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  1. I don't love Wal-Mart, I hate it. I worked around the state of Texas for several years, doing Wal-Mart remodels at night. The people that crawl into those stores at night are down right creepy. That being said, I still shop at my local Wal-Mart, because a can of Chunky Soup is less than $2 there, while at Kroger, they'd charge $2.50. A 6 pack of Cokes is $2.50 there and it's nearly $3.50 at Kroger. A typical grocery shopping weekend at Wal-Mart will cost me about $50 less than if I'd gone to Kroger.
  2. I grew up in Northwest Montana. Our town didn’t get cable until around 1982. We had to watch local channels from Spokane Washington and 1 channel out of Kalispell Montana. One of the Spokane channels would broadcast classic movies on Saturday afternoon. Some of my favorites were Rodan vs. Godzilla, Abott and Costello vs. (insert Dracula, Mummy, Werewolf here) 20,000 leagues Under the Sea. I miss seeing those old movies.
  3. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    Not unless it's some freak of nature like AP, LT, or Bo.
  4. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    I like the move that my Cowboys made, by trading down with the Eagles and getting a 3rd round pick at 84. They also got one hell of a LB with their pick. Smith should be worried about his future with the franchise.
  5. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    Well that's not going to happen, because NE drafted a QB in the 1st round.
  6. I was waiting for Kong to do a tag to Godzilla, after seeing (what looked like ) them performing an Irish whip into the (ropes) building.
  7. I think they were going for what happened before the original MK movie. The shot of the Johnny Cage poster at the end seemed to give a hint to that. The Cole Young character was pretty uninteresting. Even his discovered combat style/power was pretty much lame. The fight at the beginning and the end was awesome, while the other fights were just kind of dull, along with the slow pacing in the middle of the film. It's a good one time watch, but I don't think that it's a movie I'll be wanting to watch again, without just skipping the middle and moving on to the final battle.
  8. Brisket baked potato. I had some left over brisket that my friend smoked last weekend, so I decided to give the baked potato with brisket a try.
  9. I got up around 8:15 am, after working 16+ hours (got home at midnight) last night. I went in to work to do a small job, and the company we did work for last night, wanted me to go back to the job I'd worked at last night. They pretty much wanted just on person (me) to go back to align all of the menu displays (that I didn't even install) and it was already past noon. I told my office that those people can fuck off, because there was no way I was going to lift those 130 pound industrial monitors by myself, to adjust the monitor mounts to make them all even. They had no idea that it would take
  10. It sounds to me like you didn't assign the boot drive in the Bios.
  11. That really depends on how fast your internet is. A 60GB game takes around an hour to download on my 80 Megabits per second internet, while file transfers are much closer to about 200 Megabits per second. I'd just use the clone program and not worry about deleting files. I replaced a slow ass 750 GB HDD in my old 2009 HP Pavilion with a 500 GB SSD and the transfer didn't take that long to do.
  12. Red Foreman's foot in ass comments are Youtube gold!
  13. My #1 is Al "Freaking" Bundy! Kramer Sheldon Spock Gilligan Scooby Doo Herman Munster JR Ewing Eric Cartman Red Foreman Steve Urchel Wayne Campbell Beavis and Butthead Fred Flintstone Jack Tripper
  14. Yeah, I'd go with the 32 GB kit I listed for that build. It should alleviate the memory bottleneck. Here's a quick video on how to replace your RAM. Don't worry about the anti-static wristband. It's totally unnecessary.
  15. I'm dumbfounded by the fact that they had paired an 8GB stick of memory with a 4GB stick of memory. I'd suggest replacing the 4GB stick with an 8GB stick, but this PC appears to have been designed by people that didn't have a clue about building PCs. https://www.pcbuildadvisor.com/acer-aspire-desktop-tc-780-acki5-7th-gen-intel-i5-7400-12gb-ddr4-2tb-hdd-review/ "The TC-780-ACKi5 has a total of 12GB of DDR4 RAM at 2400MHz. The RAM is implemented in two separate sticks: one 8GB stick and one 4GB stick." Here's the youtube video I was talking about. He's a bit on the extrem
  16. Here's the parts list. I wanted to go with Intel for the integrated graphics, but for some reason Houston shows all of their CPUs to be sold out. It must be a glitch. I was also wrong on their build price. They've moved it up to $149 and that is without an operating system. You can easily install a free copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft, put it on a thumb drive and have the PC boot from that drive to install it on the SSD. There's a site called CD keys, where you can purchase a windows 10 key for under $20. Personally, I think that your biggest bottleneck is that weak 4 core i5. I'd sugge
  17. Yeah, having 40 tabs open will eat up her 12 GB of system RAM, leading to the HDD being used as virtual RAM. Youtube channel Byte Size Tech talked about that a little over a week ago.
  18. Alright, I just realized that you live in Houston. You do have a MicroCenter in there, so that's a big win. I can put together a list of parts that would cost a lot less than the prebuilt computers. MicroCenter will put together your PC for a $60 assembly fee and their PC parts prices are amazing. https://www.microcenter.com/
  19. I'm all about building my own PC, but I had used my old HP Pavilion as a start to learn how to fiddle around with PC building. I replaced the Pentium E6300 (2.8 Ghz dual-core) with an Intel Q9650 (3 Ghz Core2Quad) along with upgrading the power supply and dropping in an old Nvidia GTX 460 in 2010. I still have that PC for use with my office software and odd stuff that I don't want on my i9 gaming PC. HP actually builds solid computers, unlike Dell with their bare minimum boards. I put together a build for a friend last summer, using my old PC parts. I gave him a 2500K (overclocked to 4.7G
  20. CPU-Z can be confusing to someone that doesn't know anything about computers. You're running DDR3 1600Mhz RAM with 4 GB modules, for a maximum of 8 GB (2 slots?! eww!) of memory. "But why does CPU-Z say it's 800 Mhz?" Some might ask. It's because it double pumped (as they say), so you take the shown number and double it for the real results. We really need to know how old this computer is, and if it can be upgraded. I'm thinking since she's not really experienced, that she should just buy a new PC with modern specs. I'd suggest a pre-built like this one, featuring the 8 core/
  21. Do you have a MicroCenter in your area?
  22. He was one of the greats of boxing. His bout with Hearns was one of boxing's legendary matches. https://www.cbssports.com/boxing/news/legendary-boxing-champion-marvelous-marvin-hagler-dies-at-66/
  23. That's why I'm having a hard time going back to it. I have season 1 on HD DVD and only made it though about 2 episodes before putting it away.
  24. Okay, well she used.
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