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NFL 2024 Post Season results. And we have a tie!


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For last place!

Conference and SB pick results

Gamevet: Conf = 1-1 / Superbowl = 1-0
Krawlie Conf = 0-2 / Superbowl = 0-1
Metropolis Conf = 1-1 / Superbowl = 0-1
Ms. Spam: Conf = 0-2 / Superbowl = 0-1

Post Season Overall results

Gamevet: 9-4
Metropoli: 7-6
Ms. Spam: 7-6
Krawlie: 7-6


It took 3 seasons to get back in the saddle again. I went from worst to 1st within the last 5 weeks of the season. It was a rough ride to get there. Congratulations on having such a competitive season. It would have been crazy if San Francisco had won. We would have ended it with a 4 way tie.

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