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  1. 24 minutes ago, Darth Krawlie said:

    That’s fair. Part of what I have a hard time with is how incredibly needy they constantly are. I’m needy enough, do I really need a creature who’s gonna sulk and sob if I stop petting it after an hour straight just cuz I gotta pee?

    Just imagine if your wife had felt that way when she met you.

  2. This is all why I don’t take my dog places.  He’s a very little guy who wants to be petted by everyone and will try to make sure he gets those pets by standing up on people’s legs. Yeah, I did a horrible job trying to prevent this back when I got him.  The problem I had was that I was completely alone then and wanted a lap dog who wanted attention all the time and he fit the bill completely, but I couldn’t train him not to behave like this around other people because I never saw other people then. Now, he is almost 15 years old, so there’s definitely no getting it out of him completely now.

    He has had a hell of a year and a half now adjusting to not being the center of attention with a baby in the house.  Fortunately, he and my son get along well.  It just stinks that we have to keep the dog in a pen a lot because my son has dog allergies.   He has adjusted well to our dog now, at least, but we still need to keep our dog in less space now, which is more difficult with a completely open floor plan.

  3. My father in law and I started taking nightly walks soon after Christmas.  It was so nice walking around and seeing all the lights up.  It has gotten so much darker I’m the neighborhood now that most of the lights are being shutoff (even if they are still up).  Some of my neighbors put up the permanent lights this year.  Some still have them on in some capacity, which is great, but others have them fully off, which seems like it really misses the point.

    Meanwhile, we got some LED bulbs to replace our old outdoor lights that allow us to change their colors (and even allow them to alternate colors).  This is the ideal option to me since they are cheap, we’re easy to put in, and allow us to decorate the house for all sorts of holidays and events. A few of our neighbors have them, too.  

  4. On 12/22/2023 at 1:26 PM, Tank said:

    Oh please. No one rides a horse now in a professional or daily travel capacity. It's recreational or competitive.

    The closest grocery store to me has a hitching post that I’ve actually seen get used.  Of course, a lot of the roads just out of the city still are called farm-to-market and I see folks who wear homemade clothes from out of town just about every week, so things may just be a bit different away from coastal cities.

  5. I hope to watch this at some point, but I am so hopelessly behind on shows and movies that it could be awhile.  

    I have liked many of Snyder’s movies for what they are, which are typically flawed films that feature some really cool moments and a visually interesting look, so I am sure this will scratch that itch when I want to watch something pretty that I don’t want to get into too much.

    Him trying his take on something like Star Wars is at least intriguing to me, too. However, I am also damn tired of hearing arguments about his movies all over the place.

  6. On 12/12/2023 at 3:35 PM, monkeygirl said:

    I have friends here who only decorate the top half of their tree



    On 12/13/2023 at 9:14 AM, Cerina said:

    Definitely! We've had plenty of trees that were only decorated on one half! And that half has changed through the years. We had years where we could only decorate the top because toddlers. We've only done the front part of a tree because of walls and corners. We've had trees that are only decorated on the bottom half because the children insisted on doing it all themselves. 

    In my experience, children don't give 2 shits what a tree looks like as long as one is up. 

    I do like the idea, but the big problem right now is him pulling it over. He is constantly pulling at anything he can get his hands on.  Our tree and most of the ornaments also have a lot of other stuff piled on them now in the basement closet, so it would be horrible to try to dig it all out. The other stuff is all things that got displayed Ed to make room for him. Our guest room used to be storage, but we have had family staying with us for a vast majority of the last year for various reasons (and are very glad they have been here), so storage space has just filled up completely.

    We will get some type of little tree set up somewhere high so he can see it but can’t get to it.

  7. My son is seemingly getting his first molars in and it is making him so fussy during the day and causing him so many problems sleeping.  He had been sleeping so well before this and now I’m on hour three so far tonight with him sleeping in small doses before waking up in fits.  I barely even have a chance to use the restroom or het some water, much less sleep, in between his fits.

    Ugh, I just hope he gets through this set of teeth quickly.

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