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  1. So I am back in the hospital for diverticulitis. Ugh.  I developed a big abscess. Hopefully they will be able to drain it and avoid emergency surgery again, but the surgery is still on the table, too.

    In principle, my wife and I are fine with either in terms of helping me get healthy again.  However, if I have the surgery, I will have around 6 weeks where I won’t be able to pick up our son because of heavy lifting restrictions. Unfortunately, the family that has been staying with us up to now needs to go home, so they can’t help us with this anymore, unfortunately.

    We have our son in daycare and have some extra help for now anyway in the evenings each night and weekend mornings to help, but my wife is very nervous about night time and her ability to take care of our 5-month old on her own during the night.

    We have no other family nearby and my parents likely can’t get out to us for a few weeks, at least, due to their own health issues they need to take care of.

    Is it reasonable to reach out to friends to help at all during nighttime hours? We have room if they need to sleep at our house.  I also don’t know how realistic overnight-sitters/nannies are here.

    I need to think up solutions. Any thoughts?

  2. It seems like I can avoid the emergency surgery, which is great, but I’m going to need to get the surgery done ASAP afterwards to avoid this happening again.  This was my third flare up in under 6 months.  This can’t keep happening.

  3. Thanks for asking. My wife and our baby are. Her father didn’t seem to really get it fortunately. The ill east and stresses involved seem to have caused diverticulitis to flare up again, but this time with some complications. I’m in the hospital waiting to see if it will heal up still or if I will need to have urgent surgery.:(

  4. We got hit with our son’s first illness on Wednesday. He brought home a stomach virus that got spread to the rest of us over the past few days.  He’s also often resisting going to bed at night now, which have me almost no sleep before the illness hit me today. He’s feeling much better at least and my wife is at least on the mend from it seemingly.

  5. On 3/21/2023 at 7:09 PM, Tank said:

    You sure you’re not an Alias of Primebud?

    No links to self-referential and/or tangentially related posts? No Primbud.

  6. It’s so strange for me now hearing about your son being at this stage with my own being just 4 months old. I can’t imagine kids growing up now anymore hahaha.

    Also, it seems like we just hit the 4 month sleep regression.  I was expecting it to be just him waking up more often again, not him gettting super fussy and angry in the evening and through the night each time.

  7. 2 hours ago, Cerina said:

    He's on a different grid than the rest of us. But so far, it's holding. We'll see what it's like tomorrow. 

    Nope.  Unfortunately, moved us onto Ercot last year.

    The dog fortunately came inside as soon as he did his business each time I let him out.  Took about 20 seconds each time.  My wife also left some food outside to keep cold because our fridge is coincidentally full.  It froze solid in no time.

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