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  1. Here's a question I've often had about presenters that I've never really thought to ask before, but seems particularly relevant now:

    Do the hosts provide their own material or is it coming from central writers of the ceremony?  I've seen many criticizing Chris Rock for the joke, but did he actually write it or just say it?  Not that the latter excuses things, but I'm surprised I haven't seen criticism of the Oscars for even going through with that joke.  I've only seen annoyance/anger with how they handled it afterward.

  2. Glad to hear you're talking honestly with them, man.  I know from my experiences how tough it can be to be completely forthcoming with them sometimes.  I really hope your psychologist is able to help you figure something out about this.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Fozzie said:

    That doesn’t address the fact that Tatooine is the center of the Star Wars universe, despite being described as the planet that is furthest from. 

    Seriously, it’s supposed to be a backwater planet but is featured in 5 movies and 2 TV shows for a series that has 11 movies and 4 TV shows. 

    Isn't it really just Luke that describes it as being nowhere?  He is clearly bored out of his mind and wishes for adventure, so we have to take his thoughts on things with a grain of salt sand.  Hell, I grew up in the Baltimore/DC metro area where there was so much going on around us that it was difficult to lose track of things and people complained about it in similar ways, too, on occasion.

    The planet clearly is out far from the rich, core worlds, but being from a sparsely inhabited area doesn't mean the same thing as unimportant or unconnected from the bigger picture of things.

  4. I donate a few boxes for my niece.  I used to buy some from neighborhood girls here, but I stopped for health reasons.  If We want cookies, weeither buy or make nice, fresh ones.

    if any s ours still came door to door, doing the work themselves, I would still buy a box or two, but I really don’t like getting bombarded outside the ro wry store.

    Just typing that, I feel like I e turned into the bitter old man yelling for the kids to get off my lawn.

  5. 2 hours ago, Odine said:

    Local Ukrainian militias are filled to the brim with people wanting to fight, to the point that they're turning people away now because they can't command that many people. Entire communities are making Molotov cocktails. Literally the whole country is United against Russia and everyone is doing something to aid the war effort. Russia is going to haemorrhage and slow death all over Ukraine.

    Last week, I got in touch with a Ukrainian friend of mine from high school (who was an exchange student back then) and he was prepared to do whatever it took to defend his country.  I hope he comes out of this alright.

  6. I've got too many nice things to say about you folks and I am having trouble putting anything down right now.  For now, I will just sort of echo Spam a bit and agree that you are all a bit of a support group for me at times, including now.  Whether you/we are talking about serious things or completely joking around, you've all intentionally or unintentionally brightened my day so many days.

  7. I get what you’re saying, but the complement of being anti-mask is not being pro-mask, but rather just accepting of the reality of masks, or “not anti-mask”.

    It may seem to be just a slight change in words is a critical difference in logic that dramatically shifts what is being argued.  Very few people fall into the category of wanting to wear masks, but have been accepting of the reality that they have helped lower the spread and/or help reduce the initial viral load people are infected with.

    This is the exact same sort of logical fallacy that pervades many other issues, too.

    It pops up all the time in abortion debates where “pro-life” proponents (and I won’t touch upon that choice of terminology, itself, here) argue that disagreeing with them means that a person wants abortions to be performed, while the mainstream opposition is recognizing that there may be at least some circumstances where abortion may be necessary for some reason.  As such, it is a completely different argument from what is claimed.

    Such distinction are also important in other issues, including racism.  The complement of being racist is just not being racist.  However, that does not mean one is trying to help people affected by racism or countering it.  People who are actually doing that are more correctly labeled as anti-racists. They are certainly included in the group of people who are not racist, but hardly make up the full group.  Being in the larger group, itself, is not necessarily making the problem worse, but  is not doing anything to help solve the problem.

    To bring it back around to Covid, we do also have the same issue with vaccines.  Many label anyone who has not gotten vaccinated as being antivax, but that’s not the case.  Being antivax involves truly being against vaccination while just “not being in favor of getting vaccinated” includes people who don’t understand the importance of getting vaccinated for themselves or others, may just be actually skeptical for some reason, don’t care either way, or just have not gotten around to it yet.

    The distinction is critical in all of these because it alters how we try to have discourse with others and frame arguments to try to effect others’ stances.


  8. In my own home, I'd ideally be barefoot as much as possible, but the tiles in some rooms get super cold very easily, so I often wear slippers.  They are even more helpful now that we got rid of the carpet.  My wife takes off her shoes as soon as she comes in (since that is the typical easy Asians way) and wants me to do the same.  Fortunately, that works for me.  She wears house shoes most of the time, though, and encourages me to do the same.  She really doesn't like it if I have them on a foot the I have crossed over my other leg when I am sitting on the couch, though.  That makes it awkward sometimes by having to have one slipper on and one slipper off.  I really don't like that combination.

    I used to feel weird taking off my shoes in other people's houses, but I'll do so if that's what everyone else is doing.  It doesn't feel as weird anymore, at least.  I don't think we've ever specifically asked people to do so or not when they are here.  So many of our friends/colleagues/grad students are used to having their shoes off that many prefer it anyway.

  9. This isn’t the old type of vinyl.  I think they actually call this luxury vinyl to distinguish it.  It comes in planks, not sheets or tile, where each plank looks and feels like wood.  It’s definitely cheaper than wood and requires far less maintenance to the point that wood was never an option.

    We were originally planning to go with laminate floors, but the material we got was better.  It definitely isn’t the thin crap that was in sheets.  I’m sure I’ll post a photo once the rooms either aren’t empty or have shit piled all over them.

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