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  1. That’s what Taylor said, too.
  2. Just make damn sure you spell that name the right way and not in a Star Wars way.
  3. I realize I’m coming in saying this after the game and season (since I don’t really get a chance to watch any sports right now aside from starting in the second half last night), and I also get exactly why many of you and folks elsewhere didn’t want to see the Chiefs win, but I am thrilled for Mahomes winning another one. I don’t dislike SF and just wanted to be entertained by the game, but sure enough, as the 4th quarter got closer and closer to ending, I just wanted to see Mahomes pull off a great drive to tie/win. It is great getting to see him have so much success in the NFL after watching him every week while he was here in college. He pulled off crazy things then, too. It was just a shame that the defense didn’t exist, so he had to pull off heroics every week just to have a chance of maybe winning.
  4. Either my wifi or Hulu has been iffy throughout the time I’ve had the game on starting in the third quarter.
  5. It warms my heart to come in here and see Jacob talking about the statistical properties of the sample mean
  6. I finally watched this last week while I was home with Covid. It was substantially better than I expected. The interactions between the league members at the start were fun The cameos were all pretty worthless with how cartoonish they looked. In general, the cgi was pretty awful aside from the lightning effects for both Barrys. Those cgi babies on the opening sequence were just awful.
  7. This is one of those things that should be hammered out ahead of time. What do the organizers of the event want? If they want you to sing it straight, just do that. If they want you to put a spin on it, so that. If they don’t care, we’ll whatever floats your boat. Of course, the organizers should only approach singers who they believe will sing it the way they want it to be done. That’s also easier on big stages than smaller ones, but it still isn’t rocket science. Communicate what you want and what is e or red of you before any agreements are made.
  8. As if I didn’t know it already, I feel so out of tune with other people from this thread. It is almost as baffling to me as the old soccer ball thread. But hey, maybe it’s not you, it’s me. Or is it?
  9. Along with Owen and Beru, it seems. Though they held their own against an Inquisitor, they got incinerated by a regular group of stormtroopers to the point that you couldn’t even recognize them any- Oh no, there’s their entry point to bring them back, too.
  10. Damn, I’m so sorry for your loss.
  11. The real question is why do humans yell like Artoo did?
  12. “Toxic fan bases?” ”alright, let’s see if it’s up there” ding ding ding “It’s our number 1 answer!”
  13. Oh, the Apple weather app is pretty damn awful for anything more than telling current and predicted temperatures. Anything involving precipitation that isn’t a storm covering a huge region is incredibly different than the forecasts I see from the National Weather Service or the Weather Channel.
  14. I was so confused when I heard people going crazy for Stanley cups and hockey not being mentioned anywhere
  15. It is finally warming up here today, which is great with the past few days all having lows in the single digits with wind chills in the negative numbers.
  16. Sorry, those last two jokes were ruff, even for me.
  17. It’s alright. You’re the man now, dog!
  18. Just imagine if your wife had felt that way when she met you.
  19. This is all why I don’t take my dog places. He’s a very little guy who wants to be petted by everyone and will try to make sure he gets those pets by standing up on people’s legs. Yeah, I did a horrible job trying to prevent this back when I got him. The problem I had was that I was completely alone then and wanted a lap dog who wanted attention all the time and he fit the bill completely, but I couldn’t train him not to behave like this around other people because I never saw other people then. Now, he is almost 15 years old, so there’s definitely no getting it out of him completely now. He has had a hell of a year and a half now adjusting to not being the center of attention with a baby in the house. Fortunately, he and my son get along well. It just stinks that we have to keep the dog in a pen a lot because my son has dog allergies. He has adjusted well to our dog now, at least, but we still need to keep our dog in less space now, which is more difficult with a completely open floor plan.
  20. Our windchill is going to be going negative overnight and should keep doing that for the next night or two after that, too. The high today was 60 degrees, too, so that’s just a tiny bit of a drop in a little over 12 hours.
  21. It sounds like you’ll be Christmas dickorating.
  22. “I’m sorry, I know you’ll have a bad feeling about this, but we’ve got company. There’s no time to explain why, but don’t worry-I’ve got your six”
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