that diminished somewhat when he married some lady with 3 teenagers.


    Already had the talk with the husband yesterday, though, and he immediately volunteered to bring it up to her if she pulls this crap with grandkids. But he admitted she's going to be a pain and want to spoil them. I don't know how he turned out to be so well-behaved. I guess she and I are just going to have different parenting styles. I've learned a lot from training Isis. Much as I love and miss my Princess, she was a brat and pretty poorly behaved. Lucky for her, she was cute. I can't imagine putting up with her dogs on a daily basis. The last time we visited, my husband got the most obnoxious one on his back, but what a fight it was. I've never seen a dog fight that hard against being dominated. We are by no means hard-asses with Isis, but she knows that we are the boss(es). The food thing will always be a struggle because she lived with my MIL for her first year, and because she's a Lab. I've accepted that, but she has made progress and I can't have her ruining that for Isis every time she visits.


    If only I could get the paper fetish to stop. Marriage licenses, baby shower invites... the better the quality or more important the paper, the hungrier it makes her!

  2. He says he'll stand up to her if she pulls this with the grandkids, because he realizes if I confronted her it would just cause resentment, but if he talks to her, there's a chance she'll listen. He says next time she visits he'll issue her a gentle reminder at the start of her visit about how we expect the dog to behave and how she can't have people food. (They had to put a dog down once because they made it ill from feeding it scraps... you think she would have learned.) She is ridiculously stubborn, however. I mean, I'm good at digging in my heels and being a general pain in the butt when I want to, but it's like talking to a brick wall with her. She's set in her ways. It's going to be very frustrating.


    In any event, I'm doomed. She currently lives in Florida but is talking about buying a condo up here for the summers. I'm counting the days I have left until she moves next door.

  3. Of course, after we got home the dog slept for a solid day before getting back to her normal energy levels.

    Isis got to go on 2 day trips this weekend, so she was PFO on Saturday night. Pretty funny to see her so tired.


    My mother-in-law ruined my dog again this week. :angry: Isis is begging really badly and not listening to us. The thing that pissed me off the most is my MIL kept telling the dog I was mean. If you think you're going to pull this **** with grandkids, lady, think again!

  4. Do you put their food up when you're not around? Some people have told me not to leave food lying around. I don't have that problem with Isis because she would probably eat the bowl if she could get it in her mouth.


    Is she getting as much exercise now? Our vet keeps telling us Isis is kinda fat because she hovers anywhere between 70 and 75, and she'd like to see her at 65ish. But she hates exercise (hah, like her owners), so she told us just to feed her less. She gets about 2 2/3 cups of food a day, and while some people think that's practically starving your dog, she sure doesn't look like she's starving! I'm not even sure she has an idea of the concept of "full". She would probably eat until she puked.

  5. I'm really loving this thread. This is taking me back to the Nightly discussions of old, which was why I joined in the first place. We watched Episode II tonight and I started thinking of it the way you guys are doing, and I started bringing up questions and seeing scenes differently. I might have to pop in Episode I and write some notes.

  6. Similarly, I had no idea that the ominous sounding "AT LAST we will have our revenge" really meant, "at last we will start a blockade on your home planet, in order to score political points to propel you to the seat of Chancellor, which will allow any emergency powers resulting from our manufactured separatist movement to be vested in you, and when our manufactured separatist movement results in a civil war, we will have a pretense for both killing the Jedi in war, and blaming them politically in our role as the Chancellor, at which point (say, 15 years from now), we will have our revenge." In that sense, it just seemed a little bit like the preview was trying to sell the movie as something that it wasn't.

    Now that you've brought this up, it got me thinking. I doubt Sidious let any of his apprentices on his grand master plan other than, "We will crush the Jedi and the Republic". We saw how careless he was with Dooku's death. Maul and Dooku were both expendable, Dooku especially so once he saw how strong Anakin had become. I think this is one of those lines you could look back on and possibly read more into it. Also, Sidious's plans may have been somewhat foiled by Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin. I think the entire purpose of the blockade was to get Palpatine into the Supreme Chancellor's seat, but I doubt he told Maul that. But I wonder if, with the loss of an apprentice and the discovery of the "Chosen One" that Sidious may have had to wait a bit with his plans. Don't know if he had always had the clone thing in mind or if that came along in the aftermath of the Battle of Naboo.

  7. You need a fountain, mg.


    We worked on the patio this weekend now that we got rid of our hot tub, so I spent all afternoon Saturday staining garden timbers with deck protector. Isis can't stand to not be in sight. Isis now has red whisker tips.

  8. Did you read the book before watching the movie, Thomas? (Sidenote: I think it's the best of the movie novelizations, and I actually quite enjoyed it moreso than the movie!)


    I do remember kinda being clueless as to what was going on, as well. What the hell is Naboo? What's the Trade Federation? I wasn't sure if it was because I practically had the OT memorized and knew almost every nuance and was in unfamiliar territory for the first time in a long time, or if because it was simply a lot of new information without enough backstory.


    Tank, I think Sidious's introduction was appropriate. He's working in shadows, so a big ol' hologram is powerful, but not nearly as sneaky.


    Great insights by both of you! You've picked up on little things I never thought of or noticed.

  9. 47) Guys who wear baseball caps. It's so ****ing redneck. This is 2009, brah. Babes wearing baseball caps are still hawt though, especially if they have their hair in a ponytail through the back slot. :drool:

    Question: are baseball caps acceptable when playing baseball?


    Sure! Along the same lines, it's fine when an astronaut swears a space helmet, but it'd be ****ing retarded if you or I wore one walking down the street.

    So is my squirrel head ok? :(

  10. Not putting dishes in the dishwasher when you are done with them, and instead putting them in the sink. The dishwasher is RIGHT THERE.

    Gah! This one. And clothes next to the laundry hamper. Is it really that much more effort?


    Oh, and truck nuts. There's a reason men wear pants: balls are gross.

  11. Are you allergic to cats? I find that cats have this sixth sense, and if you're allergic, they seek you out. Or are they just after your pot pie? ;)


    I tell the cats, "NO KITTAY WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS!" but they don't listen. :( The last time I gave in and played with these 3 adorable kittens, I had snot coming out of every orifice on my face, and my eyes almost swelled shut. That's what I get for giving into cuteness!

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