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  1. 2 hours ago, Cerina said:

    He's on a different grid than the rest of us. But so far, it's holding. We'll see what it's like tomorrow. 

    Nope.  Unfortunately, moved us onto Ercot last year.

    The dog fortunately came inside as soon as he did his business each time I let him out.  Took about 20 seconds each time.  My wife also left some food outside to keep cold because our fridge is coincidentally full.  It froze solid in no time.

  2. 22 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

    Do you get paternity leave, paid or unpaid? How long?

    It’s not official leave, per say, but we both have modified duties for the spring and don’t have to teach classes, just work with our grad students, work on our research, and various service obligations.  This term, we officially got nothing, but my wife finished designed her class to finish material early so the end was review and I just didn’t realize how mine numbingly difficult this would be.  I made one video lecture a few weeks ago and felt out of breath halfway through it and realized I could barely think.

    overall, we are very fortunate.  The end of this term just messed with me horribly.  It’s mostly overseeing all sections of one course that has caused the worst of it.

  3. Thanks!  The first two weeks, especially, were very tough, but we pushed through them.  It didn’t help that we didn’t have everything we would need, in part because he got here two weeks before his due date, but also because there were some things we just didn’t expect to need until he was older.  It is nice. It to have to run out to Walmart or Target at least once per day anymore.

    fortunately, my wife's parents have also been staying with us to help us out with a lot of things.  This would have been so much harder without them here. My parents came out, too, for a while, which was also good.

  4. I just realized it is Thursday, as I haven’t been looking online at anything or watching at all.

    I imagine the game had started, but I know nothing about any of it.  My pick is Atlanta, though.

    I might not have time to make picks for the upcoming bit anyway. We’ll see, though. 

  5. Thursday, Nov 3
    Philadelphia at Houston: Philadelphia

    Sunday, Nov 6
    LA Chargers at Atlanta: Atlanta
    Miami at Chicago: Miami
    Carolina at Cincinnati: Cincinnati
    Green Bay at Detroit: Green Bay
    Indianapolis at NE: New England
    Buffalo at NY Jets: Buffalo
    Minnesota at Washington: Washington
    Las Vegas at Jacksonville: Las Vegas
    Seattle at Arizona: Arizona
    LA Rams at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
    Tennessee at Kansas City: Kansas City

    Monday, Nov 7
    Baltimore at New Orleans: Baltimore

  6. We completely forgot to get candy to give out this year because we didn’t do it the past two years due to the pandemic and we have had a lot going on recently, so it didn’t occur to us to buy any until we went out on our walk early in the evening. We made sure to turn out the lights anywhere near the front door. However, we still had someone ring our doorbell later in the evening.  We just completely ignored it, so I was initially worried we might get an egg or two thrown our way, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

  7. We went for a brief walk around the neighborhood early in the evening and saw some young kids out trick or treating with their parents. One of our neighbors ors had a bunch of decorations and relatives or friends dressed up as vampires for people to take photos with.  It was a nice atmosphere, which was great to see.

    It would have been even better if the church just down the street wasn’t blasting music with heavy bass for hours on end even before their trunk or treat event started, but clearly nothing can be done about that.  

  8. Thursday October 27
    Baltimore at Tampa Bay: Baltimore

    Sunday October 30
    Denver at Jacksonville: Jacksonville
    Carolina at Atlanta: Atlanta
    Chicago at Dallas: Dallas
    Miami at Detroit: Miami
    Arizona at Minnesota: Minnesota
    Las Vegas at New Orleans: New Orleans
    New England at NY Jets: Jets
    Pittsburgh at Philadelphia: Philadelphia
    Tennessee at Houston: Houston
    Washington at Indianapolis: Indianapolis
    San Francisco at LA Rams: San Francisco
    NY Giants at Seattle: Giants
    Green Bay at Buffalo: Buffalo

    Monday HALLOWEEN October 31
    Cincinnati at Cleveland: Cincinnatti

  9. Thursday, October 16th

    New Orleans at Arizona: New Orleans

    Sunday, October 23rd

    Atlanta at Cincinnati: Cincinnati
    Detroit at Dallas: Dallas
    Indianapolis at Tennessee: Tennessee
    Green Bay at Washington: Green Bay
    Tampa Bay at Carolina: Tampa Bay
    NY Giants at Jacksonville: Giants
    Cleveland at Baltimore: Baltimore
    NY Jets at Denver: Jets
    Houston at Las Vegas: Las Vegas
    Seattle at LA Chargers: Chargers
    Kansas City at San Francisco: Kansas City
    Pittsburgh at Miami: Miami

    Monday, October 24th

    Chicago at New England: New England

  10. Thursday October 13
    Washington at Chicago: Chicago

    Sunday October 16
    San Francisco at Atlanta: San Francisco
    New England at Cleveland: New England
    NY Jets at Green Bay: Green Bay
    Jacksonville at Indianapolis: Indianapolis
    Minnesota at Miami: Minnesota
    Cincinnati at New Orleans: New Orleans
    Baltimore at NY Giants: Baltimore
    Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh: Tampa Bay
    Carolina at LA Rams: Rams
    Arizona at Seattle: Seattle
    Buffalo at Kansas City: Kansas City
    Dallas at Philadelphia: Philadelphia

    Monday October 17
    Denver at LA Chargers: Chargers

  11. Sunday October 9
    NY Giants at Green Bay: Didn't pick in time for
    Pittsburgh at Buffalo: Buffalo
    LA Chargers at Cleveland: Cleveland
    Chicago at Minnesota: Minnesota
    Detroit at NE: New England
    Seattle at NO: New Orleans
    Miami at NY Jets: Jets
    Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
    Tennessee at Washington: Washington
    Houston at Jacksonville: Jacksonville
    San Fran at Carolina: San Francisco
    Dallas at LA Rams: Rams
    Philadelphia at Arizona: Arizona
    Cincinnati at Baltimore: Baltimore

    Monday October 10
    Las Vegas at Kansas City: Kansas City

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