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    It really stopped being a comedy near the end of season 1. Season 2 had a funny one line here or there (so did OG Star Trek), but the stories were very much good. It really started getting dark in the end of season 2 and season 3 is starting out pretty well. I tried to like Picard and thought that the 1st season was just okay. I really didn't had much of reason to like most of the characters, as they were just a bunch people that were ousted by Star-fleet and we were supposed to see them as a group of renegades. They couldn’t even sell that well.
  2. Tony Siragosa has died at the age of 55. He was a likeable guy!
  3. Gamevet


    Go watch the Orville. It's a better version of Star Trek.
  4. I think that the whole debacle in game 5 pretty much broke the spirit of the Celtics. It was a done deal after that. I didn’t even look in on the game until 4 minutes left in the 2nd. I checked out at half-time and watched from the near the end of the 3rd to about 6 minutes left in the 4th and shut it off. id like to thank Manu Ginobili for turning the NBA in the soccer flop league. It’s gotten to the point that the refs ignore legit offensive charging fouls and reward those with the best acting skills. It totally ruins the momentum of the game and just needs to stop. I’ve always h
  5. I think that some of those actors numbers are a bit blown out of proportion. I love Samuel L. Jackson, but I wasn’t going out of my way to see snakes on a plane, or Coach Carter. He just so happened to be a role player in 3 massive franchises with Star Wars, Jurassic Park and MCU. I think that most of us would agree that they should stop making The Matrix movies. They just get worse with each release.
  6. The refs are stinking up game 5 of the NBA Finals. Green grabbed the arms of Smart while he was inside the paint and no call. Smart gets a T while bitching about another f'ed up call and I agree with his frustration over that poor call. I'd go on about some other non-calls and bad calls, but anyone watching this game would see what I'm talking about.
  7. My condolences Ms Spam.
  8. I went through tech hell today. What should have been an easy network cutover turned into a long, drawn out, troubleshoot nightmare. I had to connect my laptop to a firewall (console port) to let the support team make changes, troubleshoot some more and then make more changes. Then I had to move connections, connect my laptop to their 4G connection and have them make more changes. Then, I had to connect my laptop into the AT&T data circuit router, so that they could troubleshoot ip address issues, along with port speeds. I then connected their fiber connections to a couple of switches at a
  9. So far, it looks like he hasn't had anything to do with the force for 10 years, so that he can keep from being discovered. It would be like Klitschko coming out of retirement to face off again with Tyson Fury. He'd get destroyed.
  10. I just watched the 1st two episodes and thought that it was pretty good. I've been seeing people putting up YouTube videos with headlines like "It sucks", or It's terrible". Clickbait bullshit, or people just hatin', as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Oh yeah, Penny Benjamin. I was trying to figure out where I knew that name from. We went to the movie today. I thought that the middle of the movie kind of dragged out a bit, but the last 45 minutes was awesome.
  12. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion “The Barbarian” Barber died from a possible suicide. He may have been suffering from CTE.
  13. I like Steve. He's hilarious! I'm now running through several episodes a night of season 2. The moment where Steve tells Dustin his secret about perfect hair. The whole "Damp, not wet" before applying Farrah's Hairspray is priceless. He's even funnier in season 3.
  14. I think that the Celtics could make it quite difficult for Golden State. They have the size and a pretty salty defense.
  15. I just ran through Season 1 today. My television recognized it as Dolby Vision, but the only thing I'd ever noticed was some brake lights on a vehicle and the enhanced red on the opening letters. I loved it, but I still found Winona Ryder to be a little bit annoying.
  16. That's good to hear! This showed up in my Youtube suggestions. It's awesome!
  17. I had to do a double take on that! Yeah…..fuck!
  18. Her track record was much worse than I'd thought it was.
  19. The Heat have nothing on my Mavs for being garbage. 1st the fines for people on the bench wearing a shirt the color of Golden State’s jersey, then their total lack of defensive in the paint is just mind boggling. I’m pretty sure they’re getting swept tonight.
  20. I flipped on a USFL game today. It was the Breakers vs Maulers. I swear, there wasn't even 100 people in the stands. There's no way this league is around next year.
  21. I find your lack of faith disturbing! I agree with that Metropolis. It was painful hearing the broadcasters from ESPN covering game 5 for the Stars. Who were those people?
  22. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Tickets at Jerry World (The Death Star) are expensive.
  23. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Oh great! This is the kind of matchup that should happen on a Thursday, like maybe Thanksgiving, not on week one when everyone is trying to figure out how to work their new talent into the playbooks.
  24. The clinic is on! Dallas is up by 30, with Phoenix only scoring 27 the 1st half.
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