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  1. I thought the show was fantastic, overall!  Even though the show isn't aimed at me (and neither is the comic), Kamala is such a fun character with a great supporting cast that I still really like the show.  I loved all the quirky art decisions they made at the start with fantasies appearing as art in the air and on buildings that help give the show its own feel.

    It was great that they found a way to merge her primary show powers with her comic powers near the end, too.  I also definitely look forward to seeing her interact with others in the MCU.

  2. I have not heard about it.  I’ve been reading a lot about the crisis in Sri Lanka because I have a lot of connections to people from there, so the Netherlands situation has slipped by me.  What’s happening there?

  3. Yeah, I hope e wry one involved here is okay.  I know you’re all dealing with a lot. It’d stink if we end up losing both Brando and THT as active members here.

    it just really sucks how polarized everything is, which just makes it so hard to have conversations with even other friendly folks like we pretty much exclusively have here these days.  Throw that on top of the difficulties we’re all experiencing in our own lives and…man.  Please take care of yourselves, everyone, and, when possible each other, too.

  4. That was one of the few I had already had on my list!  I had mainly just added shows from regular tv, whether old or new, so far.  I know that new season is only on Hulu, but it got added in ahead of time.  I'm just really not familiar with Hulu originals.

  5. We finally decided to ditch cable and replaced it with Hulu Live TV since it comes with the added benefit of including Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ (which we were already getting separately before).  Since it seems like there is so much content on Hulu, I'm wondering what you all recommend from it.

    I know Light as a Feather of course, but other recommendations from any genre are welcome!

  6. I’m so very Sorry for you, Spam.  I can’t imagine how you’re feeling.  I know this has been such a difficult year or two for you.  As others have also said, I feel like I got to know her through your posts and stories.  I also vividly remember meeting her when I talked with you on Zoom one time during the pandemic.



  7. That’s really annoying.  I would hate that, too.


    When I moved to Texas, I kept getting summons for jury duty for various courts in Florida.  The first time was understandable, but I got pissed that I had to keep telling them that I moved after that.  My change of residency should have gotten updated in their system.

  8. 16 minutes ago, Zathras said:

    If it is, I missed it.  Mon Mothma is supposed to be in a white moo moo.

    Maybe this is what they meant when they said the show would change canon.

  9. 2 hours ago, Tank said:

    Said it in the other thread— but this is like the birth of the true Alliance.

    You and Choc agreeing about Star Wars? ;)

  10. How do we interpret, for instance, $1,735,921,524?  For those numbers to be particularly meaningful, though, they have to be viewed in context of other actors/actresses.  How much money are others making with careers over similar lengths of time and around the same time periods?  For the same matter, is it fair to compare MCU actors without the MCU to someone like Dwayne Johnson who has had franchises of his own?  I was about to include Vin Diesel there, but then remembered Groot.

    In other words, how do the grosses of MCU folks compare to others acting at the same time period?

  11. Absolutely.  The way he was presented was so interesting, seeing him go back and forth in being shown as a jerk to not a jerk in view of Chuck.  The poor guy definitely didn't deserve what happened to him.

  12. Neither did I.  I binged through this season over the past few days.  I was not expecting that to be the way it all came together.

    It really is amazing how well they manage to put in swerves and unexpected events in this despite us knowing where most of the main characters (and even a lot of the side characters) have to end up by the end of the series.

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