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  1. On 5/5/2022 at 4:03 PM, Cerina said:


    Did you spend as much time crying this week as I did? I don't know why this one hit me so hard when I pretty much went into it knowing what would happen!

    This week's episode, though, really hit me.

  2. I'd be interested in possibly going to a high school reunion if I get a chance to do so.  I think we had 5-year and 1-year ones, but they were at very inconvenient times for me since they were scheduled around holidays and I was going to see my parents who moved away from where I grew up right after I finished high school.  If nothing else, it would be a good excuse to go visit my hometown area for a few days since I really don't get up there much anymore.  I just realized my 20-year reunion should be coming up next year if they have one.  That seems nuts to me.

  3. We finally got around to watching the show.  It was incredibly uneven, mixing some great moments in with a lot of subpar material.


    My biggest disappointment, though, was reading through this thread and not even seeing a single comment about Camie and Fixer being at Tosche Station when Fett attacked the Nikto gang to get their speeders.

  4. We watched this around Thanksgiving.  My wife stumbled upon it on Netflix and decided to give it a shot without knowing anything about it.  We enjoyed it, despite not being familiar with Larson at all before this, though I at least knew of Rent, of course.  We saw Rent recently and I could definitely see pieces of Larson's personal life in it that I likely wouldn't have seen otherwise.

  5. 8 hours ago, Tank said:

    Awards shows have joke writers working in advance of the airing. Hosts and presenters are given the option of using the written material or doing their own. Comedians tend to do their own.

    Thanks!  That certainly makes sense, not just for now, but in general.

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