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  1. I've played a couple of these on display in stores. They really don't have anywhere near the quality build of an actual arcade machine and I'd much rather just use a good arcade stick and MAME over these setups. I am, however, impressed with the pinball machines from At Games Legends Pinball. They are about as close to playing a real pinball machine as you can get. I recently sold a PC to a friend, that plans to use it to run programs like Pinball FX 3 on his Pinball Legends machine, so he can have more tables to play.
  2. I don't get that logic Hobbes. Why root for any team, if you'd rather see them lose early, then lose when it's all on the line?
  3. Queen Elizabeth Barry Gibb Charlie Sheen Tina Louis Joan Collins Jack Nicholson Barbers Walters William Shatner George Takei Sophia Loren
  4. Moguls are a short downhill with bumps that the skiers have to navigate through. Think of it as an extreme version of slalom.
  5. I grew up in Montana. I’ve done a little bit of everything, from downhill and Cross Country skiing to extreme downhill sledding and Snowboarding. I had to wear a leg brace, after getting a leg scope from a skiing accident in 9th grade. My leg had swelled up like a watermelon. I like watching the mogul races, bobsled and downhill slalom. The ski jumping is also pretty intense.
  6. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs snapped victory for the jaws of defeat. He will not be denied!
  7. My wife has been ill with Covid for 2 weeks now. She plans on going to a doctor to get re-evaluated. I've had to stay home for the duration, until I went in on Friday. I've felt a little tired, but had no other symptoms. I tested negative when I got screened last Friday. My wife got ill about a week after getting her booster shot. She had a coworker die from Covid last week and they had at least 10 people out with it 2 weeks ago.
  8. Mahomes is a wizard! And Tyreke Hill is Superman! This game will be one of the playoff greats! KC fans have to be shocked. (Edit-Not so fast)
  9. Brady will be back. He’s not gonna go out like this.
  10. The devils smiles with an evil grin.
  11. Nobody is that fucking lucky. Brady has a deal with the Devil, or something.
  12. This year’s Chiefs are in a much better place than it was last season. Besides, Mahomes was playing injured in that Super Bowl. They have all the talent to win it again. it’s better to go down fighting, the to never have fought at all. I’m sure Jim Kelly wouldn’t have had it any other way.
  13. Shades of their last meeting this season. Tampa’s struggling in this one too.
  14. The Chiefs ain't no slouches. Buffalo looked really good last week, but they played a very young Patriots team. And of course, the Chiefs beat up on a long in the tooth Steelers team that shouldn't have been in the playoffs. You want your team in the Superbowl, no fan should want their team not to make it. It's time for Mahomes to work his way to being the goat.
  15. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    Do you think he'll retire?
  16. Gamevet

    Moon Knight

    One of the actors from this show died in a ski accident. https://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/hollywood/moon-knight-actor-gaspard-ulliel-dies-at-37-after-ski-accident-101642653269284.html
  17. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    I may have picked the Titans to win this game, but I was rooting for the Bengals. Joe B. took 9 sacks and still kept his cool.
  18. Saturday, January 22 Cincy at Tennessee San Francisco at Green Bay Sunday, January 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay Buffalo at Kansas City Yeah, Buffalo is the one that scares me, though Andy Reid has a way of exposing defenses.
  19. Krawlie comes out swingin' when it counts, in the playoffs, with a 6-0 1st round. Wildcard pick results Krawlie = 6-0 Gamevet = 5-1 Ms. Spam = 4-2 Metropolis = 4-2 Saturday, January 22 Cincy at Tennessee San Francisco at Green Bay Sunday, January 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay Buffalo at Kansas City
  20. Look at Holle Berry. She's 55 years old and looks amazing!
  21. Did you see Wilson lose the ball in the Sun? Every late afternoon game at Jerry’s stadium has at least one play where a player from either team will lose the ball in the Sun. The dumbass architects built the stadium facing East and West, instead of North and South. They have curtains for those windows and Jerry refuses to put them up for games. That was one 1st down taken from us by Jerry World.
  22. Yeah, they spot the ball @ the opponent's 30 yard line, right? I've always loved watching those college O.T shootouts.
  23. I just thought I'd screwed up, because the numbers added up as odd, not even. I completely forgot about the Pittsburgh tie game.
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